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TotR: Running Uniforms

on March 1, 2016

Today’s topic for Tuesdays on the Run is a running uniform: If you could only pick one outfit to wear for the next few months, what would it be. Because I ran in “feels like 10” weather this morning (way to start on a chilly note March!), I’m going to imagine that this is my last blast of winter weather and pick a spring like outfit to wear as my uniform. 🙂 Hope springs eternal!

A perk of a hilly course was the ability to see the photographer before I got there so I could be sure a) I was smiling and b) I was running. :)

A perk of a hilly course was the ability to see the photographer before I got there so I could be sure a) I was smiling and b) I was running. 🙂

This outfit from the Papillion Half Marathon last spring incorporates a lot key pieces of my uniform:

  • A SparkleSkirt: While I don’t actually wear the ones with legit sparkles, I do love these skirts because they don’t chafe and have killer pockets. I love not needing any waist belt or anything when I run. Totally worth the money, in my opinion, as my three workhorse skirts get worn at least once a week for at least 6 months out of the year and are still going strong 2+ years later.
  • I’m not finicky about tops. This one is from Another Mother Runner and I love the blue and the fact that it doesn’t cling, so it’s a go-to for race day photos, but otherwise I’m good with anything tech fabric that doesn’t creep up to show off my belly. (Oh, and a Moving Comfort Juno bra underneath – not sexy, but does the job better than the stretched out old cheap sports bras I used to use!)
  • I’m devoted to my Feetures socks. They’ve kept me blister free for years now and hold up well enough that I no longer faint at paying $15 for socks.
  • I ran in Asics to start with, but have run in the Brooks Ghost 7 for over a year now and love them! I need to get an extra pair for my collection before they disappear. I always get nervous when shoes get updated!
New shoes to start 2016 off right!

New shoes to start 2016 off right!

  • Last, but definitely not least, is sun protection. That includes a visor (like in the pic above) or cap to shade my face and loads of sunscreen, even when it is cold outside. I will confess that I was never as good as I should have been about sun protection before lupus, which was very bad on my part. Now, not only do I get these lovely weird rashes if I forget my sunscreen, but I also get a flare in my joint symptoms. I’m much more diligent now about sun protection!

What’s key to your running uniform? All of these pieces are packed in my suitcase for my trip to Memphis this week because I’ll definitely be running while I’m there. Anybody have any insights into running alone in Memphis? Would I be okay in daylight hours down around Beale Street and the river area there alone? I know not to be out alone in the dark, but wasn’t sure about tomorrow afternoon.

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Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting our link up!

19 responses to “TotR: Running Uniforms

  1. Patty says:

    Feetures and Sparkle Skirts: I’m with you, girl! I wear the same as my uniform.

  2. Michelle says:

    Kick butt sale prices on 2015 Brooks running shoes at Nordstrom rack if there’s one nearby. I got my adrenaline’s for $75.

  3. javaandsole says:

    I love my Feetures too! I have a sparkle skirt I bought for the Disney Princess Half a couple years ago and, after reading this, realize I haven’t had it out in forever! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME 🙂 (mostly because it’s been so stinking cold, but I also don’t recall wearing it at all last summer….) I am on my first pair of Brooks Connect, after 5-6 pair of PureFlows. I really like them for a change of pace, but will see how well they hold up in longer mileage!

    Looking for t-shirt recommendations – would love to know what some of your favorites are!

  4. Kristie says:

    What do wear when it’s “feels like 10”?
    I’m a sparkleskirt devotee as well!

  5. mkadens1 says:

    Oooh have fun in Memphis! I’ve not run there but you can probably plan some nice routes with Map My Run. Thanks for linking up!

  6. I have heard many people love the Ghost. I have tried them but never felt they were the ones for me. I am loving the Brooks Launch though. A lightweight, neutral shoe.

  7. Feetures are the best socks ev-ah!!!!!!

  8. LaChicaRuns says:

    I like how optimistic you are about the weather. Unfortunately, I’m staring out the window at about 5 or 6 inches of snow with tons more falling. I love running in a skirt and appreciate all of the pockets, too. Dreaming of my favorite skirts for this spring’s runs, though.

  9. I actually got a taste of spring here today and got to wear a skirt and tank. I’m so ready for that to be an every day thing!

  10. […] I’ve figured out what brands and products I’ve loved (which we talked about back here), I can shop around a little more for better prices on things in the future. I buy my shoes on […]

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