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New PR! Omaha Midnight Run 9/6/13

on September 7, 2013

Every morning for the last few weeks, I’ve driven by a billboard for the Omaha Midnight Run. I finally Googled it and found out that it was a run through downtown Omaha at midnight on Friday night to raise funds for youth programs here in town.

Positives: It was a great cause, and my New Year’s Resolution was to run four 5K’s this year (I’ve technically only done 3, although I also did one virutal 5K with RunsforCookies and my husband argues that the 10K more than counts). It’s also a chipped run, which I’ve never done, and I do have a 3 mile run on the schedule this week. I’m also running 3 miles without walking pretty regularly in training, but have never done it in an official race and I’d really like to cross that first off of my list.

Negative: It is in the middle of the night! I’m not a night owl and I’m clumsy in daylight, so there are serious concerns about my ability to do a 5K in the middle of the night.

I decided to go for it and made my husband promise to help me get to bed at the same time our toddler goes down Friday night and wake me up in time to drive downtown.

I read in Runner’s World (I think) that it is good to have several different goals for each race, so you always feel like you’ve accomplished something even if you have a bad day and you have something to stretch for if you’re having a perfect day where things seem easy. With that in mind, my goals for the race:

A: Run the entire thing (I know you’d think getting a new 5K PR would be more important, but this is viscerally more urgent for me at this point)

B: Set a new 5K PR (my current best is the Color Me Rad 5K, at 33:45)

C: Finish without injuring myself in the dark! (This one is for my husband, who is seriously concerned about this, and for me who has my first 10K on the schedule in 2 weeks!)

I’m glad I set several tiers of goals as I ended up spending all day Friday home with a vomiting toddler, exhausted and worried (and really tired of changing clothes and doing laundry!). I took a short nap, got up for a snack and some coffee and then headed downtown. I put on the timing chip (wrong, according to my husband – should have wrapped the zip tie through the top two holes together and to the shoe, the same for the bottom, but my way was secure) and we’ll find out at some point if it worked or not. I’ll need to look into how to find that time.


They had a party in the parking lot as a kick off (complete with DJ and everyone was doing the Cupid Shuffle – which I am too out of the loop to know!). It seemed like a really friendly crowd. The one downside was the perky college student who stopped to tell me awesome it was that I was running in my condition, complete with pregnant belly hand motions. This is the third time that’s happened in the last 30 pounds of weight loss. I guess I could look at it as a good thing, that my loose belly skin really stands out on my thinner frame. And I know part of it last night was the way my race bib pooched out when it was pinned on. This girl I just stared at incredulously as she walked off (and vowed to beat her!), but the last time I just owned it and told the woman “Actually, I’ve lost 100 pounds and still have some loose skin.” Sigh. Rant over. All that to say, I refused to let her get me down!


When the run started, I felt really good. My strides felt easy and natural, as if running through downtown Omaha with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night was the most normal thing in the world. Since my A goal was to run the whole thing and I’d looked at the course on MapMyRun enough to know that there were a couple of big hills in the first half, I didn’t worry about pace at all in the first half. My plan was to keep running and then in the last mile, look at picking up my overall pace. I kept putting one foot in front of the other and my pace, anytime I glanced down to check my mileage, was hanging around 11 minute miles. I did work in a couple of pace-pickups randomly throughout the run, which were always fun, but I tried not to go too fast too soon and wear myself out! It helped that there were people out doing normal Friday nighttime things who’d cheer us along the way.

About ten minutes in, my stomach really started hurting. I really wanted to stop but told myself I could go a little further, a little further. It was hurting so much that all thoughts of a PR honestly went off my radar. I just wanted to finish! I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with O’s bug or it was something I ate, so I really wanted to get finished and off the street if I was going to start throwing up like he had. I was so relieved to see the end and know I’d managed to run it all! It felt great to cross that finish line. I was surprised to see I’d also beat my previous 5K time by almost two minutes (31:54 according my watch), which was amazing given the heat (80 at midnight!), humidity, my stomach and the time of night! I met all three of my goals, which was worth being up in the middle of the night. I was also faster in the second half of the run than the first, which is unusual for me.


Given how my stomach felt, I didn’t hang around for the after party. Someone at the finish line cut off my timing chip. I grabbed a water and banana and headed home. I didn’t stretch like I should have and I really paid for it in heel pain this morning!

My stomach is still achy this morning, but otherwise okay so I think it was a matter of eating the wrong thing (I suspect the Greek yogurt, which I frequently have post-run but this was the first time I had it pre-run). I’ll pay attention to what works food and timing-wise for my long run next Saturday morning so I can replicate it for my 10K in just two weeks! I definitely don’t want to be running with this kind of pain that day.

The bad news is that I apparently dropped my GPS watch in the garage last night and ran over it on my way to Weight Watchers this morning! Major sad face. 😦 Looks like I’ll be shopping today. Any suggestions?


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