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March goals already?!

on March 5, 2015

Thank goodness I kept my February goals small because wow did last month just fly by! Between the cruise and the work trip to Memphis, I feel like February was over in a blink! Happily, I had the foresight to keep my goals for February focused. Looking back at them, I did better than I thought for a month that came and went before I knew what was happening.

February review:

– Relax on vacation: I think I did fairly well with this one, like I talked about here. It’s something I still need to work on and I confess to you guys I still haven’t gotten around to that bubble bath at home that I promised myself. That’s particularly sad since I’ve had this new “bubble cream” to try out since Christmas!

For someone who rarely gets around to lounging in the bath, I have a big tub and some yummy bath treats to play with! I shouldn't let them go to waste!

For someone who rarely gets around to lounging in the bath, I have a big tub and some yummy bath treats to play with! I shouldn’t let them go to waste!

70K steps a week: I’m getting closer, but still not there yet so this goal is staying on the list. Really, this is just a perpetual goal to keep in mind. 🙂

Strength training twice a week: Done with rare exception! I have to say I feel like it’s getting easier and easier to remember this and I’m really feeling it in my legs, in that they don’t hurt as much and are holding up to running fairly well so fair this training cycle.

Read Women, Food and God: Honestly, I’ve made some progress, but haven’t finished it. I’m bogged down in the beginning which is a little touchy feely for me and doesn’t feel useful as I know there’s a link between deeper emotional issues and how I eat. Maybe I’ll skip ahead a few chapters, blasphemous as that seems to a book-lover like me?

Start half marathon training: Going really well so far! I’ve hit all of the “must do” workouts and only missed a couple that were marked as “bail optional” Monday workouts when I had to do long runs on Sunday instead of Saturday. All in all, it’s going well and I’m liking the addition of the tempo runs, which are new to me.

This month I also added another state to my 50 states to run list and added a few more miles to my 100 miles of races list. It was a good month.

What’s coming for March?

Run my first cross country 10K. I’m running a 10K this weekend which includes some trail and cross country portions. Needless to say, I have no time goal for that race as it will be first time on those surfaces, but it should be interesting. I’ll also be running a 5K this month, adding another 9.3 miles to my 100 miles in 2015 tally.

Add weights to one strength training session a week. Now that I’ve progressed from once a week to twice a week with body weight only – exercises, it’s time to add in some added weights to one of these sessions each week.

Add yoga and foam rolling each week. Now that I’m a few weeks into my training plan, I want to add in scheduled foam rolling after speed work/long runs and yoga on my Sunday rest days to keep things as limber and healthy as possible. I’ve written these into the training plan along with my other workouts to try to keep this in focus throughout the rest of the training plan.

Try shifting some of my carb-based food options to protein-focused. Looking at my nutrient breakdown on MyFitnessPal (a handy feature), I’m very carbohydrate heavy in my daily food intake thanks to the fruit I eat. This month, I’m going to experiment with changing the fruit that I have with breakfast to a protein option (probably this new chicken sausage I picked up) and my afternoon snack to string cheese. A couple of small changes, so it won’t feel too drastic or leave me feeling deprived but hopefully they’ll shift that balance a bit for me. Who knows – maybe I’ve finally turned into one of those people who feels “full” longer after a protein heavy snack? (That has never been true for me – anybody else have that issue? I think it’s a binge eater thing – only massive amounts of food ever make me feel full, regardless of what I eat) I’d never pretend to “cut carbs” or avoid them all together because a) they’re good for me if I choose healthy carbs, b) as soon as I restrict anything it’s all I want to eat and c) I need carbs to run, but making a few minor tweaks is probably a good idea.

Stick with MyFitnessPal all month. It’s tempting to give it up since I’m actually up in weight since I started using MFP back in late December, but I know that my weight gain is largely attributable to the trip to Disneyland for the Star Wars races and the cruise. This month, I have no trips and no excuses so I’ll stick with it all month and see what happens. I know this process is slow and I just need to be patient and persistent.

Read a book. Any book, so long as it is fiction and not work or parenting related. 🙂

And of course, I’ll keep that 70K step goal in mind with a plan to increase my average steps/week in March over the February number (need to calculate that!) and keep up my water intake, which has really helped me decrease my soda intake!

What are your goals for March? Other than celebrating the arrival of spring (hopefully!) of course. 🙂

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