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Finding a new summer workout plan

on June 29, 2017

I’m in the market of new summer workout ideas! I’m already losing motivation to workout when the only thing I’ve really got on my docket is walking. Don’t get me wrong – I love a nice walk, but I’m finding it hard to get myself motivated to get up in the morning to work out. I can already feel all of the stamina I’ve lost. Ugh. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m interested in yours. I need something that’s low impact and doesn’t strain my neck too much. Swimming is out per the physical therapist and I just find the elliptical mind-numbing. Time to find some other options.

Here are my ideas to find some mojo this summer:

  • Try at least one workout that isn’t walking each week. This week, my goal is to get to Zumba at the gym. I’ve also got a ton of workout DVDs I can try and other classes at the gym. I’m also looking for opportunities to try things like kayaking and stand up paddleboarding (which I loved in Montana last summer!), as well as hiking when I go to New Hampshire later this summer.
  • Sign up for a karate/similar class. Learning something new would be a great way to get engaged again. Karate or some similar martial art seems like it would be good for stress relief, the challenge of learning something new and a different kind of exercise than usual. A dance class might also be a good idea.

  • Re-enlist with a trainer at the gym. The trainers at my gym are expensive so I’d keep the appointment not to waste money. Plus, they could help me find exercises that feel safe for my neck.
  • Train to walk a half marathon. I could walk a half marathon in Des Moines. It’s a very walker friendly course as the half marathon course is open as long as the marathon course (or at least it has been in the past). Maybe checking boxes to train to walk a half marathon would get me up in the morning . . .

Des Moines HM 2015

Getting more active is essential so I can lose some of this weight I’ve regained, so I get my stamina and cardiovascular health back and to keep my lupus under control a bit. I think my cranky hands might be more than a little bit related to my lack of running for the last couple of months.

Any other ideas for low impact exercises that don’t require a lot of sudden movements or twisting of my neck?





4 responses to “Finding a new summer workout plan

  1. Meg B says:

    I think having a training plan will help for sure. Especially with a goal. Good luck figuring out what works best for you!

  2. Anna says:

    Sounds like classes are a good idea – schedule and structure could help keep you on track. Is there anyone you could get to commit with you to a class with you for say 6 weeks?

    • My little introverted self is not so into that. I’m thinking about getting a pass to do four classes at Orange Theory though, so I have that accountability to get out since I’ve paid extra for it.

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