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Winter Cross Training

on November 2, 2016

I’m a day late for Tuesdays on the Run but winter cross training is very important for a Nebraska girl! Thanks as always to Erika, Marcia and Patty for hosting our link up!

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Normally, by the time November gets here, I’m already complaining about the cold. This year, things have stayed weirdly warm, weirdly late. However, before I know it, I’ll be fighting the winter weather. For my runs, I try as hard as I can to get them in outside, instead of on the treadmill.  However, I’ll happily stay inside where it is warm for winter cross training.

  • Gym classes: I like the yoga classes at my gym, because I feel like they push me harder than I would go at home and it’s a better workout. I also love (and miss!) Zumba at the gym. Since one of my goals for the last 10 weeks of marathon training is to be a little more serious about cross training, I’m going to work some more class time at the gym into my schedule. Currently, I have cross training on the weekend on the day opposite my long run. I’m planning to make that a session in the gym for a yoga or other class, since I should have the time (and may be able to drag Darrell along!).
  • Stationary bike: I have a stationary bike at home that I rarely use. However, with my plan to be more dedicated about cross training, I will definitely be using this on days I don’t get to the gym. Might as well work out while I watch TV!
  • Walking: While I don’t love running on a treadmill, I love walking hills on one while I read a Kindle book or watch a movie. I can also get walks in here on campus, where I know the sidewalks are well maintained and slipping is less likely. I LOVE walking in the falling snow and even though it is warm now, I know I’ll be doing that again before I know it. The trick is going to be not letting myself count all of the walking I do around campus count as my cross training workout. I really need to be more dedicated about the effort to support my marathon training.
  • Snow shoveling: In Nebraska, snow shoveling is a fact of life. I actually try to wake up early to get to the snow before Darrell gets out there with the snow blower so I can get at least a little bit of a workout. With all of the squatting and lifting that goes into shoveling snow, it definitely feels like a full body workout! I also weirdly enjoy it – I think because I can always immediately see my progress and because it’s a nice quiet time outside in the snow. As a native southerner, I’m still fascinated with snow after 7 years in the Midwest.
Such cuteness - how can I be anything but grateful for my life?

Such cuteness – how can I be anything but grateful for my life?


One day, I’d like to try out snow shoeing, which I think I can do in the parks here. Maybe I’ll put that on the post-marathon workout list!

How do you keep moving in the winter? Anybody seeing real winter yet?


4 responses to “Winter Cross Training

  1. mkadens1 says:

    I too would love to give snow shoeing a try. Yes, it’s been oddly warm so far too. Not complaining, but it makes it seem like the holidays are sneaking up faster!

  2. Patty H says:

    You had me until snow shoveling. Gah! No thank you. I like it here in the heat. 😉

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