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One working mama learning to run & to maintain my 100+ pound weight loss!

Happy Holidays! (A LONG overdue update!)

As you can tell from my long and unexplained absence (Sorry!!), there’s been a LOT going on around here lately. The big news responsible for turning all three of our lives upside down?


I got a big new job that’s taking us back down to Arkansas in the spring. It comes with a nice new title and a raise and lots of new responsibility and things to learn. It also came with lots of tears when I told people here I was leaving and lots of angst as I try to wrap up everything here, do my day job here (which still needs to be done – even though transitioning seems like it’s own extra full time job), start learning the new job and oh yeah – sell my house in Omaha and buy a house in Little Rock.

No biggie right?

Oh, and try to give my family a normal Christmas and minimize the MASSIVE mom guilt I’m having for turning our lives upside down.
GardensIt feels as topsy turvy as this sleigh in our house right now! (Is drunken Santa what they were going for in this crash?)

That said, this post today is a step in the direction of reclaiming some self care. Yes, life is crazy busy right now, but it’s a blessing – not a burden. I am so very fortunate to have the life and the opportunities I have.

For the rest of the holiday season, I pledge to:

– Take deep breaths.

– Drink hot apple cider, warm cocoa and when I’m not on call … the rest of that prosecco in the pantry. We’re celebrating, right?

– Exercise. That has totally fallen off the radar. A walk or yoga for ten minutes every day is not too much to ask.

-Eat a vegetable or two . . . We don’t even want to think about my diet has been like lately as we’ve all run around like chickens. Ugh.

-Read books – or write. I forgot, until I took the few minutes to sit down here today and write, how much I liked getting my thoughts out in writing. It soothes my rattled brain and I definitely need that!

-Take the 48 hours of Christmas Eve and Christmas to enjoy my family and the holiday. All of the stuff to do (and there’s A LOT) can wait so that we can focus on each other and the magic of Christmas during this time.


Even when I wasn’t writing here, I was thinking about you all and all of the support I’ve gotten from you over the years. We’ll all have lots to learn together as I navigate this transition and try not to lose myself or my health in the process!

Happy Holidays! May you be safe, warm and merry.