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Recap: Running a color race (March 2013)

on October 29, 2013

I crossed Mississippi off of my states to run list back in March 2013, for my second official 5K. I was visiting Jacksonville for the weekend to participate in the Sweet Potato Queen weekend activities with my sister. I cannot really begin to explain the Sweet Potato Queen weekend thing, except to say that it is very Southern and based on a series of humor books by Jill Connor Brown. My sister has participated for several years and spends all year planning her costumes for the parties and the parade. As it means a lot to her, I’d agreed to come along and join her this year. It was fantastic people watching and I did really enjoy throwing out beads and flashy rings to the kids on the parade route. The kid in me still loves a parade. 🙂


My Sweet Potato Queen parade outfit – like I said, hard to explain

It just so happened that the Color Me Radd 5K was going to be in Jacksonville that weekend as well and by that point, the running bug had bit enough that I was actually looking forward to the color run more than any of the other weekend events! I signed up with the goal of running the entire thing. After doing some Googling about Color Runs, I’d gone to Target and picked up a white shirt to run in on clearance, so I didn’t ruin one of my other shirts. It was a little cool, so I planned on wearing some of my black Old Navy active wear pants, figuring if all of the color didn’t wash out, it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Tip 1: The color will show up better on white clothes if you want cool post race pictures, but don’t assume you’ll be able to wash it all out when it is over! Don’t put a nice shirt through this!


When we showed up that morning, it was a madhouse! There were tons of people there and even though we’d been assigned a starting time when we registered, there were just having people get in line in the start corral and sending us off a bunch at a time. There were so many people in line to start (and the start/finish was at the same place) that the finishers were actually running up into the line of people waiting to start when they came around!

When you picked up your run number and t-shirt at registration, you were also given a bag of colored powdered to throw during the race. They also gave you a pair of cheap sunglasses to wear during the run, which I appreciated to keep things out of my eyes! While we were waiting in line, people were already throwing the bags of colored powder around so it was like a multicolored tsunami. I don’t think I’d recommend a race like this if you had allergies / asthma that was easily triggered by airborne irritants.

If you look closely, you can see it is still stained pink months later!

If you look closely, you can see it is still stained pink months later!

I’d learned from my first 5K and lined up over to the left as I was planning on running, but didn’t really worry much about where I was in the pack as there were thousands of people in line waiting at that point. When it was finally our turn to start, I was excited to take off running and actually had my first experience with having someone on the course to cheer me on! My parents were there for the parade festivities for the weekend and had come along to the 5K, so they were there at about a quarter mile in to cheer for us. The course took us through a quaint part of downtown Jacksonville and then through a very cute tree lined residential neighborhood. There were several stops along the way with color bombers – way more than I was expecting! Each station had one or two colors and you would run through while they threw colored powder at you or squirted you with colored liquids. I was really surprised by the liquids! Tip 2: Either don’t bring your phone or put it in some kind of plastic/protective covering. The dust and especially that colored liquid is not great for your electronics!


This is an untimed fun run, which I run, but I was taken a little off guard by how much some people got into the “fun” part of it. I came across lots of people who were stopping to play in the color stations (and some even rolling around on the ground in the colored powder!). Tip 3: Be careful as you’re navigating the color stations. Even if you aren’t interested in getting through particularly quickly, you could easily trip over someone playing. Also be careful at the end, where some of the finishers get really excited and aggressive with the extra bags of color they have around there to throw – there were kids throwing entire bags when I finished!

They had water for us on the course as well as a snack at the midway point, which was nice. There were a couple of small hills which I walked up but I was able to run the rest which was really exciting! I finished in 33:45 minutes, a new personal best and had a blast! I’d definitely recommend a color run for fun, but maybe not if you were interested in being particularly speedy. The pink color definitely took the longest to wash out and the shoes I wore for that run still have a pink tinge 6+ months later.

March 2013

March 2013

Have you done one of the color runs? There are lots of different series that do this and I’d be interested in experiences with other groups!

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