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Weekly Wrap-Up: Progress not Perfection

I keep my list of reasons “why” in the front of my list journal that I have with me every day. On the facing page, I have this:
Progress not perfection
The fact that’s its under something I scribbled out is somehow more appropriate, right? Progress not Perfection is definitely something I need to remind myself of now.

This week had some nice wins:

    • Cleared from weekly PT visits – now stretching out to every two weeks. Even better, I did a great job with my daily workouts for my arm and shoulder so I was proud of myself for not letting things slide even though I’m not getting checked as often!
    • 7 mile walk done – Sunday afternoon, I headed out for my walk and maintained around 18 minute pace even though I wasn’t remotely in the mood to push the pace. It’s nice to know that even my “easy” walking pace is a lot faster than it used to be.

Spring walk

There’s been some not-so-great in the last couple of days to balance this, I must confess. Saturday evening, we were out late and hungry. Rather than coming home to cook the dinner I’d planned, we found somewhere to eat out. It was prom night, so we tried three places before we found somewhere that wasn’t too busy and the place we ended up with didn’t offer the healthiest choices. I was tired enough that I didn’t care.

Sunday morning at 5 am, I was woken up by Oliver who was sick. Again. More vomiting. Sigh. We’d just done the GI thing on Monday. He was well for the rest of the week, until Sunday. I’m not sure it was just the dinner we had Saturday  night (a little outside his usual food comfort zone) or if he was sick with another bug. Regardless, it was another day of vomiting and sick boy. His poor tummy hurt quite a bit. Thankfully, he’s better today. Between lack of sleep and worry about him, I just ordered pizza for lunch.

However, despite less-than-ideal food choices, there are some wins.

  • I chose a glass of wine with dinner Saturday, not a sugary cocktail, and I savored every drop.
  • I skipped dessert with dinner and at home. I was full and didn’t need more. Recognizing that is a HUGE change.
  • I actually looked at my unopened box of Thin Mints on Sunday and thought “I’ve already screwed up today – might as well eat these.” However, after I got home from my walk, the urge was gone and I had a reasonable dinner.

I’m finding it easier to rein things in after “straying” which is good and I’m happy with my progress towards walking a 10K and 5K on the same day next month. Have I had things in tighter control before? Sure – but this is still better than I was doing a month ago. Progress, not perfection.

In the name of progress, I think setting concrete goals for this week is key. I’m starting the week tired after being up with Oliver and a couple of nights of poor sleep. I know myself enough to know that leads me to specifically overeating carbs (exhibit a: 3 bran muffins yesterday – small, but still . . .). Add on top of that, travel to Anaheim early Wednesday morning for a four day meeting.


  • Track EVERYTHING – even if I go in the hole, I need to track it and own it.
  • At least ten minutes of dedicated exercise every day.
  • At least one of my physical therapy exercises a day.
  • No mixed drinks in Anaheim and no more than two drinks in any single setting (I tend to drink to network, which leads to less than ideal food choices).
  • No desserts in Anaheim.
  • No french fries in Anaheim (always the harbringer of travel-food-choice doom!).
  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast (looks reasonable from the room service menu!).

Oliver, of course, also has a goal for me in Anaheim: Get him a new Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. 🙂 He’s outgrown the last one I got him from Disneyland. I also promised him I wouldn’t be going into the park. With my injured neck and the high cost of park tickets, that’s not super hard to promise.

Question about walking as a workout as opposed to running: Should I approach fueling the same way I do with running (ie something every three miles or so?)? Certainly I don’t feel like I need something every 30-45 minutes like I do when running, but I probably need something over the 9 miles I’m going to cover next month. Any ideas or advice?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!

What’s your mantra to keep your head up during tough weeks?




Weekly Wrap-Up: Good news!

This is really about this week rather than last week, but too good not to share: the PT has cleared me to run again! Yay! It has to be small amounts of running – brief running intervals in the midst of walking and not super long distances, but it is a start. She said I have to be concerned not just for pain while I’m running, but also if it happens afterwards as the impact may cause inflammation. I’m totally on board with starting slow – I’m just relieved that I get to try starting again.

Parenting - ugh

This is why I asked the PT about running: after coming home from work Sunday, I found that Oliver had colored on his door. Sigh. In his defense, this is only the second time he’s ever colored on a non-approved surface. In defense of how frustrated this made me, he’s already in trouble for stealing in kindergarten for the second time in two weeks. I know all of this is age appropriate behavior and he’s learning how to be a rational human being. As a (not always rational) human being myself, I am worried I’m a failure as a mom and raising a kid who will grow up to a sociopath. Okay, not really – he’s generally great and I have expectations that are high. I REALLY wanted to go for a run yesterday when I noticed this. A walk helped, but it wasn’t quite the same.

On the plus side, walking instead of running off my frustration left me the space to notice spring popping up everywhere around me. I need to do some cleaning out of my flowerbeds and garden this weekend so those tulips and hyacinths have space to grow!

Last week was chaotic at work and with parenting, but wins abound:

  • Healthy eating all week!
  • Did my PT exercises!
  • Got in lots of walking!
  • Cooked dinner!

I am SO excited to be cooking again. I still can’t chop as my fine motor control is hands still stinks, but I can do everything else. It just means I buy pre-chopped veggies for a while. My PT homework for my fine motor control was actually to start playing cribbage. Darrell loves new games, so it looks like we’ll be reintroducing game night to help me get back onto my feet (or hands as it were!).

That’s all I’ve got for today – short and sweet wrap ups when I’m not running much. 😦 This week, I’m planning on very easy reintroduction of jog intervals to two walks. I’m not going to get carried away. Plus, I’ve got to keep up my strength training and of course, learn cribbage. All interesting goals for the week! Recovery can be a strange process, can’t it?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up! I hope you all have gorgeous weather on this first day of spring!





Weekly Wrap-Up: Walkin’ in Memphis

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else really dragging in this first week post-time change? Ugh. I confess – it makes me glad that I’m not actively running and training right now, so I don’t have to drag myself out of bed early in the morning this week. On the drive to school Monday morning, Oliver complained to Darrell that “Mommy woke me up too early. It was still dark outside.” No kidding buddy.

I was in Memphis for work last week, starting early morning Thursday and getting back late Sunday. It was a fairly successful trip all in all. I resisted the conference snacks and my indulgences were well chosen. I confess, those indulgences included alcohol to make the networking easier, but weirdly I feel like the fact there were no French Fries and no pastries at the meeting mean I won.

I treated myself to a green Bloody Mary before I headed back home. Counts as a vegetable right? I also got in lots of walking in the last week and feel like I’m making progress toward my goal of walking the 5K and 10K at Flying Pig weekend in May. My plan is to work my weekend long walk up by a mile at a time until I reach 8-9 miles. On the plus side, weeks on call (like this week!) are less of a training disruption while I’m walking instead of running because I can answer the phone while I’m on long walks easier than when I’m on long runs.

In my physical therapy, I’ve worked up to strength training. Woo hoo! My pain is mostly gone and my function is a lot better. I’m still weak, especially for anything that requires more than a few seconds of effort. My thumb and index finger are also still numb, but the neurosurgeon said that would be the last thing to return to normal. I’m just relieved that I’m relatively out of the woods in terms of surgery or more steroids! It is sort of funny to realize how weak I am now. The stretchy arm bands are tough and wall push-ups, which used to be laughably easy for me, are now a serious feat of strength!

Up for this week: 2-3 weekday walks, my PT strength exercises every day and a 4-5 mile walk this weekend. I also want to keep up that healthy-ish momentum I’ve got from making reasonably good choices in Memphis despite the work stress from being on call and the parenting stress of a 5 year old who is pushing his limits.
BoysExhibit A: The need to include (and label) his penis is a drawing in kindergarten for a story he wrote about swimming. Definitely a keeper for the photo box, right?

Good luck adjusting to the time change this week, especially for those of you waking up for early morning workouts!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link-up! Hope you lovely ladies had a great time hanging out together this weekend.



Weekly Wrap Up: If it’s not one thing, it’s another . . .

Remember last week? When I said I’d accept the fact the lupus flaring a bit had set me back and that I’d focus on taking a few healthy steps? I did well with those goals. I was on call all week, but I did my meditation and I met my step goal every day. I also made healthy food choices and generally stayed on course despite a busy, stressful week. I even threw out this brownie thing that was less than satisfying on Valentine’s Day!  (Yes, I photograph my NSVs to share with you guys – keeps me motivated to see them in my phone later in the week!)

The weekend arrived and I was feeling ready for my weekend goals of a little run on Saturday followed by four miles on Sunday. Then . . .

I woke with a weird shoulder pain Saturday, enough to wake me from sleep at 4 am and keep me from going back to sleep. It was radiating a bit down my right arm, but otherwise I felt well. I considered whether or not I was having a heart attack (It’s Heart Month! Be sure to study up on heart disease in women!) but decided that I felt too normal otherwise and it was on the wrong side of my body. I worked from 7 until noon, but decided to skip the little afternoon run because I was too tired and was getting annoyed by the arm thing.

Darrell and I had our date night with painting and wine:
Date night

I came home but felt a little sick to my stomach and my arm was feeling worse, so I told Darrell I’d sleep on the chaise lounge. I was sure my tossing and turning would keep him up and thought being a little upright would help the weird shoulder/arm pain. Then I threw up and my arm kept hurting worse and worse (side note: retelling this, my brain is screaming “heart attack”!). I got almost zero sleep that night and after dozing a bit in the early morning hours, woke to a hand that was numb.

I had moved down to the basement to try to sleep, so I didn’t keep any else up. After I fetched Darrell downstairs with much needed coffee, I told him I had to go to the ER. Sigh.

I do NOT like being a patient. Thankfully, they quickly moved me into a room but that was the only quick part of the visit. After an 8 hour day and a miserable MRI (an hour and a half – or an eternity if you’re as claustrophobic as I am) we confirmed my suspicion: a herniated disc in my neck. (Note: This is not the best pic but we didn’t get the photo of the MRI image that showed it best)
Pretty sure it shouldn't look like this . . .

That irregular edge around C5-6 shouldn’t look like that. Because of the lupus, they don’t want to to do surgery unless we have to so I’m starting with pain medication, steroids and physical therapy. My neurosurgeon (boy are those words I never wanted to say) called today to check on me and sympathize with how I’m feeling about this. I look totally normal and yet I’m in pain and frustrated because my dominant hand doesn’t work. We’re balancing our desire to avoid surgery I may not heal from due to the lupus with the need to preserve the function in my hand if this goes on too long.

For now, I have a bunch of new meds, weird pain that gets better only when I hold my arm up behind my head (awkward in meetings today!) plus lots of numbness and weakness in my arm and hand. I can’t write or do anything that requires a grip on my right side (like hold utensils and brush my teeth – Grrr).  Annoying to say the least and I’m looking at weeks of this apparently. Joy. At least I’ll finally be doing regular strength training once I start physical therapy. Win?

I won’t lie – it is frustrating to have lost weight and “gotten healthy” only to be felled by things like this and like the lupus. There’s nothing we can think of that triggered this and the neurosurgeons said that was typical – that it can happen out of the blue. I know that lupus and this herniated disc may have happened even without the weight loss and would be much worse at 275+ pounds. However, I’m frustrated. And tired of hurting.

I am so grateful for Darrell. He is amazing. He was off today (planned day off to handle school drop off and pick up on a day our normal before/aftercare were closed). He spent hours reading about my screwy spine, lupus (which probably doesn’t have anything to do with WHY this happened, even if it is affecting how we treat it) and planning meals he could cook while I am gimpy. He’s AMAZING.

Fitness may look like walks and the stationary bike for a while, until the pain is better and my strength recovers enough that I would be able to protect myself from a fall. I’m not sure what this means for the Flying Pig marathon weekend in May. I may be there just to cheer Meg on in her marathon rather than run myself and that will be just fine. I’m not letting myself angst about that too much now. What will be, will be.

I’ve gathered lots of tips for things to ask my physical therapist about, ordered a more supportive pillow and looked at my work bag to a) carry less stuff and b) carry it in a backpack, rather than just on one shoulder. Anyone else ever have this problem and have any advice?

weekly wrap up

As my mom says, at least I still have an arm. Always look on the bright side. 🙂 Tell me some bright side news!


Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link-up!




Weekly Wrap-Up: Still on the lupus learning curve . . .

For the most part, I forget about the lupus. Nowadays, I’m used to the constant ache and the fatigue. They’re just my baseline. Frankly, I suspect that’s the baseline of lots of overworked moms. And non-moms. I tend to forget the lessons I’ve learned about what tips things over into “noticeable” territory with lupus. Last week, I got reminded. I told you on Friday that I’d had a lot of food successes over the week with my work trip and that’s true. I made reasonable choices for the most part and came home feeling tired but successful.

Healthy travel food choices

Did I meet all of my goals? Nope – I didn’t get any runs in because I was just too tired and decided not to push it in this “warm up” week of my spring training. The social and professional networking at these meetings just drains me and I recognized that if I did too much, I’d set myself back more than those two runs were worth.

However, I apparently forgot about the wisdom of not overdoing things when I got home. I got home and immediately turned around to a day in which I had a 6:30 am meeting, work all day, lovely break for a facial in the afternoon (yay!) and then work all evening until I rushed out to grab dinner with Darrell for his birthday and then pick up O at parents night out. Oliver and I packed in a mad dash so we could leave early in the morning Saturday for Darrell’s birthday gift: a weekend to himself. Oliver and I left the house at 7 am Saturday morning and didn’t come back until 3 pm Sunday. I never actually unpacked from the work trip – just reloaded the bag with his stuff on top of mine. We had lots of great mother-son bonding time, including some pool time together, games, decorating a Valentine’s day box, food at our favorite places and movies cuddled in the hotel room bed. He wanted to sleep in the bed with me, which meant I got kicked and poked all night long (SPIDER MONKEY!). However, he seems like he’s in a much better place after that so it was worth the bad sleep (mostly). I need to make a conscious effort to have some one-on-one time when I get home from these work trips. Among other things, learning what he thinks is funny was incredibly enlightening. And entertaining.

Bonding time

Between the bad sleep and the fact that I somehow lost track of taking any of my lupus meds through this crazy Friday-Saturday-Sunday, I was in bad shape by Sunday night. Last week’s plan of four runs including back-to-back runs on the weekend? Ha. I did get in one run on Saturday, which felt good, but that was it. Oh, and that healthy eating on my work trip? Let’s not even talk about what happened over the weekend . . .

Now, I pick myself up, dust myself off and start again. It’s just the beginning on my training plan – screwing up the “warm up” week isn’t catastrophic so there’s no need to dwell on that. I refilled my pill box because I need those meds. I got some sleep. And some more sleep. I got back on my meditation pillow Monday morning. I ate whole, healthy foods all day yesterday. I ran hills today.

I am taking it one day at a time. I can’t beat myself up for last week. I just learn from it and move on. Also, lupus still sucks.

How was your week? What’s your favorite back-on-track workout? I really loved the hills this morning – you can squeeze in a hill workout even when time is short and feel like you got some quality work done before your day starts!


Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up! Check out everyone else’s week (which were hopefully more successful than mine!)

weekly wrap up


Weekly Wrap-Up: Back in the saddle (finally!)


Can I say I’m back in the saddle when I’ve really only run once in the last few weeks? Sure I can – it’s Monday, so let’s aim for an optimistic note! Seriously, I took a nice LOOONNNGGG rest from the marathon and now it’s time to move again. It turns out that I sleep in and find excuses not to exercise if I’m not actively training for something. That alone makes race registrations worth it, right? Thankfully, this week starts a new training plan so I’m ready to go again.

I don’t have much to wrap up from last week, in terms of work outs but other goals are going well. I tore myself away from the news enough to run on Sunday. I cooked new foods including a keeper of a Greek chicken salad and that sushi salad I showed you a pic of earlier this week. I tracked my food all week and finished up a book on my shelf (Kitchens of the Great Midwest – interesting collection of intertwined stories). I also meditated every weekday, although weekends are still a struggle in that regard. Still, lots of wins for my goals for 2017 which is good amidst all of the chaos in our little world.

I’m traveling this week to DC for work. Work travel has been a bigger disrupter of my food and fitness plans over the last year than it has been in the past, so I’m outlining a clear set of goals for myself to help me stay on track.

– I have two workouts scheduled while I’m gone: a 3 mile easy run (Tuesday, after I arrive) and a speed workout (Thursday morning). Both can be done on the treadmill fairly readily and are thankfully short, so I have no excuse for missing them. It’s always fun to pack as much workout gear as work gear when I travel for business.

– I’ll be at a Marriott and while my meeting includes a continental breakfast, I will make the choice to get oatmeal and fruit as a healthier option from room service before I head down to the meeting. I don’t have to give in to pastries. I can take advantages of other options.

– I can still meditate in the morning and may even have the time to try out some longer meditations without my usual home duties.

Like I’ve done with travel in the past, I’m going to take advantage of real time accountability and post my food on Instagram. I used to be great about staying on track when I traveled, but for the last year have fallen into the well of french fries and pastries far too often! This will be especially important as I expect travel to be a little more chaotic than usual in and out of DC this week. Stress eating won’t fix anything.

This week marks the first week of my training plan for the Flying Pig weekend in May. I’m running the 5K and 10K at Flying Pig on Saturday, followed by the half marathon on Sunday. My primary goal is to support the amazing Meg through the hills of the first half of her marathon (as the courses overlap at the beginning). I’m going to use essentially the same training plan as I did for my back to back half marathons in the fall, with the addition of speed or hill work for one of the weekday workouts as I’ve really noticed the lack of that kind of workout in my running. I’ll definitely want to be ready for the hills that occur along that half marathon course!

Not much of a wrap up this week, but I promise next week will include actual running! I don’t even have any fun fitness or food related pics this week so I’ll leave you with this instead:


Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link-up!

weekly wrap up

Have you run Flying Pig? Leave me links to your recaps or advice on the course below! Also, Skyline Chili: Love or hate? I’ve never tried it but think that’s probably going to be part of the visit.



Winter Cross Training

I’m a day late for Tuesdays on the Run but winter cross training is very important for a Nebraska girl! Thanks as always to Erika, Marcia and Patty for hosting our link up!

ToTR logo

Normally, by the time November gets here, I’m already complaining about the cold. This year, things have stayed weirdly warm, weirdly late. However, before I know it, I’ll be fighting the winter weather. For my runs, I try as hard as I can to get them in outside, instead of on the treadmill.  However, I’ll happily stay inside where it is warm for winter cross training.

  • Gym classes: I like the yoga classes at my gym, because I feel like they push me harder than I would go at home and it’s a better workout. I also love (and miss!) Zumba at the gym. Since one of my goals for the last 10 weeks of marathon training is to be a little more serious about cross training, I’m going to work some more class time at the gym into my schedule. Currently, I have cross training on the weekend on the day opposite my long run. I’m planning to make that a session in the gym for a yoga or other class, since I should have the time (and may be able to drag Darrell along!).
  • Stationary bike: I have a stationary bike at home that I rarely use. However, with my plan to be more dedicated about cross training, I will definitely be using this on days I don’t get to the gym. Might as well work out while I watch TV!
  • Walking: While I don’t love running on a treadmill, I love walking hills on one while I read a Kindle book or watch a movie. I can also get walks in here on campus, where I know the sidewalks are well maintained and slipping is less likely. I LOVE walking in the falling snow and even though it is warm now, I know I’ll be doing that again before I know it. The trick is going to be not letting myself count all of the walking I do around campus count as my cross training workout. I really need to be more dedicated about the effort to support my marathon training.
  • Snow shoveling: In Nebraska, snow shoveling is a fact of life. I actually try to wake up early to get to the snow before Darrell gets out there with the snow blower so I can get at least a little bit of a workout. With all of the squatting and lifting that goes into shoveling snow, it definitely feels like a full body workout! I also weirdly enjoy it – I think because I can always immediately see my progress and because it’s a nice quiet time outside in the snow. As a native southerner, I’m still fascinated with snow after 7 years in the Midwest.
Such cuteness - how can I be anything but grateful for my life?

Such cuteness – how can I be anything but grateful for my life?


One day, I’d like to try out snow shoeing, which I think I can do in the parks here. Maybe I’ll put that on the post-marathon workout list!

How do you keep moving in the winter? Anybody seeing real winter yet?


Weekly Wrap-Up: Super active (but no running)

Thank goodness I’d planned for this to be a “do what you can” week in the training plan, because my on call week was nuts. I worked 12+ hours every day last week and 6 hours a day through the holiday weekend. I definitely had a physically active week, with loads of walking and loads of stairs, but no actual runs. It definitely leads to a different kind of soreness than running. I’ve got a lot more soreness in the front of my hips than I do on weeks I’ve run a lot. Honestly, I’m physically a lot more run down after this week than I am after high mileage running weeks.

In addition to lots of running around at work, I did get in a couple of walks and some strength training, so it wasn’t a completely workout-less week.
A moms gotta do . . .

One of my more entertaining walks this week was in heels. Ugh. We’re still adjusting to kindergarten. O and Darrell forgot his water bottle and snack. I had to take it to school, park a couple of blocks away and walk it in to the office. In heels. I walked away from the school behind a dad who was dropping off his children, clicking away along the side walk. He turns around and says “Wow you’re walking a long way in heels!” Welcome to working mom life. 🙂

My NSV was recognizing that I made bad choices Saturday (pizza in bed – ugh – been ages since I’ve done that!) but rather than letting it go further downhill, I picked myself up Sunday and made better choices. Make the next best choice.

Mostly this week, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that my kid is a sweet boy, who told Darrell that he needed to save the PB&J crusts for me on Sunday when I was working because “that’s mama’s lunch.”

Lunch for mamaI promise I had a healthier lunch than this.

I’m grateful that my kid is healthy. Our good deed this week was donating to Tubie Friends to make teddy bears with devices like G-tubes, etc, because lots of kids have lots of challenges.

I’m grateful that my lupus is so well controlled most of the time because wow has this week been bad. I hurt everywhere and by the end of the weekend, my hands were so stiff and swollen I had a really hard time shredding chicken for my lunches. I know it’ll be back to normal in a few days but I’m grateful for how far I’ve come.

This week will be better in terms of activity. I have two three mile weekday runs (both scheduled for the evening on the treadmill as I have  7 am meetings those days, but don’t want to miss the runs!). This weekend I have 9 and 10 mile back to back runs for my I-35 challenge. I have only one more set of back to back long runs after this before I get to race weekend. I can’t believe I’m running back to back half marathons in just a little over a month! I’m running a ten mile race on Saturday and then a 9 mile long run Sunday. Fingers crossed that weather is good!!

How has your week been? I got out all of my pumpkins for my fall decor (no frankly Halloween stuff until October) and my weather is about to take a turn for the cooler so I’m excited about the next couple of weeks!

weekly wrap up

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our wrap up!






FitBit Woes!

I LOVE September 1st! I know that officially fall doesn’t start until later this month, but in my spirit it has started now. That means crunching leaves, cooler weather, fireplace time and football are all around the corner. 🙂 I’m particularly excited about the cooler weather as I hit longer and longer runs for my training!
TemptingClearly Panera knows I’m running long this month. Free bagels? Yum! I confess, many a binge has involved Panera so I actually avoid their bagels and bread, but I may send Darrell with my card to get me one of those post-long run.

I’m having FitBit woes and need some advice. I’ve had a FitBit Charge since Christmas (replacing my very old, but reliable FitBit One). It’s already been replaced once because the button broke. This week, while I was at work, it just blacked out and stopped working despite being fully charged. When I plugged it back at home, it flashed like crazy. Clearly something is wrong. This the second one of these I’ve had in less than a year. I am not pleased. I’m crazy busy at work this week and get tons of steps and stairs that are not counting. Boo!

I’ll contact FitBit and they’ll probably offer me a new one (which they did last time) but I don’t know if I want to stick with this particular product given how poorly it has held up so far.
FitBit woes
What’s your current favorite activity monitor? I just got a bigger bonus than I was expecting at work, so I may treat myself to a new activity monitor rather than replacing this one (in addition to other more practical and more philanthropic things, promise). I love FitBit’s customer service and loved my FitBit One but this particular product isn’t up to snuff.



Weekly Wrap Up: False starts

Remember how I was all excited during last week’s wrap up about getting back to running so I could get ready for my marathon training cycle? This week’s wrap up is not going to be like that. Thanks to the crazy heat we’re having in the Midwest, I have a big fat zero for runs this week. Oops. We were under a heat advisory all week and the one time I tried it, I realized immediately it was unsafe for me. That doesn’t mean there was no activity at all last week, though.

My strategy for staying active during a hot week:

  • Good chance to get started with strength training! I did three rounds of strength training, including one with my new weighted bar.
  • Walk the miles you don’t run: When it is too hot to run, I try to still get out to get some miles on my legs with hilly walks and I did that well this week, with several walks, including my 4 miles I’d planned for Saturday’s run.

Other things I could have done but didn’t because of my schedule this week would have been hitting the treadmill, the pool or a class at the gym. The key is to keep moving but stay safe. Heat injury is a serious and deadly possibility when the weather gets this out of hand. No workout is worth that risk. Check out the signs and more info on heat injury here. Heat is tricky for me now with the lupus particularly because I get dizzy so easily anyway (especially during flares like I’ve had lately) so adding to that by going out in the heat seems like a guaranteed way to crash.

This week, I’m in Montana for work so heat is less of a concern. I’m planning lots of hikes and a couple of runs to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and temperatures. I’ve started off well with strength training already this morning and a hike planned during my afternoon break at my meeting.
Back in Montana - not a bad view during the meeting coffee breaks

My NSV this week is staying off the scale – possibly the most literal NSV ever, right? However, I’ve been working a lot to remind myself that I’ve got to start shifting my thinking about food during the marathon cycle. Despite staying off the scale, I still stayed on track with good food choices for the most part.

I’m grateful for coffee. Thanks to travel delays, we didn’t get to our hotel in Montana until 1 am Sunday and then I spent all day Sunday from 8 am – 9 pm in meetings. Coffee is a lifesaver. The colleague I traveled with is running this meeting and I am amazed she was able to hold it together all day yesterday on 6-ish hours of sleep. My good deed was staying awake in the car Sunday morning as we drove from the airport in Bozeman out to Big Sky. It was a dark and windy road, so an extra pair of eyes to look out for curves, animals and other cars were definitely needed in the wee hours of the morning, not to mention the chatting to help driver stay awake.

weekly wrap up

Not much of a wrap up but I know that this week will be better. Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up. How do you stay active when the heat gets out of hand?