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Tuesdays on the Run: How Often Do You Race?

on June 28, 2016

This is a particularly funny question for me because this weekend I did TWO races. I’d signed up for the 10K a while ago, lured in by the “register before it sells out” ad I saw from our running club on Facebook. The 5K I did Sunday was a total impulse purchase to cheer myself up during a run of bad news in the world. That particular blip aside, this year has been a lot lighter on the races than last year. So far this year, I’ve done one half marathon, a 5 miler, a 10K and a couple of 5Ks. I’ll do a couple of other half marathons in the fall, my usual Peak 2 Peak 10 miler and I’m sure a handful of other 5Ks.

New Orleans sunriseThis year has been more about solo runs than races.

Last year, with my goal of 100 miles of races for the year, I felt like I was running a race every few weeks. Really, my happy medium would be somewhere between this year and last year. Having races every month or so keeps me a little more diligent in my running, even if I am running those races for fun for the most part. I definitely don’t want to take on more than one or two “goal” races each year – whether that goal is a time goal or a new distance/challenge goal.

What have I done?!Speaking of new distance goals!

My running budget is a little happier with fewer races this year, that’s for sure. Next week, we’re talking about how we choose races in the Tuesdays on the Run link up. Thanks as always to Erika, Patty and Marcia for hosting our link up!

ToTR logo

How often do you race? Do you have an “ideal” racing frequency or a plan for how you’ll race or do you wing it? Anybody else get suckered in by the idea of “register before it sells out!”?


2 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: How Often Do You Race?

  1. jackiethom says:

    I’m with you, I love races too. I enjoy working toward a big race like a half (or currently my first full). It gives my runs and training a bit more purpose rather than watever I feel like that day (esp when “what I feel like” is skipping the workout and sleeping in.

    I saw you’re running 2017 Disney! Is that your first time? I ran this year and LOVED it. Not a PR race, but LOADS of fun. I’m thinking about going back in 2018 for the goofy challenge!

    • It will be my first marathon EVER! I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Disney marathon for first timers, so I’m really looking forward to it. Well, as much as one can look forward to running 26.2 miles anyway 🙂

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