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Race Recap: Diva Dash 5K

on March 22, 2014

Earlier this week, I ran across notice of a 5K today that was being run in a different part of town than my usual routes so I decided to check it out. My husband (who I’m corrupting a bit) was looking over my shoulder and told me I should definitely do it because it had a nice medal. 🙂

imageThe run was a Diva Dash 5K and this is its second year in Omaha. It’s definitely very female-centric. I don’t think I saw a single guy running, although I did see a lot of kids which is always fun. Packet pick up on Friday afternoon and the unofficial “home base” on Saturday morning was the fantastic Jones Brothers cupcakes at Aksarben. Darrell & O came along on Saturday morning mostly for an excuse to hang out and wait for me in the cupcake shop.

Lots of kids out running with their moms, which was cool!

Lots of kids out running with their moms, which was cool!

It was very chilly this morning so rather than the blingy hot pink shirt they handed out Friday afternoon, I wore my usual cold weather running gear.

imageI felt bad for not wearing hot pink (especially once I showed up and realized most of the women were wearing the official shirt or some other hot pink) so I did wear my black silk SparkleSkirt over my black Old Navy leggings. It’s the first time I’ve worn my skirt (has built in shorts) over leggings but it worked out surprisingly well! Glad to know I can still rock a skirt in the winter here. 🙂

Very colorful crowd!

Very colorful crowd!

It was cold and windy this morning – around 20 F without the wind chill factor – so it didn’t take long for my hands, face and feet to get frozen even though I didn’t wait outside very long before starting. I think my feet didn’t thaw out until I was almost done. It was like running on numb blocks of ice! It was also too cold to maneuver my fingers well enough to take any pictures on the course. I am very glad I got a picture of this lovely lady though – absolutely my favorite outfit all day!


When I registered for this 5K, my only goals were A) to finish the run, since I haven’t actually run 3 miles since the Princess Half Marathon almost a month ago! and B) ideally, keep it below a 11:00 minute mile pace, unless I was having toe problems. 11:00 minute miles aren’t particularly speedy, but my long runs were between 10-11 minute miles pre-PHM, so I wanted to get back there. I’m happy to say that I met both of those goals. It was a much hillier course than I was anticipating, including a rise of over 100 feet over about a  quarter of a mile right in the middle of the race. The second mile was pretty hilly in general, so that was definitely my slowest split.


My overall pace was 10:23 minute miles, which more than met my goals for this run. I was particularly pleased because I checked my pace as I neared the finish and saw that I was below a ten minute mile pace. I decided that my goal for the last half mile of the run was to stay below a 10 minute mile the entire time. I knew the hills were all behind me or I wouldn’t have set that goal!

A couple of walk breaks on the worst of the hills (although I did run most of the hills!)

A couple of walk breaks on the worst of the hills (although I did run most of the hills!)

I will be honest – that definitely felt like a lot of work, to keep pushing to maintain a faster than usual pace for me for the last half mile. I even stopped at one point to walk, slowing down for a couple of steps – with the finish line in sight!! – before I told myself that it was hard but not impossible. I picked it back up for the finish (and love my super fast little 0.1 mile at the very end!). I think my brain was just getting in the way – just because moving my feet a little faster than normal is hard doesn’t mean I can’t do it, right?

My official finish time (it was a chipped race) is 32:30 (#33 out of 136 in my age group; #191 of 832 overall). I think that makes it my third fastest 5K, which is good in that it is nice to see that I’m getting faster over time, even in races like this that I’m not really training for. This was definitely faster than anything I ran in my first year of running.

I really love events like this because there were participants at all different levels of ability and yet everyone was out there having a good time. The top finisher ran it in 18:52 and the top 3 were all under 20 minutes, so there were definitely some speedy ladies out there. There were also lots of walkers and run/walkers and lots of laughter and smiles. I love low key events like this that get people out and active and having a good time – anything that makes people think that exercise is fun is a win in my book!

My husband was feeling "artistic" taking my post-race photo.

My husband was feeling “artistic” taking my post-race photo.

11 responses to “Race Recap: Diva Dash 5K

  1. Kristin says:

    Some speedsters for sure, but you are a speedster as well!! I LOOOOVE this race and wish I could do it!! The medal is brilliant and just the coolest one I’ve ever seen!!! Great job on your run!! You’re too fab for words!! 😉

  2. I agree so much with your last paragraph, that’s why I love these events, to be out there with a bunch of runners/walkers, all together, having fun!!

  3. Yup, I’m officially obsessed with that medal. It’s adorable!

    GREAT job on your 5K – I hope your toe felt ok the whole time and still is doing well! I love women’s focused races. There are always so many encouraging ladies out there showing support for each other! :0)

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