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I definitely need to go back through these to figure out what my current PRs are (done!). In the meantime, I’m amazed to see how many races I’ve actually done! It’s very motivating on bad days to look back and see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve done in the short time I’ve been running.


Commitment Day 5K January 2013 (37)

Color Me Radd 5K March 2013 (33:45)

Castaway Cay 5K April 2013 (38)

Midnight Run September 2013 (31:54)

NWA Turkey Trot November 2013 *PR 29:40

Ugly Sweater Run December 2013 (short race-no time)

Diva Dash 5K March 2014 (32:30)

Happy Camper 5K June 2014 (32:40)

Go Girl Race September 2014 (30:38)

Commitment Day 5K January 2015 (35:45)

Castaway Cay 5K February 2015 (36 ish)

Diva Dash 5K  March 2015 (34:21:8)

Kerrie On 5K June 2015 (untimed, 38-39 minutes)

Great Pumpkin Run October 2015 (untimed, 35-36 minutes)

Jingle Jungle 5K November 2015 (untimed)

5 mile

Boys Town Memorial Day 5 mile May 2014 *PR 55:11

Boys Town starting off 5.26.14Boys Town Memorial Day 5 Mile May 2015 (57:49)


Omaha 10K September 2013 (1:08:01)

Seward Optimist Club Freedom Run 10K July 2014 *PR 1:06:45

10K Finish Line 9.22.13Star Wars 10k  January 2015 (1:35:53)

Leprechaun Chase 10K  March 2015 (1:07:38)

Mission Possible 10K June 2015 (untimed, 1:12-1:13)

Lake Wehrspann 10K August 2015 (1:16:28)

Wine & Dine (Half?) Half Marathon November 2015 (7 miles)

Ten Mile

Peak 2 Peak 10 Mile September 2014 *PR 1:46:48

Peak 2 Peak 10 Mile August 2015 (1:59:34)

Peak 2 Peak 10 mile September 2016 (2:17)

Half Marathon

Disney’s Princess Half Marathon (Part 1 and 2)February 2014 (2:46:49)


Des Moines Half Marathon October 2014 (2:32:48)

Star Wars Half Marathon  January 2015 (2:50)

Lincoln Half Marathon May 2015 (2:35:55)

Papillion Half Marathon May 2015 (2:41:57)

Des Moines Half Marathon October 2015 *PR 2:31:02


2 responses to “Races!

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