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100 miles of races in 2015!

My husband suggested the running goal of 100 miles of races for 2015, so we’ll keep track of those here. We’ve decided that virtual races don’t count, but otherwise any other race I register for or get a shirt/medal for will count. As I register for things, I’ll add them to the list here and link the race reports once they’re done. I’m currently at 117.9 miles/100 as of mid-December. I’ll update the total every month!


Commitment Day 5K

Star Wars 10K

Star Wars Half Marathon


Castaway Cay 5K


Leprechaun Chase 10K

Diva Dash 5K


Lincoln Half Marathon

Papillion Half Marathon

Boys Town Memorial Day Run (5 mile)


Mission Possible 10K

Kerrie On 5K


Lake Wehrspann 10K


Peak 2 Peak 10 mile


Des Moines Half Marathon

Great Pumpkin Run


Jingle Jungle 5K

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

11 responses to “100 miles of races in 2015!

  1. […] which is 3 minutes faster than last time. Not bad for miles 18-21 of my week and miles 22-25 of my 100 miles of races in 2015 goal. Even better, I finished up by laying on the beach for an hour. Not bad all around! Definitely […]

  2. […] month I also added another state to my 50 states to run list and added a few more miles to my 100 miles of races list. It was a good […]

  3. […] had a lot of fun, so I was happy to sign up again this year and check another 3.1 miles off of my 100 miles for the year. My secretary was also going to run it as her 2nd 5K, so I was excited for the chance to support […]

  4. […] garden and my flowers. We get to start getting veggies from our CSA this month and I have a few fun races on the schedule. All good things. 🙂 Plus, I get to experience this month with a cast-less kid! This first week […]

  5. […] have you ran so far this year? It’s been a busy year so far. I just went to check out my races for the year to see how far I am on my goal for 100 miles of races this year – I’m up to 66 miles! […]

  6. […] race registration fees. I’m knocking this one out of the park, as you can see over on the 100 miles of races tab. I’m at 75.3 miles so far this year (with a couple of races still to add to the tab), with a […]

  7. […] fun with this one that I’ll be looking for one here in Omaha even though I’ve met my 100 miles of races goal for the year […]

  8. […] terms of my goals for 2015, I totally smashed the “100 miles of races” part with a grand total of 117.8 miles of races this year (a little less than planned […]

  9. […] it? Last year, I had goals based on lots of miles and a specific time PR. I hit that mileage goal (100 miles of races) and I got a nice new half marathon PR, but this year I’m looking at some different, less […]

  10. […] I don’t really have a race goal this year like last year’s 100 miles of races, I am toying with the idea of doing a race a month. My favorite thing about last year’s 100 […]

  11. […] year, with my goal of 100 miles of races for the year, I felt like I was running a race every few weeks. Really, my happy medium would be somewhere […]

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