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Peak 2 Peak 10 Mile 2015

on September 10, 2015
Last year’s Peak 2 Peak 10 mile race was definitely a highlight for me, in terms of mental toughness to redeem a disappointing 5K earlier in the week and in terms of hitting the time goal I wanted for good corral placement at the Star Wars half marathon. Any time I doubt that I should have been able to meet my time goals in the half marathons I’ve done since then, I remind myself that I maintained less than a 10:45 minute/mile pace for 10 miles last September. My body can do tough things if my brain doesn’t punk out on me!

This year, I had no such grand goals for this race. I wanted to go out and have a good time on what I knew would be a well supported course and that’s what I did. The Omaha Running Club puts on consistently good events, with great volunteers and good organization. This race was no exception.

Packet pick up was Friday afternoon at the running store near the race start and O always loves going into that store. He loves the track they have around the store for testing shoes or testing your super speed if you happen to be a four year old boy. πŸ™‚ Last year, in addition to the race tee, we got socks with the race logo on them. This year, we got a water bottle with built in mister – perfect for summer running! I can’t wait to try it out.

The shirt colors mirrored the medal (and was in much better tech fabric this year - I've already worn this for several runs!)

The shirt colors mirrored the medal (and was in much better tech fabric this year – I’ve already worn this for several runs!)

The race started at 7 am this year, rather than 8:30 like last year, which was good in terms of less crowding on the path (not a closed course) and weather, as this year’s race was a little earlier and potentially hotter. Despite the fact that it was August, it wasn’t too hot and was actually a little misty and on the verge of rain, which made for a interesting decision process when I was debating a) do I even want to run this, knowing I’ll be nowhere near last year’s pace and b) do I really want to run 10 miles in the rain? Ultimately, I headed out with the goal of treating it as a training run. I set my interval timer for 1 minute runs with 30 second walks (as opposed to last year’s 3 min/30 sec intervals) and lined up near the back of the pack. It looked like a much smaller pack this year than last year – possibly the earlier start, both in terms of 7 am and August rather than September?

There were only about 40 fewer people this year than last, but it definitely looked like a smaller crowd.

There were only about 40 fewer people this year than last, but it definitely looked like a smaller crowd.

It definitely wasn’t crowded at all and I enjoyed settling into my groove in the back of the pack. By mile 3, I was steadily passing people and moving up in the pack. The run definitely felt better as I went along, with none of the knee pain that had been bothering me all week. I didn’t carry any water or anything as there are water stops nicely spaced the course and even Gu distribution around mile 6.

Around mile 3, I heard one woman I’d passed behind me say “Oh no, don’t start running again” as my interval timer went off. We chatted for a second and she explained that she’d been using my lovely Sparkle Skirt as her goal to try to catch andΒ  pass me. I laughed and told her the guy in the bright orange shirt in front of was my target for now. I love small races! She was lovely (but no, she didn’t get past me).

Lots of wide open space to run in a race this small!

Lots of wide open space to run in a race this small!

I do think having this race earlier was helpful in terms of crowding. Last year, there were several near misses with bicycles but this year the only time I saw that was when I had to physically grab a woman running on the left side of the path to get her attention so a bike could pass. The guy had called out several times but she couldn’t hear over her headphones, I guess, or was just ignoring him.

My goal for the race was to a) not get passed and b) stick to my intervals through the whole thing. I didn’t really have an overall time goal (until I got the finish line anyway). I felt good enough by mile 8.5 that I decided to finish it out with longer run intervals and shifted to 2:30 run/30 second walks. Even before that shift, my miles had been getting steadily faster, which is always nice to see.

Thanks to the path we run on, you can see the finish line for about a quarter of a mile before you reach it. I glanced at my watch and realized I was going to be able to finish below 2 hours if I pushed it, which was much faster than I was anticipating. As I approached the finish line, I could see that I was close and gunned it up the hill (one downside to this race – you finish running UP a grassy hill – small but evil at the end). It felt great to finish, even if my guys weren’t there to cheer me on. Another nice thing about Omaha Running Club events, though, is that there are always faster finishers who hang around the finish line to cheer the back of the pack in. I got my medal and walked over for my banana and granola bar, before returning to cheer in some of the final finishers.

Love the colors on this year's medal!

Love the colors on this year’s medal!

Ultimately, I finished much slower than last year, but I was pleasantly surprised with my time and my mental effort in terms of sticking with it. I had a great time on that run! It was also my fastest long run in MONTHS. I think taking the pressure off, with everything else I have going on this month with the lupus and everything else, is really helping me to enjoy running right now despite the lingering summer. My final finishing time was 1:59:34, a pace just below 12 minute miles. I’ll definitely come back to run this every year if I can – great distance and a great racing group!

Do you have local races you run every year? Or even not so local races you keep coming back to?


13 responses to “Peak 2 Peak 10 Mile 2015

  1. Awesome job girl! I do have several races that I repeat every single year. Always trying to get a better time! I like your t-shirt and bling!

  2. keen peach says:

    I don’t run at all but I just wanted to say great job!!! Way to go!!!

  3. has2run says:

    Good job on your race!!!! I like to switch things up. I like to try new courses and different distances. Have a great day

  4. Kristin says:

    You’re awesome! Way to go! I just love how awesome you are! You should be SO proud of yourself!! 10 miles is incredible!! XOXO

  5. Anna says:

    Great race report! I love how everyone seems to have someone they are targeting and it is always fun when you are someone’s target – way to not let her pass πŸ™‚

  6. Great job! Congrats on finishing strong! It always amazes me how much we can surprise ourselves when we let go of pressure-inducing goals.

    • It is amazing – especially when you approach the letting go of those goals as embracing fun not admitting defeat. It’s definitely a lot of food for thought as I get closer to my race in October.

  7. […] built that way but the Papillion Half Marathon, which I ran just for fun, and this year’s Peak 2 Peak 10 miler, also run without a time goal, were great mornings that left me feeling good about myself and […]

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