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2014 Go Girl Run

on September 2, 2014

What a name right? I mentioned in my September goals that I had two races scheduled this month for fun and this was the first of them. It definitely lived up to that spirit. It was my favorite kind of 5K, with lots of families and a very laid back vibe. The crowd was relatively small and limited to women/girls and boys under age 14. I never quite know what to think of this – as my husband asks, are there any races like this for guys?

O loved this mural!

O loved this mural!

The race started at a new-to-me running store here in town that’s huge and had so much fun stuff! We spent quite a while browsing the store when we came for packet pick up and I found myself mentally adding things to my Christmas wish list. πŸ™‚

Just across a grassy rise from the running store is the Keystone trail, a long paved running/biking/walking path that goes through Omaha. I’ll be back at the same store and trail for a 10 mile race this weekend, so it was nice to get a little preview of it during this 5K.

A relatively narrow trail, but followed along a cute little creek.

A relatively narrow trail, but followed along a cute little creek.

My goal for this 5K was to run it and run hard. While a new PR would be nice, I wasn’t sure that was attainable as my 5K PR (29:40) feels like a freak occurrence not to be repeated. I was more concerned with effort. I have a bad habit of making excuses for not trying as hard as I could when I get to a race. The road is wet, the gravel rolls, it’s hot, whatever. I think in general 5Ks are great to run for fun and for a good fundraising cause, but I need to work on my race mentality a bit and the two races this week seem like a good time to practice that as they’re the only races I’ll run before my October half marathon. Thus, I really wanted toΒ  push myself mentally for this and I was not as successful in that effort as I wish I’d been.

First, I wanted to run all of the first mile and figured that would count as a my Magic Mile for the month. I planned to let myself take a couple of bitty walk breaks in mile 2 if I needed them so I could then push hard for mile 3 and the finish. I ran all of mile one (9:28 – not bad) but then just couldn’t make myself pick it back up again at the end. I got it in my head that I couldn’t beat my PR and that left me feeling so defeated, even though that wasn’t my actual goal for this race.

I’m disappointed at how much my mindset screwed with me, not because of my time (because really, in a 5K for someone like myself with limited capacity for speed, picking it up at the end would have improved my time by maybe 10-20 seconds?) but because of how it left me feeling about myself at the end. I definitely need to work on that. Throughout mile one I kept telling myself “I can do hard things” over and over and over and it worked, but somehow I lost that when it came time to pick it up again at the end. My biggest limitation is not the strength of my heart or my lungs or my legs, but rather my mind. I also need to work on pacing myself better. I have a bad habit of starting too fast and in a 5K, you really don’t have time to recover from that, as opposed to in a longer race where you can regroup a bit in the middle miles. On the plus side, in the second half of the race I passed the two girls I’d run behind for the first half and was able to stay ahead of them until the finish.

The little girls especially liked getting the flowers.

The little girls especially liked getting the flowers.

On a more positive note, I liked that they had flowers for us at the finish.

I felt sorry for him just a bit because some people passed him up to get to the water!

I felt sorry for him just a bit because some people passed him up to get to the water!

There were also kids races and a pancake breakfast after the race. I confess I didn’t hang around for either as I had to head in to work a bit, but I took my water and flowers with me in to the office.

These brightened up my office nicely (and the water bottle made a nice little impromptu vase for them).

These brightened up my office nicely (and the water bottle made a nice little impromptu vase for them).

My official time was 30:38, which is less than a minute off my PR, less than 10 minute miles and placed me in the top half of all finishers and my age group, so not shabby by any means. When I ran my first 5K in January 2013, a sub-10 minute mile was a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, so I definitely need to give myself credit for how far I’ve come, especially since all of my training has always been focused on longer runs. I’m by no means training for a faster 5K (and doubt that I ever will – I think I’ll just stick to these for fun for a while). It’s my second fastest 5K by more than a minute, which is great too, and that 5K PR was in lovely chilly weather and with 10 pounds less to haul around, so that number just wasn’t reachable today. That’s okay.

I’ll try to keep these lessons about mental fortitude and pacing in mind as I hit this particular trail again Saturday for the Peak to Peak 10 miler. My time on that particular race is a little more important to me because it may allow me to update my RunDisney proof of time for corral placement at StarWars weekend.

What’s the best thing you’ve been given at the finish line of a race? Medals are always lovely, but O’s favorite is definitely the frisbee he got for finishing his first race. πŸ™‚

11 responses to “2014 Go Girl Run

  1. Kristin says:

    Such pretty flowers!!!! Love it!! Also, fabulous job!! Be proud of yourself!! You did awesome!! Have a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

  2. I know 5K’s are shorter, but I still think they require just as much, if not more, mental toughness than a half marathon. It is so hard to pace and keep going at that pushed pace! You did a great job Jess – definitely a time to be proud of! :0)

    • It’s definitely different set of mental skills, sticking with a pace steadily for that long! Maybe one of these days I really train for a 5K and see what I can do. Until then, fun runs are fun. πŸ™‚ I’m already planning on hunting up a Christmas – lights – themed run later on.

  3. The running store sounds great! Hoping you will do another holiday giving post for runners this year! I love your gift giving posts geared towards the runners in our lives. That pace for your first mile is badass! Way to go! I completely understand what you mean though about going out too fast in the beginning of a 5K and then trying to regroup for the last two miles. It’s hard to recover most times. I can also completely relate to the mind being the biggest limiting factor in my running. I am in the same boat, but we both know we can do this, we just have to push the negative thoughts out of our minds. #WeGotThis I think my favorite post-race treat has been the taste of St. Louis foods that we get at one of the biggest spring races in town (it was my first half this spring), it’s a treasure trove of the best foods in town (toasted ravioli, a particular brand of frozen custard sandwiched between a local favorite brand of cookies and many others). Yum!

    • I definitely enjoyed walking through the store window shopping. I have to go back on Friday afternoon to pick up my stuff for Saturday’s race and maybe I’ll take some shopping picks. There were some really cute capris I wanted! I love St Louis toasted ravioli – a totally worthwhile post-run splurge! Yum!

      On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 9:47 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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