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May goals!

on May 7, 2015

I’m looking forward to May. It’s gotten off to a really rainy start, which I know is going to pay off in huge dividends with my garden and my flowers. We get to start getting veggies from our CSA this month and I have a few fun races on the schedule. All good things. 🙂 Plus, I get to experience this month with a cast-less kid! This first week without the cast I suspect is going to be as difficult as the first week WITH the cast was, while he relearns how to walk. I had to leave work early yesterday to go get him because he’d tried to run on the playground and had a huge fall. He refused to walk afterwards and all of his teachers were terrified he’d re-broken something. I think he was scared more than anything. We talked a lot today about walking before we run and being careful. I totally understand his desire to run though. After a month in a cast, the sense of freedom must be overwhelming.

We've spent too much time in hospitals lately. O's Pez dispensers were a little ER last night: Dr Piggy was dealing with injuries in all of the superheroes and Kermit. Apparently Superman was hit in the head by a flying building.

We’ve spent too much time in hospitals lately. O’s Pez dispensers were a little ER last night: Dr Piggy was dealing with injuries in all of the superheroes and Kermit. Apparently Superman was hit in the head by a flying building.

Before we get to May’s goals, a quick look back at April:

Finish my runs with mental strength: I totally rocked this goal, which paid off on that hot race day in Lincoln this weekend. Every run was a “strong finish” run which meant I ran up the stupid hill to my house more times than I want to think about. 🙂

Practice race strategy with fuel and intervals: I did practice my planned race intervals in several runs and my fueling strategy. I think in future training cycles, I’m going to incorporate longer chunks of “race pace” running to get a better sense of pacing. I still stink at regulating my pace on the road.

Stay safe: Done! No injuries pre-race (knock on wood – no injuries after race would be nice too!)

Focus on quality fuel: I’m really proud of how well I did this. With every choice I made in the week before and after the race, I thought about whether or not it was healthy fuel. At no point did I give into that “I earned it” mentality that has gotten me in trouble before. 🙂 The scale is still up a few pounds, of course, but I can live with that a lot better knowing it is still fluid retention when I can look back at a week of healthy choices.

Sleep 8 hours a night: Well, the broken leg sort of screwed that goal and none of us got great sleep all month. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Plan my garden: Done! This year Darrell has done all of the work, but we still had fun planning as a family. I can’t wait to see how all of these plantings pay off!

So what are my goals for May?

Turn off all electronics by 10 pm: I may not be able to control the kid wake-ups that make 8 hours of sleep elusive, but I can control my own behavior. No more phone or iPad after 10 pm.

Drink 64 oz of water a day: I had been doing great with this goal and then got off track with binge-trigger-period a little while ago. Time to get back on track! What I’d really like is to drink less soda, but I know myself well enough to know that I do better when I focus on ADDING a good thing rather than restricting a less good thing.

Run at least one of my upcoming races Garmin-free: I would say tech free, but I like having music when I run. I may actually run all 3 of my upcoming races “naked” (Papillion Half Marathon, Boys Town 5 mile, Mission Possible 10K). I don’t have time goals for any of those. This month, my running focus is just going to be getting out there to have fun and acclimate to summer. Training and serious work will start again soon enough for Des Moines in October.

– Speaking of getting ready for Des Moines in October, I’m going to read Hanson’s half marathon book and Racing Weight this month. I’ve skimmed Hanson’s enough to know that I’m not ready for that kind of training plan. It would be a huge jump in mileage and neither my body nor my lifestyle are ready for that yet (it suggests that your mileage is 30 miles a week as a baseline for the beginner plan! I don’t get that in peak training!). However, there are definitely some concepts in the book that I think would help me in my next training cycle. Similarly, I’ve got to admit that a) losing a few pounds and b) really fueling for running would help those efforts. I’ve heard good things about Racing Weight so I’ll put that on the list this month too. I’ll of course update you guys with reviews of both!

– One thing I’d like to do in this between-training cycles period is get back on the strength training wagon. I really think regularly doing some strength work during this training cycle helped me avoid a lot of the aches and irritations I’ve had in the past, but I could definitely step it up. Since I won’t be pushing it much on the running front for the next month or so, it’s a good time to think about my strength training game. As a step in the right direction, I’m joining up with this little strength challenge for May with Heather. I’m going to be a week off schedule since I didn’t remember that I was supposed to be starting squats on Monday (that post-race soreness distracted me and I forgot!), but I’ll just start it next week. I’m dreading the lunge week, which means that’s the probably the one I need the most. I HATE lunges.

Anybody have vacation or a big race or anything else fun on their schedules for May? Do share!


12 responses to “May goals!

  1. Racing Weight is a great book! I really liked it and found it helpful in some aspects.

    And sound like really good goals for the month!

    • I’ve consistently heard good things about it, but never think to dive into until I’m in the midst of a training cycle and I’m always a little nervous to tackle big diet changes during training. This month is a great time to look into it.

      On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 1:29 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. I’m taking 2 weeks off running–feels kind of like a vacation!

    • Isn’t it great? I’m loving sleeping in (especially in all of this rain) but confess that my legs are feeling a little itch to run today. 🙂

      On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:55 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  3. We’re on the same schedule with finishing up our goal races and focusing more on strength training! I think you will like both those books. I got a lot from both of them. I still haven’t written my review of Racing Weight yet, but you’ll see it’s very similar to Weight Watchers. In RW there are quality foods, in WW there are power foods, in RW you track points but the higher quality, the more points so you try to get a lot of points. In Hansons, the main question I have with it, which I’d love to ask the authors, is whether mileage should be decreased for slower runners who put more time in to get their mileage. It doesn’t seem like slower runners should have to run hours more a week, but that’s what I’d have to do o reach that mileage. But I have gotten a lot from that book even though I didn’t follow the program.

    • I did a lot of parallels when I was reading your goal post too. 🙂 Great minds think alike! I agree with the mileage issue with Hansons – my PR is well beyond the range of the half marathon times they included in the pace tables, so I have to wonder if it is really intended for runners like me. However, a lot of the things about specificity and accumulated fatigue make sense so I may just work those concepts into a lower mileage plan.

      On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 7:43 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  4. Loved reading about your goals (past and future). Great job btw.

  5. Meg B says:

    Strength training is super important and I always forget about it. Good for you!

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  7. […] will be using a sort of a modified version of the Hanson’s Method plan. Last month, one of my goals was to finish reading the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method book and I highly recommend it if you […]

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