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Resources for Getting Started

About once a month I get approached by someone who wants to make changes in their diet or exercise routine but is understandably overwhelmed about where to start. There’s a lot of information out there! I thought it would be a good idea to have a post that encapsulates the advice I usually give and resources for getting started. I’ll also pin this as a page over on the right border so it is always easy to find and update.

Caveat: I am not a dietitian or nutritionist or trainer or sports medicine doctor – this is just advice I’ve found helpful and some sources for more information. Always check out any changes in your health and habits with your medical providers!

– First and foremost, there is no one perfect plan for everyone. What works for me in terms of what I like to eat or what I can / can’t eat or what I like to do for exercise may not work for you. A big part of this process is finding what works for you, which may take some soul searching and some trial and error.  The important thing is finding something that you can maintain every day for the rest of your life. If what you’re looking for is a real change toward a healthier lifestyle, which I hope is true, then try to keep that in mind as you make tweaks. Find what works for YOU for the rest of your life.

– In choosing an approach, be an informed consumer. This applies whether you’re paying money for something like Weight Watchers (see why I chose WW here and why I switched here) or just paying attention to the latest fad on Facebook. Do your research and know that research means more than the University of Google or just listening to someone who is really emphatic and persuasive. Check out people with real training and real credentials. A lot of research is publicly available so you can see the real science (or lack thereof). It’s okay to take some time to study and choose the right thing for you before you plunge in. Talk to your doctors and other experts to figure out exactly what is right for you, because it likely won’t be the same that works for others. We’re all unique.

Here’s a round up of posts that might help if you’re looking for somewhere to start:

Getting Started with weight loss

– Meal planning here and here


– Handling weigh ins here and here

– Running: Getting started and Getting started as a fluffy runner

– Walking and other exercise here and here and here

– External sites I love: SparkPeople Skinnytaste WYCWYC

8 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Dieting (SparkPeople)

7 things to think about you get started (SparkPeople)

What advice do you give people when they’re looking for help in losing weight or making other healthy lifestyle changes? Share your tips for everyone!

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  1. […] sane advice but stopped myself when I realized that I’d already included it on the Resources to Get Started Page. I’m struck by how helpful that article that is every time I read it, clearly. […]

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