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Weekly Wrap-Up: Old lady injuries

on May 16, 2017

Oh you guys, I am getting old. My knee is killing me thanks to dancing too much at graduation Friday night. Why did I think I could keep up with all of those young people? LOL!

In my defense, I was riding high on the joy and gratitude for winning a teaching award. 🙂 It’s always nice to have your work appreciated!

Looking back at the goals I set last week, I did pretty well.

  • I tracked all of my food, even the free sangria I was given on Mother’s Day (much appreciated!).
  • I drank lots of water every day.
  • I walked 30 minutes every day (and felt so good!).
    • Bonus workout: An hour of ill-advised dancing Friday night.
  • I ran once (okay, not twice, but still got in 7 intervals and felt good afterwards!).
  • I got significantly caught up at work. Now I’m only behind on two big projects – much better. LOL!
  • Family time! Oliver and I had a great Mother’s Day, with a jaunt to the hotel, breakfast together, a trip to the zoo and our favorite sushi for lunch.

NapsThe zoo wore him out, but I embraced the sleepy cuddles. I know he’ll outgrow that before I’m ready.

Oliver was SO excited about our weekend together. I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Saturday morning and when I got home, Oliver had our luggage waiting for me.
MisadventuresAs soon as we got to the hotel, Oliver immediately busied himself unpacking per usual. Out of the suitcase came four board games, four stuffed animals, a gold doubloon and a medal. Missing? Toothbrush, toothpaste and underwear. Gotta love little boys. They have priorities. We played all four games but I never did figure out what the medal and doubloon were for.

What’s up this week? Building on this momentum! I feel like bit by bit, I’m taking baby steps back to where I used to be.

  • Run two times (7 intervals each time): One already done on Monday!
  • Four mile walk on the weekend: Long weekend walks were part of my original plan to ease back into running that I’ve forgotten about over the last few weeks of family chaos.
  • Continue this tracking momentum: Since tracking everything for the last 8 days, my weight is down 7 pounds. Is a lot of that water? Sure – but I’ll ride this momentum as far as I can to get back into the rhythm of this.
  • Continue 30 minutes of exercise a day, even with two 7 am meetings this week and a big grant deadline.

When did you realize you were getting “old”? I’m not sure if it was the sudden (and persisting!) knee pain while I was dancing Friday night or the fact that I didn’t know several of the songs the DJ played, but I definitely felt my almost 40 years this weekend.

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link-up!




7 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Old lady injuries

  1. Anna says:

    Love your Mama/O getaway…the boy has some great priorities 🙂 This getting old stuff…ugh. I am not sure when I realized in my body, but my eyes right when I turned 40…straight to old lady eyeballs.

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I’m like O. I always forget at least one critical thing when I pack (like my glasses and contact stuff) and bring about 10 more pairs of tights than I need. Congrats on your teaching award!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your excursion with O! My husband still forgets his toothbrush. Do they ever grow up? LOL. Unfortunately at my age, something is always hurting…at least a little bit. I wonder is it just me or does everyone around my age feel these aches and pains?

    • I let my husband fend for himself. If he forgets it, he can live without it. Then again, he’s not as likely as Oliver to announce to the world that he’s wearing dirty underwear or NO underwear!

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