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Running 50 States

I set a new big picture running goal back in 2013 to run in all 50 states. I am fortunate enough to travel for work and to visit my far-flung friends and family, so I get to see some beautiful new places and do some interesting new runs. I’ll use this page to keep track of my states as I check them off. For the purposes of this little life goal, I decided that half a mile of an intentional run will count (not just chasing my kid in the yard for an hour and assuming that adds up to a mile of running – or running from zombies or a bear or something). That felt big enough to be intentional, but not so big that it doesn’t allow me the fun of trying to figure out to run half a mile on a layover in Detroit or something. Who knows – after I check them all off for runs, maybe I’ll step it up to races in all states. 🙂

Arkansas: First run (on a mountain!) in May 2013; Race in November 2013 (Turkey Trot) – my current 5K PR!

California: Gorgeous run on the Golden Gate Bridge for my virtual 10K – Women’s Health’s Run10Feed10 – in October 2013


Colorado: Treadmill run in Denver July 2013

Florida: Princess Half Marathon February 2014

Georgia: 1.5 miles around the Marriott at the airport in Atlanta in February 2014, after an unplanned overnight travel delay. Good reason to keep running gear in carry on!


Hawaii: Treadmill run in Maui in October 2012 for the SparkPeople Halloween virtual 5K (my first 5K!)

Kansas: A quick jog around around a gas station parking lot just to cross this state off!

Iowa: Des Moines Half Marathon in October 2014 and a new PR!

Illinois: Run along the lake shore in Chicago in April 2014


Indiana: A couple of snowy runs outside in February 2014 when I was in South Bend for my cutie godson’s baptism

Louisiana: Treadmill run in March 2013

Maryland: A mile along the waterfront in Baltimore in October 2014

Mississippi: Color Me Radd 5K March 2013

March 2013

March 2013

Missouri: Half a mile on our drive down to Arkansas for Thanksgiving just so I could check this state off the list! November 2013

Montana: Visited Big Sky Montana for work in July 2014 and got in some nice runs and hiking in the mountains

Gorgeous to watch the sun come up over the mountains!

Gorgeous to watch the sun come up over the mountains!

Nebraska: All the time, since this is where I started running back in August 2012

North Carolina: Treadmill, April 2013

Oklahoma: Little bitty run in June 2014, but it counts!

Pennsylvania: Running up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia in October 2014

View from the top of the Rocky steps (which I of course ran up rather than walk - I did walk down rather than risk injury).

View from the top of the Rocky steps (which I of course ran up rather than walk – I did walk down rather than risk injury).

Rhode Island: Gorgeous run along the coastline in October 2013


Tennessee: Treadmill runs on a trip to Memphis, with no outside runs due to weather and safety 😦

Utah: Great, mind clearing run in October 2014 out to Temple Square


20 responses to “Running 50 States

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  18. […] fly out of Minneapolis for my trip to Norway, so I’ll be able to cross Minnesota off of the 50 states running list that way. There is a path up to Minneapolis that comes very near South Dakota, so I may even be able […]

  19. […] past mountains and along Cook Inlet. It sounds like a fantastic way to mark Alaska off of my 50 states running list! As a bonus, since this is a summer race, we’ll be able to work it into vacation around […]

  20. […] I get to run in a lot of different places. It definitely makes it easier to check states off of my 50 states running list.🙂 I went to New Orleans in October for a meeting and took advantage of the timing to run the […]

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