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Weekly Wrap-Up: New Orleans

on November 1, 2016

I’m still recovering from a week in New Orleans, so this week’s wrap up is a day late. Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

I spent most of last week in New Orleans, which meant I ate lots of delicious (but unhealthy) food and drank more than usual. I still feel thirsty after a week of too much coffee and alcohol and not enough water. It feels good to get back to normal now that I’m home, with veggies and water. Hopefully, by the end of the week I’ll feel less tired and bloated. As delicious as all of that food and drink was, it definitely highlighted how much better I feel when I eat healthier food.

Workouts for the week were pretty good. I ran on all of the days I was scheduled to run, which is a win, although there were some days I ran fewer miles than I was supposed to just because of scheduling. I walked MILES every day (and always had the sore legs to show for it) so I feel okay with shorting mileage a bit.


Monday Rest day!

Tuesday I woke up early for 3 miles, because I thought (correctly) that I’d be too tired from traveling by the time I finally got to New Orleans to put the run off until evening.

Wednesday 7 miles on the schedule, but I only ran 3. I did lots of walking (over 18,000 steps every day this trip) since my hotel was 3/4 mile away from the convention center and the convention center itself is at least half a mile long!

AM runIt was nice to watch the sun rise over the river.

Thursday Another 3 miles (treadmill this time) that should have been 4, with many miles of walking.

Friday Guess what? More miles of walking. New Orleans is really good for that.

Saturday I ran the Jazz Half Marathon for my long run this week. It was scheduled to be a ten mile long run, but I opted for the half marathon so I didn’t have to worry about where to find ten miles to run in the city. It was a much smaller crowd in the race than I was expecting, but a great course through town. I’ll have more on the race later this week, but I highly recommend using races as training runs when you’re traveling. Very convenient!

Jazz half marathon

Sunday This was cross training on the schedule, which ended up being a walk around the French Quarter for shopping after beignets, plus lots of airport walking.

I’m grateful for lots of time with old friends during this trip, which was great. I met up with one of my Lovely Ladies Losing It online friends, as well as friends from prior places I’ve trained and worked. I got to show some old friends around New Orleans, including an adventure on the trolley where our driver stopped mid-trolley ride to run into Subway for a few minutes. It was very funny, especially during those first few moments after he got off where we were wondering what he was doing and how far back we were going to roll before the trolley stopped.

My NSV this week is the fact that I never gave in to my tired legs and rode the bus. There were buses between the hotel and the convention center, but I made a commitment to walk each day to make up for the missed running miles and to balance (a bit) the rich food I ate. By the end of the trip, the bus was tempting but I got my walking in! There was actually a step challenge for this meeting, where we self-reported our steps each day into an app. I ended up in the top ten step-getters for the meeting!

All in all, it was a good trip but I’m glad to be home. My long run this week is 15 miles, which will be my longest run ever!!! That makes me feel like I’m really training for a marathon. Yikes!

Running this morning, my legs felt tight. I can definitely feel those walking miles in New Orleans and the three half marathons I’ve run in the last few weeks. Tonight, we have a family date for stretching and strength training. I have a feeling the next two months of marathon training are going to be a whole family adventure.

I’m traveling again next week (Bethesda, Maryland) so I’m glad I’ve got this week here at home with my guys. I’m afraid to step on the scale this week to see how much damage I did in New Orleans, so I’m just going to focus on healthy eating this week to get back on track before I travel again. I’m stuck in a hotel for two days of meeting in Bethesda, so the food should be less of a derailment next week.

What did you do with your leftover Halloween candy today? I had fewer trick or treaters than I expected, so I have a ton of candy. I brought it into my office to stock the candy drawer, but may instead take it to one of local shelters where they give a piece of candy to the kids with lunch each day. That seems like a better use of leftover candy than feeding graduate students. 🙂





12 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: New Orleans

  1. How fun! Did you see Tricia while you were there??

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Can’t wait for the race recap! I love courses that show you a lot of the city. I saw that Tricia did that race too! Overall great job keeping up with training and general activity while traveling. I agree though–there’s no place like home!

  3. I love the idea of a race as a training run. I might plan that with my marathon training. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Awesome job with all your steps and running and walking! GO YOU!!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I agree about running a race in place of your long run. You might as well! And, you get a sweet reward! I ran the RnR half in February and really had to watch out for bad pavement. But, I did like the flatness of NOLA. I thankfully gave out every piece of candy to the trick-or-treaters. Not one piece was left for me to eat. Thanks for linking, Jessica!

  5. I looked for you too at the race but I had the hubs in tow so not a lot of time to search. I knew it would be a smaller race but I think even a less of a turnout this year, I could be wrong but it seemed that way. I did like that they had French Market coffee at the finish, course they did run out of creamer by the time I cooled off enough for coffee.
    Isnt’ the medal great? I think it was better than last years! I’m so glad you did have friends there too. I bet you had a blast!

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