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Fall Racing Plans

I’m a day off in posting this week. Yesterday was my usual Monday wrap up and today is Tuesday on the Run: Fall Racing Plans. On a Wednesday. Details, details.

It’s turning out to be a fall with lots of races, even though I didn’t have plans to do a lot of racing this year. I might actually end up with 100 miles of races again this year at this rate.

I have one big race weekend that I’m training for this fall, the I-35 challenge in October. I’ll run the Kansas City Half Marathon on Saturday and the Des Moines Half Marathon on Sunday. That’s why I’ve been training with back to back long runs for the last month or so. The Kansas City Half is going to be REALLY hilly. Check out this elevation map from the race’s website:
Elevation mapIt’s supposed to be really scenic with all of those hills, but that’s definitely going to be an adventure with another half coming 24 hours later! Needless to say, those won’t be speedy half marathons but the challenge will be finishing both of those races in one weekend. I can do it! (I think)

All of my other races this fall are actually just races that I’ll do for fun to keep things interesting with my training. It’s nice to mix in some races for training miles. I don’t have to worry about finding a place to get in the miles, I don’t have to carry water and it breaks up the monotony of runs in the suburbs.

  • Peak 2 Peak 10 mile: Here in Omaha next weekend. I’ve run this twice before. This will be the first time I’ve run this as a point to point race. It was originally designed a point to point race from one Peak Performance location (local running store) to another. For the last two years, it hasn’t worked that way because of trails repairs, but this year is back to normal. I’ve never run a point to point race before, so this should be interesting! I have 9/10 miles back to back next weekend on the training schedule for the I-35 challenge, so this will be a training run more than a race. My run here two years ago was one of my best ever races, though, so I’m fond of this event.
Love the colors on this year's medal!

Love the colors on the 2015 medal!

  • St Vincent Cancer Run/Walk Challenge: A 5K in Zionsville, IN. I’m visiting my oldest and best friend that weekend and this will be her first 5k! Excited to run it with her 🙂
  • Jazz Half Marathon: I’ll be in New Orleans on October 29 for work and was scheduled to run 10 miles that day. Thanks to Tricia, I also now know that there’s a half marathon in town that day. I’m more than willing to run an extra three miles (slowly don’t worry!) to be able to have somewhere safe to run, with a cleared and defined route and water stops. Bonus: costumes, so lots of people watching, and a medal.
  • Good Life Halfsy: Half marathon in Lincoln the first weekend in November. I have 15 miles on the training plan that day, which would officially be my longest run ever. Holy cow – I’m officially in marathon training territory after the I-35 challenge! I decided to take advantage of this race to get in 13+ miles and will get the extra two miles as my warm up. It’ll be kind of fun to get to celebrate my longest ever run with a medal at the end. Even if that medal will technically be for the half marathon, for me it’ll be for setting a new distance PR. 🙂

It’ll be a fun fall with more races that I was originally planning. Turns out, I’m a sucker for the fun and camaraderie of a race.

Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting our Tuesdays on the Run link-up!

ToTR logoDo you use races for your training miles?






Weekly Wrap-Up: Bigger and bigger weekend runs!

I’ve gotta say, this weekend’s back to back runs have me feeling like a bit of rock star. 8 miles Saturday and 9 miles Sunday is not too shabby. 🙂


Monday Nothing much – it’s hard to get workouts in on Mondays somehow. 😦

Tuesday 3 mile run in the morning before a long day! It always feels good to get my workout done in the morning (should have remembered that later this week!)

Wednesday I traveled to a nearby town with a little resort for a work meeting. I had a nice little walk in the woods first thing in the morning, which was much nicer than trying to run on this little wooden path – slippery!
Walking in the woods

Thursday You know I wrote about how to handle a missed workout last Thursday but said I’d be sure to get my run in? Yeah, that didn’t happen. If I don’t do it in the morning, it doesn’t get done.

Friday I went for a walk and did some strength training, which isn’t how I’d usually celebrate my run-i-versary, but knowing I had the 8 and 9 mile runs coming Saturday and Sunday I did the smart thing and took it easy.

Saturday Ugh – I got the 8 miles in but because it was super sunny when I ran in the afternoon, it was miserable. It was raining in the morning, so I waited until the afternoon but ended up wishing I’d run in the rain. It was way too hot! I ran out of water at 4 miles, refilled and then was out again by 6 miles. Miserable!

Summer running tan lines

Sexy tan lines right?

My good deed this week was saving a runaway cart while I was going through the grocery store parking lot to refill my water.

Sunday This run was a thousand times better! (And significantly faster!) Every step felt easy and fun, even though it was 9 miles just a day after I’d covered 8 miles. One of my favorite sights on this run? A little cart at the golf course that apparently drives around to deliver booze. There are little airline containers of booze in that cart. The best part? She was driving around with these at 9 am. Country club life must be fun. 🙂 (I don’t live in a country club neighborhood – just run there sometimes for the shade)

Booze mobile I am amazed at how good I’ve felt after these back to back runs. I’m not really sore or tired. So far my plan of not pushing the pace and paying attention to hydration and fueling between runs is working well. I also did some stretching and strength training in the evening.

We had a great family-flexible dinner Sunday night. We made individual lasagnas in ramekins. Everyone could put their own fillings in, layered with my homemade sauce and noodles. Mine was very veggie heavy and Oliver very proudly put two zucchini bites in his.
Mini lasagnas

My NSV is yet again having lots of times that I’m stopping eating with food still on my plate. I know that’s been my NSV a lot in the few weeks, but I’m really noticing that lately and excited by it. I’m grateful that I can still see the positives in little moments like this.

I’m on call this week (and spent almost 13 hours at work yesterday, thus this is a day late!) so I’m going with my usual on call workout plan: at least 10 flights of stairs, plus any runs I can work in. There’s lots of walking during these weeks so I am not worried about losing much in terms of fitness. This was also a cutback week in the Galloway I-35 training plan, so I’m still on track in that regard too. All in all, going well so far!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap upSo if you were out on a hot and sweaty run and a booze-mobile came by, what would you order?




Oops I missed a run! Now what?

I promise I was thinking about this topic due to last week’s missed run with the storm, not because I haven’t logged today miles yet (7 am meeting!). Today’s 3 miles will get done. Pinky swear 🙂
Gorgeous but stormy morning

It happens in every training plain – runs get missed. It can be due to schedule changes, oversleeping, illness, injury or any of a number of other factors, including just not feeling it. How should you handle it?

What kind of run was it? Was it a long run or an easy run? If it is an easy weekday run, I find it easier to just let it go rather than reshuffling my schedule to get it in. If it was a key workout, like a long run, I’ll look at rearranging things to fit it in. If I’m going to mix things up to make up a run, I try to stick to an easy-hard-easy-hard pattern to avoid overdoing it. For example, if I can’t get in a Thursday hill workout and have a long run Saturday, I’ll move my long run to Sunday so I can do the hill workout Friday with a day of recovery between.

Why did you miss the run? Injury or illness is going to affect things differently than it if was a schedule or oversleeping issue. If I’m injured or sick, I just let those workouts go and focus on recovering. If I didn’t get it done because of a schedule issue, I try to at least walk the miles to get the time on my feet if I can’t make up the run or I split the run into smaller chunks I can fit in the day if I can’t reschedule the workout all together. Something is better than nothing.

Where am I in my training? If I’m close to race day, I definitely don’t want to push too hard to make things up during time I should be tapering. It takes 10 days or so to see the benefit of your training, so it’s unlikely that last minute workout will really help my performance and yet it is very possible that pushing that much could negatively affect things in terms of fatigue or worse, injury. One of my favorite pieces of running advice is that it is better to toe the line a little undertrained than overtrained.

My priority for this training cycle is the long run. I’m reaching for new distances, so getting those miles in and letting my muscles and joints adjust to the added time on my feet is crucial. If the long run gets missed and I’m not too close to the race day, I will work hard to shuffle my schedule to get it in even if that means waking up super early on a workday or splitting the run before and after work.

Most of what I’ve read has reinforced the idea that missing the occasional run isn’t catastrophic, but pushing too hard to make it for it might be. I’ve linked a bunch of articles below that might help you come up with your own strategy for handling missed runs. Of course, all of this is based on missing only the occasional workout. Missing big chunks of training due to illness or injury would require an entirely different approach most likely.

How do you handle missed runs in your training plan?


For more reading:

How to keep up training when your plan fails (Shape.com)



Why should I care about waist circumference?

Recently I wrote about how I was going to focus on things other than my weight during my training plan because I didn’t want to restrict my food and underfuel. I’d like to avoid going too far in the overfueling direction, so I’m going watch things like how my clothes fit, body fat and measurements.  A commenter pointed out that waist circumference is really the only thing you need to measure and I thought it would be good to talk about why that might be true.

imageWe’ve talked in the past about the limits of BMI (more here and a great recent online article here). Why would we expect waist circumference to be any better?

Waist circumference has been shown to provide information about risks of obesity-related disease above and beyond that provided by BMI alone. Specifically, it is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and triglyceride abnormalities, high blood pressure, heart disease and overall mortality. This is particularly true in patients in the overweight to obese range, with BMI less than 35. It helps us answer the question of “overweight but healthy” people like me, with BMI in the 26-27 range but no apparent health problems and a healthy lifestyle.

Why might waist circumference be a better measure of risk? It has to do with where you have your body fat. While overall obesity is associated with an increased risk things of like heart disease, fat that we carry around our abdomen is particularly high risk. Other advantages of waist circumference are practical. In some patients, we can’t measure height, which is a key part of the BMI formula. Even when we can measure height, we often don’t. Most clinics I’ve been to just ask how tall I am and my self report could skew my BMI numbers.

So where do you measure?

Graphic of Measuring Tape Position for Waist Circumference

This graphic is from the NIH (here), showing where you should actually put the measuring tape. Stand up straight and ideally, measure first thing in the morning before you eat or drink so you’re not measuring breakfast. Don’t suck in, no matter how tempted you may be.

I have yet to have my waist circumference measured at a doctor’s office, but that day may be coming. In the meantime, it’s an easy and an important thing to measure at home with my handy dandy measuring tape. If you want to read more about the science behind waist circumference, check out this extensive review from the WHO.

Do you measure your waist circumference? Have you ever had it checked at a doctor’s office?


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Downsizing race memorabilia

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is race memorabilia: What do you do with it? Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting!

ToTR logo

When I first started running (4 years ago this week!), I kept EVERYTHING. I even have rocks somewhere that I picked up on those first runs. I kept everything I got with my very first race and was so proud to wear that first Commitment Day tee to the gym to work out.

In the last year, I’ve finally started letting go of some things. A) I’m accumulating too much of it – I’ve done LOTS of races now and B) I’m finally convinced that this is an on-going part of my life, not a brief period I need souvenirs for. I’ve always been good about tossing things like race programs and other things that come in the packet at pick up, but tee shirts are a different story. I have a ton of race shirts that I never wear and if I’m honest, most of them are not meaningful enough to me that I wanted to make a quilt out of them or anything like that.

If it is a tech shirt, I usually keep it because I can use them to work out. I wore this one (plain but surprisingly comfy for running!) this morning.

Not a very exciting shirt (and not half marathon specific) but at least the colors are good.

Not a very exciting shirt (and not half marathon specific) but at least the colors are good.

I wear some of my Disney shirts as casual wear rather than running wear because they’re so cute, especially the Star Wars shirts. Oliver’s “art shirt” at school is an old race tee shirt of mine, too. I made myself go through my big drawer of race shirts critically this summer and donate everything I don’t wear, which turned out to be a LOT of shirts. I only kept shirts that were cute/comfy enough to wear casually and of course that first race shirt.

What else do I keep?

  • Bibs: I write my time, the race and the date on the back and keep them in a binder (slipped into those clear sheet covers – easy peasy). I have O’s in there too, with his approximate times. 🙂
Every finish should be celebrated!

Every finish should be celebrated!

  • Medals: I love my medals. I look at them and they make me smile. They hang in my little closet-office as a reminder of fun times and hard work. I confess that I do struggle a bit with where to hang them, because there’s no where in our house that feels like a good place to hang mementos of such personal achievements. Any one else have that struggle?


I also keep anything that’s practical, like water bottles, drinking glasses and socks. I’m looking forward to the Peak 2 Peak 10 mile race next month because they always give practical mementos!

What do you do with your race memorabilia? What even counts as race memorabilia anyway? If we counted the safety pins, I have about a million that are all over my house and car!




Weekly Wrap Up: First week of school!

Big day!I officially have a kindergartner. Gulp.

I know that this phase of training is targeted as much at the back to back half marathons of the I-35 challenge as much as it is the marathon, but I spent a lot of time this weekend reading recaps of prior Walt Disney Marathons and getting excited! And a little intimidated if I’m honest! I think I may need to read some of those every weekend just to keep myself motivated when the going gets tough!

This week was pretty good. I missed one run, but otherwise got in my miles (11 total instead of the 14 on the plan), cross training (three times) and strength training (twice), plus some yoga. I ended the week with legs that feel like they’re getting the hang of this running thing again.


Monday I got in a good 30+ minutes of hilly walking back and forth to Oliver’s school for open house. I gotta tell you, seeing my baby’s name on a kindergarten desk was a jolt. I know this is the best for him, but I also know time is going to fly now and before I know it, I’ll have a kid going to college. Thanks to all of these emotions, I slept horribly.

Tuesday I was up really early (thanks to the poor night of sleep) and ready to go run 3 miles. Unfortunately, it was storming. It made for a gorgeous view of the sun trying to rise beyond the storm, but there was enough lightning and thunder that I had to scrap the run. Oh for a treadmill at home!
Gorgeous but stormy morning

I planned on getting in a treadmill run at the gym before I picked up O, but ended up with a horrible migraine and had to settle for a walk instead as I could barely keep from throwing up. Sigh. I blame that poor night of sleep.

Wednesday 3+ miles of walking and the official first day of kindergarten. My kiddo didn’t even look back, which made me proud and heartbroken at the same time. I’m so glad he’s loving it though – we definitely did the right thing getting him in a little early (his birthday is just past the Nebraska cut off). He got a “smiley” on his school work during this first week and told me so proudly that he got that because he “did a GREAT job” and pointed out to me how carefully he’d colored to answer the questions. Sigh. My guy is totally in love with school. He even said his favorite thing about the first day was homework!
First "graded" schoolwork

Fingers crossed that he keeps this love of school. I suspect he will since his mom is a big geek too. I’m grateful it was a smooth start for him.

Thursday I was determined to get my run done since I’d missed Tuesday’s and I’m happy to say that I hauled myself out of bed for 3 miles. Woo hoo!

Friday Strength training and some yoga stretches

Saturday Four miles in the afternoon – thank goodness it’s cool enough this week that it wasn’t brutally hot to be out there at 4! I’m getting old, guys, and tweaked my back putting a freaking jelly jar in the recycling Saturday morning. Sigh. Some stretching got things worked back out enough that I could run Saturday. I also decided this was a sign that I needed more strength training, especially core work, so I got that in.

Sunday Four more miles and my fastest miles of the week! I attribute this to the fact that I was wearing my freshest shoes (and maybe, just maybe, that I’m remembering how to run). This run felt good.

I got a bonus workout in as I had to chase Oliver’s basketball through my neighborhood Sunday morning. Omaha is hilly and that thing rolled down hill LITERALLY a quarter of a mile, around two 90 degree turns, before I caught it. My brilliant son thought it was a good idea to throw his basketball at the hockey puck he’d also lost in the road, to keep the hockey puck from rolling anywhere. Boys. Sigh.

All in all a good week. While my food choices weren’t perfect, they were better and I finished the week feeling good about my improvement. My NSV is leaving lots of things unfinished this week that just weren’t worth it or when I recognized I was full. HUGE victory for me.

My good deeds this week have largely been of the donation variety, but I feel helpless to do more to help my home state. Louisiana is tough and her people are amazing, but this is a lot.

This week, I have 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, a brief work trip out of town (overnight only thankfully!) and long runs of 8 and 9 miles on Saturday and Sunday. I need to remember to wear my compression socks after those long runs! That really helped back in the Rebel Challenge training phase. Other than that, my goal this week is to navigate the food choices at my work meeting as best I can and avoid too much drinking. My social anxiety makes me drink too much sometimes, which leads to bad food choices in addition to all of those unnecessary alcohol calories.

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

Do you find race reports to be motivating? I love them, especially if there are tons of pictures!



Running Selfies, Photobombs and a Handful of random reviews

It’s not quite Tuesday, is it? Horrible migraine yesterday, I suspect brought on by the stress of starting kindergarten and bad sleep. Missed Tuesdays on the Run and missed my actual run! Boo!

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is race photobombs, of which I cannot recall ANY other than this weird stuffed tiger in my mid-run “ugh blisters suck!” selfie from my run this weekend.

WTF is that big tiger doing there?

What is that doing there?!

Instead, I thought I’d do a quick review of a handful of new products I’ve tried out lately (all purchased myself or gifted from someone else – no compensation of any kind for any of this) .

– I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned how much I LOVE Win’s sports laundry detergent. It does a great job getting rid of the stink in summer running clothes, even when they’ve sat around for a few days before I wash them.
Ignite reload

– I won these Ignite Reload gels as a door prize at the running retreat I attended in July. I was skeptical (as I naturally am of anything marketed as “healthy” and “natural”, weirdly enough) but I actually like these a lot. These texture is a little thinner than Gu, with no grittiness – which is what I don’t like about Clif gels – and a nice sweet, fruity flavor. They settled nicely on my stomach and the flavor was a nice, summery change of pace from my usual salted caramel Gus.

– I signed up for a race that happens to be sponsored by the Bulu Box people, which meant I got a 3 month Bulu Box subscription with my registration. Bulu Box describes themselves as the “Monthly Box of Healthy Discoveries that will Upgrade Your Health.” Each month, you get a box of samples and if you like something, you can go to their website to purchase a full size. There are lots of services like this now, for snacks and for particular sports interests.
New treats to try

The Trail Chips were totally unexpected and delish! I thought it would be a savory chip but there’s definitely a lot of sweetness to them. Ingredient-wise, they start with whole ground masa corn flour and rice flour as their primary ingredients, plus sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, blueberries, chia, quinoa and pumpkin seeds. They were a great afternoon snack for 125 calories (3 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 3 g protein) with a mix of salty and sweet that hit the spot mid-Monday afternoon. I’ll definitely be looking for these around town.

Think good thoughts for my baby today as he takes on the big kid world of kindergarten for the first time. I know he’ll be great and am excited by the kid he’s growing up to be, but it’s definitely hitting the mom feels today. He walked into school without looking back or waving today, so I think he’s ready.

All backpack!

Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting Tuesdays on the Run.

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Weekly Wrap Up: Blisters ?!

It feels weird to still be encountering “firsts” when I’ve been running for several years now (coming up on my run-i-versary!) and this was definitely not a good first: My first blisters! How I have run for 4 years now (4!?!) without a significant blister issue is a mystery to me, but this weekend I actually had to stop my run because of a huge blister on my heel. Ouch! Now I’m not sure how to handle the rest of my runs this week. Any tips?

Thankfully, my heroes came to my rescue midrun with new shoes, new socks and BodyGlide. There’s a grumpy Oliver behind that window because I interrupted his “Mama’s running – time for TV” time. I think the problem was with the socks. They were a pair of Balegas that I don’t like and actually thought I’d thrown out. Now they’re trashed and I’ll stick to my tried-and-true Feetures socks. Definitely stick with what works for your particular feet!


Cross-training: Walking on several evenings, which is becoming O’s new favorite thing. It’s great to get all of us out of the house! I also did yoga on Saturday after my run, which was nice (as was my post-run nap! That’s cross training, right?)
Walks around the block always end with a race

Strength training: Only once this week, which definitely is something I need to work on. I’ve written it into my to-do list for two days this week, which will hopefully help. I need someone to follow me around and poke me until I get my strength training done each week.

Runs: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I woke up for 30 minutes of easy runs. This week, my running goal is to both speed up my morning routine and my pace on these runs enough to get three miles in each of these days.

Saturday, I did 7 miles and noticed at around mile 1.5 that I had an irritated spot developing on my heel. It got bad enough that I slowed to a walk and called Darrell and Oliver to the rescue. I’m not sure if it was smart to keep going, but I was determined to get my run done so I headed back out to finish 7 miles once I had new shoes and socks and things were much easier. The blister is a little bigger than a quarter, over my Achilles tendon on the right. Grrrr. At least I got my run done though, right?

Saturday morning, we were out for breakfast and at the table next to us, a woman was coming in to meet her family after finishing a 20 mile run (as I overheard from her husband proudly telling the waitress). When she came in, I congratulated her and said I couldn’t imagine running that far but would be trying it soon since I was going to run my first marathon soon. She said she couldn’t have imagined 20 miles 6 weeks ago, but you’ve gotta trust the training and it works. I’m grateful for this boost of motivation and good advice!

Sunday, I did 7.5 miles and put a band-aid and BodyGlide all around the blister. It didn’t rupture or cause any pain, which was good, but I was definitely babying it a bit which caused some foot pain until I figured out how I’d altered my gait. The bigger issue with this run was chafing under my bra strap, which I’ve had with my Moving Comfort bra the last two times I’ve worn it for long runs. I’ve worn these for years without trouble! I don’t know if it is the weight I’ve regained or if there’s a change to the styling of these bras (as the one that has been causing trouble is new in the last couple of months), but my back is raw. I didn’t have any trouble with the Soma sports bra on Saturday’s 7 miles, so I think I may have to switch to those for at least a while.

14.5 miles over two days and none the worse for wear other than the chafed spot and the blister, which is pretty awesome. My muscles feel fine, which is fantastic. I need to remember the things I learned from my back-to-back race training for the Star Wars races and stay diligent about yoga, stretching, foam rolling and fueling after these weekend long runs. I also have to keep reminding myself that this is really the base of my marathon training, so staying injury-free is of paramount importance here!

Quieter birthday celebrations

I’ve had lots of treats in my life for the last two weeks, with Oliver’s actual birthday and his birthday party, plus work celebrations. Thankfully, that’s all done now and I can focus on cleaning things up to better support my training. My NSV this week was immediately packing up the leftovers of Oliver’s second birthday cake (a smaller, less elaborate double chocolate chip cookie skillet cake for just the family on his actual birthday) and sending them to work with Darrell. Temptation removed! Even better, all of our M&Ms went with that cake. M&M’s aren’t exactly high quality fueling and yet they’re oh-so-tempting. Better to get them out of the house! We can count all of the goodies I’ve shared with Darrell’s job as my good deed this week. Really, my good deeds lately have been lots of little thank yous and door openings and litter gathering, but that’s okay because of the little things add up to good things.

All in all, I’d give week two of marathon training a solid B+, even with the blister. Points off for the lack of strength training, but otherwise I feel good and feel like I’m settling back into the groove of training. Bring on week three, with strength training, better food choices and longer weekday runs!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!
weekly wrap up
Any advice for running with a blister?
**Please send all of your good vibes and any resources you may have to help the thousands who have been displaced and injured in the floods in Louisiana. So many have lost so much and I cannot imagine how terrifying this time for them. Here are links to ways you can help:
How to help Louisiana flood victims (CNN)
How to help victims of Louisiana’s historic flooding (nola.com)
How to help Louisiana flooding victims and families (IBTimes.com)
Always evaluate any charity carefully, as there are unfortunately many who take advantage of good intentions during these times. All of you affected have my prayers and my thoughts. I cannot imagine what this is like for you and hope that the water stops rising and recovery starts soon.




Thinking out loud

I occasionally see a “Thinking out loud Thursday” post and that’s definitely how my fragmented brain is feeling today. I have meetings at 9:30, 11-12 and 1-2, all across campus from my office. That kind of fragmentation just kills my productivity. Thank goodness for the internet and my ability to set up a little mobile office to get some work done between these meetings.

Thank goodness, as well, for the prospect of marathon training to distract my mom brain a bit. We’re less than a week from having a kindergartner. There are a whole new set of logistics to consider now that daycare and preschool didn’t cover. Not to mention all of these reminders that I’m going to be old by the time this kid graduates from high school:
2029? Really?!

Oliver is getting a kick out of the fact that his teacher’s dog’s name is also Oliver (and adorable!). There’s a class website that has info and pictures about the teacher and her family that is helping Oliver feel like he knows her a little already, which is great. Send good vibes for me next week as we navigate the first week!

We had a school orientation event on Monday night where we were asked to sign up for Parent Teacher Organization committees. I told the president (who was manning the sign up sheets) that I could help with anything with enough advance notice so that I could block my schedule. She asked what kind of work I did and after I explained, she had me sign up for the Teacher Appreciation committee where apparently all I’ll need to do is donate gifts cards and food. One little part of me wondered if I should be offended that the presumed place for a working mom to serve is to buy stuff (after all, I can participate in a hands on way with advance notice) but with everything else going on with the start of school, I decided to just be grateful for an easy PTO task.

Oliver created this mask and named himself “FlashStar” at his birthday party. When his Nana asked what he wanted for his birthday, he asked her to draw him a picture. That threw her for a loop at first, but now she’s decided to draw him a picture of FlashStar the super hero. I’ll be sure to share with you guys how it turns out since she’s much more artistic than I am! (Most snails are more artistic than I am)

I feel like I should get a gold star for waking up early to run before work, even if those runs are still shorter than they should be. Next week, I’ll up the pace and wake up a little earlier so that I get in the full 3 miles but for now, I’m giving myself credit for just getting out there for these weekday runs. Everyone’s allowed a little warm up into their training plan, right?

What’s on your mind today? If I were able to take the whole day off for the first day of kindergarten, I might host my own booze-included first day of school brunch for my neighbors because I suspect I’m not the only one feeling a little scattered with the onset of school. 🙂


Tuesdays on the Run: Runs that go wrong

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about runs and races that didn’t go as planned. Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting!
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I’ve certainly had lots of running mishaps on training runs, including:

– getting lost

– not closing my water, so it jostled out all over my back until there was none in my bottle (boo!)

– falling down (more than once!)

– getting scared by dogs and just this weekend, this hat on a pole that made me think there was someone lurking behind a dumpster:

Spooked me

Literally jumped at that one. While trying to navigate a run down a hill. Things like this are probably why I fall down a lot.

Thankfully, race day usually goes more smoothly. Once I forgot my phone and had to borrow my husbands for some running music. Unfortunately, a) I could never figure out how to make the camera work so no photos for the blog – boo! and b) he didn’t have any music downloaded, so I had to go with Spotify which kept cutting out. Double boo! Now I’m diligent about checking for MY phone.

As clumsy as I am, I’ve of course also fallen down during a race (my first 5K) but most of the mishaps I can recall involve clothes. I’ve had shirts I had to constantly tug down and skirts I had to constantly pull up when I had too many things in my pockets. I’ve also had bad sports bra choices where I either had to adjust for chafing or felt the need to wrap my arms around my chest because the bouncing was out of control. You’d think by now I’d know to only wear an outfit I know works well for me! Sigh. Especially when I know there are going to be photos involved! Double sigh.

My biggest race mishap has to be breaking my toe right before the Princess Half Marathon. There’s no way I was skipping my first half marathon after all of the work I’d put in! I have to say, I would never recommend to anyone that they run a race with a broken toe. I can remember debating between running with it taped and risking chafing or running without tape and risking increased pain from the lack of stabilization from the tape. There was a little voice in the back of my head that was saying “If you’re having this conversation, you know you shouldn’t be running right?” I ran. It was fine. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else though.


Sorry for the runner feet!

What’s the biggest running mishap you’ve dealt with? Also, anybody else watch Michael Phelps’ face during the Olympics last night? Hilarious! I could have watched that all night and I hope he smokes that guy in the final.