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Tuesdays on the Run: Shopping for Running Gear

on May 3, 2016

Today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is all about where you shop for running gear. Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting the link up.

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Most of my running gear has come from a couple of sources: My local running stores (Peak Performance and Red Dirt Running in case you’re looking for a running store in Omaha) and online sources like Amazon, Zappos, Brooks, etc. Local running stores are a fantastic resource when you haven’t yet figured out what style or brand of something you need. I’ve gone to my local store for shoe fittings, to talk about warmer socks in the winter and to try to on hats and gloves to figure out what works best for me. As much of an investment as running gear can be, it helps to actually put your hands on things. It’s also helpful to have people that really know running to answer your questions about what you might need or want.

I actually use my grocery store a lot to try out new kinds of fueling. My local HyVee has reasonable variety of Nuun flavors and other hydration options, as well as Gu, waffles, chews, etc. If I’m just trying one or two things to see if I like it, they actually have a bigger selection than my running store.

Once I’ve figured out what brands and products I’ve loved (which we talked about back here), I can shop around a little more for better prices on things in the future. I buy my shoes on Amazon or Zappos frequently (especially if you can find a Zappos coupon!) as I go through a lot of shoes. With my weight and heavy stride, I tend to feel the age on my shoes at around 250 miles so that’s a lot of shoes every year. If I can get a little break on price, I’ll take it. I also buy my salted caramel Gu and sunscreen in bulk at Amazon for the price. Occasionally, there are things I have to buy online like the sports bras I like (no longer on Amazon, but on Brooks running) and my beloved SparkleSkirts.

I almost never shop for running gear at big sporting goods stores. If I’m going to shop in a store rather than online, I’d rather support a small local business like my running stores than a big box store. I will confess that I just bought a bunch of stuff a Sports Authority that was closing, but that was because I couldn’t resist my favorite UnderArmor Cold Gear at 40% off! I just read that Sports Authority stores are potentially all closing, so I need to use a gift card my staff got me before the store disappears!

All in all, I try to balance my running shopping between the convenience and cost savings of online shopping with the expertise and local small business support of my local running store. And of course, I window shop all of Jennifer’s stylish clothes over at DashinginStyle all the time (Seriously, she finds the cutest stuff!) Where do you do you running shopping?

6 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: Shopping for Running Gear

  1. Pink Runner says:

    I buy my running shoes on Amazon a lot too. (Brooks Adrenaline) Usually the cheapest, and I can get them fast!

  2. Savannah says:

    I am so jealous that your grocery store has those kinds of fueling options! I use running warehouse a lot, and also ebay.

  3. Patty H says:

    Hey- my grocery store is actually a good resource too! They recently added a clothing section that has some decent outfits for working out. And the fuel is pretty nicely stocked over there too.

  4. I had no idea that Sport’s Authority was going out of business. We have one here that I never go to. May have to go now and get some deals.

  5. mkadens1 says:

    I’ve got a SA gift card I need to get in there and use before they close too!

  6. My favorite place to buy gear is TJMaxx. They have a ton of good deals!

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