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Race Recap: Omaha 10K September 22,2013

on September 22, 2013


This weekend, I tackled my very first 10K. Very exciting because a) first race at this distance so automatic PR! and b) my longest run ever! I initially signed up this 10K as a mid-point goal to test my ability to stick with training plan before starting Princess Half Marathon training. It also gives me a timed 10K to submit for corral placement at the Princess Half Marathon. I have felt really good about all of my long runs in training coming up to this run, but did get a little freaked out in the last week before the race at the idea that I was an athlete. I dealt with excited nerves all week! I reminded myself to hydrate well during the days before the run and tried to get a decent night of sleep at the end of the week, knowing I wouldn’t actually sleep well Saturday night before the race Sunday (although I actually ended up sleeping well Saturday night!).

I like to set several goals for the run, so that I have a few tiers to aim for, depending on how the day is going.

My goals for this race:

A) Run all but water stops

B) Finish in 74 minutes (per McMillan calculator, predicts <2:45 HM – C corral at 2013 PHM)

C) Finish in 77 minutes (per McMillan calculator, predicts <2:50 HM – D corral at 2013 PHM)

D) Finish safely (as always!)

Interestingly, when I set up my training plan for the 10K back in July, I made a note in the spreadsheet that my goal was a) to finish the 10K and b) to finish in less than 80 minutes, which would be maintaining 12 minute miles for the whole course. It’s amazing to remember that just a couple of months ago, that was a goal I knew I was reaching for – I definitely ran slower than that at the time (4.5 – 5 mph outside). My last several runs outside have been 11 minute miles (5.5 mph) without any dedicated speed training. Just running regularly has had such a huge impact on my pace! I’m going to try to run the first half at a comfortable pace, pick up the effort a little bit for miles 4 and 5 and then push as hard as I can in the last mile and avoid going out at my hardest pace right at the beginning. I’ve gotten better at steady pacing, but I definitely need to practice this!

This race offered the ability to sign up to track your runners, like the Princess Half Marathon will offer. We signed my husband up to track me, so that he could bring O to finish line near the time I’ll finish. Having them at the finish line cheering for me is honestly one of the things I was most looking forward to! A big part of this is staying healthy for those two guys and being a good role model for O so that he grows up active and healthy. I just love hearing that sweet little voice asking to run with mommy. Looking at the list of runners on the notification sign up site, it looks like about 400 people are registered for the 10K. *Hubby didn’t get any emails until it was over. Thankfully, I’d turned on my Road ID app so he could see where I was running and knew where I was in the course because I’d printed him a course map. Hopefully the notifications will work better at PHM!

The expo was Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was fairly small, with just a few booths. I ran across someone I know who is doing the half marathon but didn’t really see anything I needed at any of the stations. The t-shirt was really not very exciting:


I also drove the course since it went into a part of town I don’t visit often. It’s very flat except for a hill at the very beginning, so that was nice to see! I made a list (of course, anyone who knows me know I love a list!) for the things I needed to get ready Saturday so I didn’t need to think much when I got up early Sunday morning to go. It definitely helped with my nerves to already have everything ready to go!


The race started at TD Ameritrade Park (home of the College World Series) at 7 am Sunday morning. They had the 10K, half-marathon and marathon all scheduled to start at the same time and location. We shared a course, with set points for each of us to turn around depending on the distance. I stationed myself toward the back of the pack. With all of us mixed together, it stretched along 3 blocks! It was chilly, but kind of nice to be out starting this at sunrise.


The race went surprising well! The crowd was really friendly and there were people out all along the course, which I haven’t ever experienced before. There were people with iPods and speakers playing music and lots of cheering and amazing signs. My favorite signs were one that said “Worst parade ever!” and “I just farted – run faster!”. On the way back, that group had on that said “Punch here to power up” (Which I totally did!). There were bands every mile, including a drum corps at mile one, a classic rock cover between miles 1-2 and a jazz band between miles 2-3. It was nice to have some kind of entertainment every step of a way, in addition to my own music. The course went briefly through downtown and then down a nice tree lined residential street, so it was very peaceful.

image*Sorry for the blurry running picture!

For the first half of the race, I didn’t try to pick up my pace or to pass anyone. I just kept things steady and walked through the water stops like I planned. I was surprised at how fast the turn around came! I felt like I had really good energy and no pain for most of the race. By the last two miles, I was definitely starting to feel it but knowing that a) I had a downhill stretch coming, b) my husband and son would be waiting for me! and c) if I could just keep running, even if I had to slow down, I would meet my A goal and I only had a little bit left! Because I had paced myself well in the first half, I actually had enough energy to pass people in the second half too, which was definitely motivating. One lovely volunteer at a water stop told me I looked beautiful (thanks to lots of pink and a cute sparkle skirt), which was also a nice boost. 🙂 Definitely better than being told I looked pregnant at the last race I did!

I was surprised (and honestly a little disappointed at first, just because I was ready to be done!) to see that they had us turn off right before the finish line. The last 0.2 miles were routed through TD Ameritrade park itself, which actually ended up being very neat. We ran around the field itself and were shown up on the Jumbotron. I really wish I’d gotten a photo of myself up there! The official race photo was also taken in there, so hopefully that will turn out cool.


Instead of having my son and husband cheering for me, I had my poor husband trying to calm down an angry toddler! Apparently they’d both overslept and ended up rushing to get there in time, so O was not in the best mood. Still, it was nice to see them! D managed to get a couple of nice pictures of me finishing.


They also announced my name and where I was from when I crossed the finish line, which was neat. I got my medal and a bottle of water and rounded the corner to go back on mama duty, soothing my cranky guy. Thankfully, I’d packed some emergency snacks (gummy fruit snacks and freeze dried fruit, both things he loves but doesn’t get often) so we sat in the grass reading books from the diaper bag and snacking together. He liked wearing the medal for me. 🙂 Such is the life of a mother runner. I’m still so very glad they were there for me!

The half marathon winner finished a few minutes after me which is just amazing! There are some speedy people out there! We headed home and actually ended up spending the rest of the day at the pumpkin patch, which is good practice for going to the Disney Parks after the half marathon, right?

My time ended up officially at 68:01, way faster than I ever imagined! I was faster than the overall average for the 10K which was also nice and I met my A goal of running all but the water stops. Most importantly, it was honestly fun. It was such a friendly crowd of runners and the crowd support was fantastic. It made me really look forward to the Princess Half Marathon and all of the things there will be along that route!

14 responses to “Race Recap: Omaha 10K September 22,2013

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  2. Congratulations!!! AND…we are going to be in the same corral! My first 10K I submitted was 1:08:11! I’m running another in November but b/c of an injury, I doubt I’ll get much better of a time. Sounds like a great race!

  3. Shelley B says:

    Congratulations – looks like you had a great race and that is an awesomely strong-looking finish line picture! Love that you got a medal for your first 10K, too…first of many, I’ll bet! 🙂

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