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Commitment Day 5K 2016

on January 21, 2016

While I don’t really have a race goal this year like last year’s 100 miles of races, I am toying with the idea of doing a race a month. My favorite thing about last year’s 100 miles goal was that it got me out doing a lot of local runs I wouldn’t have otherwise. While my day to day running is solo time and I really value that time to myself, there’s something about the camaraderie of a race that I enjoy. I also enjoy the fact that I don’t really have to worry about finding a route that is the right length or supplying my own water along the way. 🙂

I started 2016 with the Commitment Day 5K sponsored by my gym, Lifetime Fitness. This race was my very first 5K back in 2013(something I chatted about with a couple of other women on the course!), so it will always be dear to me. It was also almost my first “DNS” race as I wasn’t sure I’d get back from my niece’s birth in time to attend this year. Thankfully, I made it back to Omaha late on New Year’s Eve and was ready to head out for this snowy run on New Year’s Day. There’s something I like about the symbolism of starting my new year with a run and this has definitely become one of my “must run” days even if I can’t actually make it to this race.

Commitment day 5k start 2016

Like last year, the race was held at the gym, which is very convenient for me as it is only 10 minutes from home. The first year, it was downtown and we were actually bussed from the gym to the race. The second year (the only one I’ve missed), it was apparently down south by the baseball field. They seem to have now settled on this course by the gym, which I suspect requires little to no city oversight or approval as no roads are closed. We run from the gym parking lot, through a brief stretch of suburbs (less than half a mile) before we hit the paved trail around the local lake. I’ve done lots of runs around this lake, which came in handy as I knew where to expect the slick spots.

Snowy 5k to start 2016

The snow this year was thicker than I ever remember on any prior winter runs on this trail and there were definitely sections where running was impossible because you had to trudge through piles of snow. Thank goodness I had no time goal in mind for this race. I actually had to go look up my finishing time when I wrote this post (39:42) because this is a run that’s all about celebrating the start of the new year.

Snowy 5k to start 2016

It was gorgeous to be out amidst all of the snow, even if it did mean lots of places where you walked (like those bridges!). There was a camera crew from the local news station set up to film us all coming up the final hill out of the park. I’m not sure why they chose that location – between the steep hill and the fact that there was 6+ inches of snow on that part of the path, we were all just trudging up rather than looking in any way like remotely inspiring athletes on a chilly New Year’s Day! I also enjoyed that many families came out together for the event. All in all, there were about a hundred finishers. They did a much better job this year with the post-run refreshments. Last year, there were bottles of water and a protein drink at the finish. This year, we got to come inside for warm coffee and hot chocolate – both very appreciated!
Do you have local (or not so local!) races that you run every year? Why do you keep coming back? I think for me, I come back to this because it was my first and because I like starting the New Year with a reminder that I am actually a runner now.

4 responses to “Commitment Day 5K 2016

  1. Nice! I did the Commitment Day 5K this year too; great way to start the year!

  2. Anna says:

    What a pretty course! I have yet to do the same race twice…maybe this year.

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