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Recap: Commitment Day 5K January 1, 2013

on August 23, 2013

I thought I would go back and recap some of the runs I’ve completed since starting running almost a year ago, in case they’re something someone else is considering. Plus, you can learn from my newbie mistakes! My first time chip run is coming up in a few weeks – so far, these have all been self-timed fun runs.

The first 5K I decided to run was the Castaway Cay 5K on our Disney Cruise and once I’d decided that I was going to do that, I set the goal to do four 5K’s in 2013. How hard could that be, right? I signed up for this run through my gym. I thought it would be a great way to start a new healthier year and I liked the idea of running in the inaugural event because it would give me more oomph to keep running it every year.

Thank goodness I had this scheduled or I may have fallen completely off of the running wagon! I’d dropped down to halfhearted jogs once or twice a week when suddenly it was mid-December and this run was in just a few weeks! I got back on the horse and started running more regularly, but definitely hadn’t worked up to the full 5K distance in training runs before the day arrived.

January 1st arrived and I bundled up as best I could to head to the gym. It was in the single digits in Omaha that morning and we had lots of snow and ice on the ground. At this point in my running life, I definitely didn’t have much in the way of running gear. I wore a pair of cotton leggings under sweatpants, cotton socks (that were thin and worn! my feet froze!) and my one long sleeved technical shirt I’d gotten on clearance at Target. I had a fleece zip up jacket from Old Navy and my gloves and ear warmers. With the exception of my freezing feet, this gear actually worked really well even at 8 degrees.

I rode a group bus from the gym out to the run site in downtown Omaha and chatted with a couple of very nice mother runners on the way. They definitely helped settle my first time jitters.

I made my first rookie mistake right off the bat in lining up for the start! Unbeknownst to me, I was in the very front of the pack. I honestly thought I was in the very back. Tip 1: Look at the course before the race and know which way you are going! Thankfully it wasn’t very crowded and I was able to shuffle quickly off to the side to get out of the way.

Waiting to start!

Waiting to start!

It took my feet over a mile to thaw out after standing around so long in the cold. Next year, I will definitely wear warmer socks or at least bring an extra pair of socks to layer over my running socks while I’m waiting around. Once we got going, I really wasn’t cold at any other body part (except for the few seconds I spent on the cold concrete after slipping in any icy patch! Tip 2: Be sure to watch where you are going when running in the winter, especially if you don’t have any added traction on your shoes!).

My only goal was to run as much of it as possible, knowing I wouldn’t be able to run the whole thing. I walked several times, including up a couple of gentle slopes, but ran a lot more of it than I was expecting, including the last little bit to cross the finish! I was so excited to have done it and even though my husband and son weren’t there to cheer me on because of the frigid temps, the member advisor who’d signed me up at the gym gave me a big hug and the women I’d chatted with on the bus were waiting for me and cheering for me! Tip 3: Runners are a really kind tribe for the most part and very willing to give support and advice, no matter where you are in your journey. I’m incredibly introverted, so actually speaking to those women I didn’t know was a hugely terrifying thing for me, but I’m so glad I did. They made it a much better experience for me. I’m hoping I can do the same when I tackle the Princess Half Marathon in February since I’ll be solo there too!

Finished my first 5K!

Finished my first 5K!

When we got back to the gym, I went to the locker room to get my keys and things and felt a bit like a rock star because the other women in there were so impressed that I’d gone out and done the 5K that morning. One woman said she’d signed up for it but ended up coming in to the gym to run it on the treadmill since it was so cold outside. That was a great idea, but I’m glad for me that I go to cross that finish line!

Finish time: 37 minutes (7 minutes walking, 30 minutes running)

Commitment Day 5K 2013

Commitment Day 5K 2013


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