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Mission Possible 10K: Thoughts on the run

on June 11, 2015

I ran a 10K on Sunday evening and rather than the usual race recap I thought it would be more interesting to run through some of things that ran through my head on that hot afternoon.

– I’m not doing a 10K on a summer evening ever again! My limit for any race starting after 9 am and before dark is hereafter 5K, like a sane person.

Those clouds disappeared far too quickly to protect us from the sun for long!

Those clouds disappeared far too quickly to protect us from the sun for long!

– Even if it is raining when  you leave your house, bring sunscreen for summer races! It was literally hailing at my house. By the time we got to the race start 30 minutes away, not only was there no rain, there was blistering sun. I got to watch my nose turn pink while I ran. Thank goodness for my hat (which I’d only brought in case of rain!).

– Always double check to be sure to have your phone (okay, maybe the rest of you aren’t as dependent on your phone as I am?)! I forgot my phone and this caused all kinds of problems. I had to borrow Darrell’s, which is a Windows phone I don’t know how to use so you guys don’t get many pictures from this race because I couldn’t figure it out. That meant Darrell and Oliver didn’t have a phone in case I needed them or they needed me during the hour or so I was running. Inconvenient. Also, I had to use Spotify for music which kept dropping out when it lost signal and also had a lot more dance music in their “running tempo” playlist than I’m used to. It definitely took me back to my old school dance team days! (I know, I know, totally first world problems!)

– I confess that when my music didn’t work to start with, I seriously considered dropping out of the race because there was no way I was going to be hot AND have only my own breathing to listen to for an hour.

There were some long hot stretches of sidewalk on this course!

There were some long hot stretches of sidewalk on this course!

– I admit that watching the teenage boy jog backwards for a while during mile 3 when the rest of us were cursing ourselves for signing up for the 10K rather than the 5K made me think some unkind things inside my little head.

– If you make the mistake of telling a bunch of runners they’re “almost there” when they haven’t even reached mile 4 of a 10K like one poor volunteer did, a lot of those unkind things people generally say inside their heads get said OUT LOUD. Thankfully, no one near me said anything while she was within earshot because we know she meant well, but there was lots of snarky muttering once we were all past her. 🙂

– This race was a benefit for a local religiously-affiliated homeless shelter and I was pleasantly surprised how many verses of Scripture make really good race signs! Here are some samples of the kinds of things we saw as signs here and here.

– No matter how hot and hard any race is, it’s made a thousand times better when your almost-4 year old “medium sized kid” hops into the finishing chute with you (no matter how much it confuses the race guys to have an un-bibbed toddler come barreling through the 10K finish area). Don’t worry – I made sure he wasn’t in anyone else’s way!

This is for a good cause, so I might run the 5K again in the future but I think I’d skip the 10K (or  at least be sure to bring my own water!). 6pm is still the heat of day in June and with only two water stops, I saw several people in bad shape. Happily, there were bike monitors frequently checking in on everyone on the course and a motorcycle crew at major intersections to direct traffic and help anyone in trouble. There were a ton of left turns in this race, since it was a lot of little out and back jogs through neighborhoods, with occasional straight stretches on the trail. That got old quickly (and left me a sore left leg!). This race also wasn’t chip timed, which wasn’t a huge deal for me but irked my secretary running the 5K because she’s still a new runner and really wanted to know her official time! I finished somewhere between 1:12-1:13, which I’m totally fine with given the heat and a couple of stops I made to help some lost 5K runners and an overheated young man on the course.

I will confess that keeping this mental list of things (as well as wondering if I could find a digital copy of one of my big-hair-Texas drill team pics for you guys) served as a great distraction during this hot and sweaty run. 🙂

What is your “must have” item during a race? I didn’t realize exactly how much I relied on my phone until I went off and left it at home!




9 responses to “Mission Possible 10K: Thoughts on the run

  1. I give you major credit for doing anything above a 5k on any given day, much less during the summer! Yikes! I would have died without music too. Nope, no way. ain’t happenin’! Good job pushing through!

  2. mkadens1 says:

    I’m with you, I’d be cursing the hot weather as well. I’ve had the tunes not work or but out in a race. Not fun!

  3. Music. Must have music. I did run a 2-mile predict run last wee that didn’t allow any phones, ipods, etc. I did make it through the race listening to myself gasping for air, but it’s not something I want to do on a regular basis. Ugh.

    • Almost every race I run has the suggestion that you not wear any earbuds/earphones but thankfully I’ve never done one that strictly enforced it. Unless there was a ton of on-course entertainment, I couldn’t handle that!

  4. I ran a 5k last summer that started at 4 pm. It was horrible, and it was just a 5k! Then I told myself, never again!!
    I’ve never forgotten to bring my music with me, but have had a couple times where it wouldn’t work! Last year for a 10 mile race, at the start line I realized it hadn’t been charging, so my ipod was totally dead. That sucked. And then at my half last weekend, I was using my phone for music (spotify) and couldn’t get signal! I ran about half of that race with no music. At least that one wasn’t so bad because I got to hear the roar of Niagara Falls instead. 🙂

  5. […] race day usually goes more smoothly. Once I forgot my phone and had to borrow my husbands for some running music. Unfortunately, a) I could never figure out […]

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