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Race Recap: The Great Pumpkin Run

on October 29, 2015

This weekend, I celebrated my first run post-half marathon with a family fun run as a fundraiser for the local Girls on the Run program. It was incredibly cheap and perfectly timed to both get me running again post-race and get O a little running practice in before his race at DisneyWorld, so it was winning all around!

We headed to the park on Sunday morning in our superhero finest, including that poor Captain America mask that O wanted to run in. The kids race was first and I was really surprised to see the number of people at the park for the race – and in real costumes no less! Almost everyone was dressed up, which was cute.

The race was untimed and didn’t actually have a clearly defined start and end point, which was entertaining. Thank goodness we were taking this as a laid back run! Well, I was anyway. O was pretty serious as he lined up at the starting line with the other kids for the 400 meter run.

Captain America ready to go!

Captain America ready to go!

He said he didn’t need me to run with him, but I followed along behind. There was a bicyclist guiding the runners up and around a corner to the turn around point and she seriously underestimated how fast these kiddos took off to run! She nearly got run over. As kids do, they dashed off with no concern for pacing.

He's pretty quick for a little guy!

He’s pretty quick for a little guy!

After about 150 yards, O was ready to stop and walk. At that point, he was looking back for Mom, no matter how much he said he wanted to do it alone. I held his hand and we walked for a bit before he was ready to run again. Unlike his last kid’s race, he didn’t want to give up on it, which was great!

After the turn around, things got a little crowded on the path so he deviated into the grass to pass some people and totally wiped out! The grass was a little damp and he was literally spitting out grass as he stood back up. I was impressed that there were no tears and no drama – he just popped back up to keep running! He was exhausted but proud at the end (and glad when I told him the Mickey race would be shorter – and have a medal!).

Darrell headed off to look for a restroom as soon as his Oliver filming duties were over and because the bathroom was already locked for the winter, ended up farther away in a port-a-potty. Before any of us were ready for it, they announced that the 1 mile and the 5K were starting! Oops! Oliver and I stood there chatting about what we were going to do – could he come with me? Maybe if I did the 1 mile instead? I definitely couldn’t leave him while I waited for Darrell! Thankfully, Darrell heard the announcement and dashed back to us. It was a large, slow pack of people starting the 5K on a narrow path, so it was very easy to join in even though I didn’t start until a couple of minutes after the official beginning.

Great mix of families and runners and walkers!

Great mix of families and runners and walkers!

I LOVED how many families were out doing this together. There were lots of group costumes and lots of kids in strollers (or popping in and out of strollers to run a bit and ride a bit). It was very laid back and the perfect way to enjoy a fall day.

I passed PacMan again at the end - who even had all of the ghosts with her - and she was TIRED of that outfit :)

I passed PacMan again at the end – who even had all of the ghosts with her – and she was TIRED of that outfit 🙂

I loved seeing all of the costumes. There was a family full of kids dressed as the 7 dwarves:

This dwarf was a little tired of all of this by about mile 1.

This dwarf was a little tired of all of this by about mile 1.

I just ran when I wanted and walked when I wanted, mostly soaking up the gorgeous day. I finished the run at around 35-36 minutes, which is my usual “easy” 5K pace and had a great time. We’ll definitely be doing this again in the future! Maybe next year I can convince Darrell to walk it with us 🙂

It helped that we had a gorgeous day and were running in my favorite park!

It helped that we had a gorgeous day and were running in my favorite park!

Have you run a costumed race? This was my first costumed race outside of the Disney events and it was so cool to see what people came up with!


12 responses to “Race Recap: The Great Pumpkin Run

  1. Meg B says:

    What a fun race! Glad O hung in there for his full race and was a champ, even with his wipe out!

  2. What a fun little race! I’ve never ran a costumed race before. Pac-Man is pretty cute, can’t imagine walking/running in that!

  3. This is so cute! I love the Pac-Man outfit!

  4. Anna says:

    So fun! Seriously I want to be PacMan. Maybe I could get the dogs to be the ghosts 🙂 Love that your family got to share this adventure together.

  5. So cute! Congrats to Oliver for not giving up!

  6. How fun! I love that Oliver loves running so much… Karinne always gets tired after like 2-3 blocks, or yells at me for walking too fast!

    • He seems very proud of it, which I love. It’s short bursts of crazy fast running and then dragging walking and then another short burst. There’s no regulating of speed when you’re a kid I suppose!

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