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One working mama learning to run & to maintain my 100+ pound weight loss!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Mama’s Mystery Medal Half Marathon Week #2

Apparently to make Mama’s Mystery Medal Oliver needs cardboard, glitter, markers and a picture of me. It should be interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

This walking half marathon plan is the BEST idea I’ve had in a while. After years of training for running races, I’m very accustomed to having a plan to follow and workouts to hit each week. Working out falls to the bottom of my to-do list without a set goal (as I’ve learned over the last 6 months – and 30 pounds). Even this solo walking half marathon is enough to get me up and moving! I stayed up way too late last night rewatching Sherlock and still, when the alarm went off at 5:40 this morning, I hauled myself up to get out and do “speed” work. I definitely wouldn’t have been that ready to go if I didn’t have a race deadline.


Monday Rest day

Tuesday Speed day: 30 second speed walk/2 minutes easy walk. The intervals got a little longer, which was good. With last week’s 10 second intervals, things were too short to feel like I was doing anything. This week, it bumped up to 30 seconds and that felt a little more like I could speed up and maintain it for a bit like a true interval.

Wednesday 20 minutes easy walking – I am loving easy walks during this super summer weather!

Thursday/Friday I was supposed to do my power walk but missed it between life and heat and who knows what.

Saturday Oliver & I walked a mile and a half from Village Inn to Hy Vee after breakfast while Darrell drove home to get some things we needed for our day of errands. It was mostly uphill, but because I was occasionally pausing to encourage the small fry to come along, I don’t think I can count it as the “Power Walk” it should have been. It was worth it though, to see how excited Oliver was to help me get my sticker for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚


He’s used lots of sticker charts in his little life, so he’s definitely used to this and gets excited every time I get a sticker.

Sunday 3 miles easy walking, with my missed 10 minutes of “Power Walk” thrown in the middle. This time, the Power Walk portion was in the 16-17 minute mile range, which is a little faster than last week. Progress!

Man, does it feel good for my legs to work again. However, going forward I need to be better about:

  1. Follow the schedule – Keep easy walks and rest days in between the long walks and speed/power walks. I’m not in the shape I was 6 months ago and should respect the plan.
  2. Don’t combine workouts – Each one serves a purpose. Counting 3 miles as my long walk and Power Walk isn’t the same as doing those separately and I know that. I can get away with this kind of “cheating” early but will regret it later if I don’t follow the plan!

This week, I have a little travel but it shouldn’t throw things off too much. I’m flying to Chicago tonight for a meeting in the airport Hilton all day tomorrow and flying back home again tomorrow night. Happily, I already know that the food that’s going to be ordered for lunch is healthy (grilled chicken salad) and I’m in that airport enough that I know I can find a healthy dinner too.

Gifts!I’m bringing one of my favorite birthday presents with me to wear tomorrow to remind me that I can do anything I put my mind to – big leadership meetings or making healthy food choices or squeezing in quality mom moments among the work.

My goals for this week are to start incorporating some yoga and stretching into my week. Using these muscles again to train, I’m going to get stiff before I know it. I’m also going to follow the training plan as it is written – no combining things or cheating!

What are your goals for the week?




Weekly Wrap-Up: Picking up momentum, a step at a time

It’s been the kind of week where this has been ready to post since Tuesday and I’m just now hitting publish! What happened to the lazy days of summer?!

I need a title for my walking half marathon. Mom’s Mystery Medal Half Marathon? Maybe that’ll do for now, while Oliver is deciding on his theme. For now, we’ll just say that week one of training is done and it feels good to say that again!

The workouts for week one:

Interval workout: 10 minutes warm up and cool down, with 4 intervals of 10 second sprint/2 minute easy. This was so weird! 10 seconds is NO time at all so I overshot every time – when you’re walking it takes at least that long to “get up to speed.” It was also super hard not to run during these. I am determined to stay safe and keep my feet on the ground, but it’s hard!

Easy walk: 15 minutes (easy peasy!)

Power walk: 10 minutes warm up and cool down with a 5 minute power walk in the middle, which is a “walk at a comfortably fast, brisk pace.” Right now, that’s around a 17 minute mile for me. It’ll be interesting to see how that changes as I move forward.

Long walk: 2 miles this week, which felt easy but I know it’ll get tougher quickly enough! I hopped out of the car at the car wash and walked home while Darrell and Oliver washed the car. It’s definitely a win to have shoes in the back of my car at all times! I need to make sure I add a hat and sunscreen to my stash so I’m ready for squeezing in workouts whenever I can (borrowed O’s hat this weekend!).
Summer flowers
Each week follows this outline, with intervals, times and distances increasing as we go along, just like a running plan would work. Note: This training plan (updated on the side bar!) is based on Katie’s Walk Your First Half Marathon plan. I also now have a race day: October 15!

I squeezed in two extra walks for my stickers and am really enjoying this pleasant feeling of soreness in my legs from exercising regularly again. I had really fallen off the workout wagon in a big way!

Food choices have also been good and I’m back down a couple of more pounds from a gain around my birthday. I’m taking it bit by bit and know I’ll get there. It’s surprisingly easy to fall back into my old “good” habits and simultaneously recognize where I’m deviating too often (here’s looking at you, desserts and booze!). I wonder if I’ve fallen into drinking and eating more in response to stress because I haven’t been running? Hopefully this walking training plan will help me stay on track by giving me that goal and physical outlet back!

Speaking of booze, I have a couple of boozy events coming up. Ugh. I have a week long meeting in New Hampshire, where I have to network and that has always lead to lots of alcohol because frankly, introverted little old me needs to be lubricated. Sigh. On the more fun side of the equation, I have a river float trip (this month’s adventure from my #40for40 goals!) and an office pool party coming up. Summery drinks on the menu for those events too. For all three, I think I’ll plan to alternate water with alcohol at every time, which will help tremendously, as well as focusing on “lighter” options for the food & other associated goodies. I’ve definitely noticed even a single drink causes a bump up (bloating, I know) in my weight these days. Middle age is just great, isn’t it?

I’m already doing well with my other #40for40 goals. I styled my hair TWICE last week (not well maybe, but at least I attempted it!), had a July date with Oliver and a July date with Darrell. Darrell and I went to the community theater and were enchanted. We’re suckers for things with a small town vibe. We’re definitely joining as supporters for the theater and my husband surprised me by saying that he’d like to get up on stage on perform with them! Meg – you’ve got to help me help him carry through with that desire!

I’m also working on that “notice my pretty” bit. I’m astounded now when I look at my pictures from a couple of years ago. I looked AMAZING and yet I still felt fat. I’m determined not to do that this time. This week, I’ve worn great clothes that flatter me and have felt like a million bucks. I’m working on appreciating ME rolls and all so that I don’t get so blinded to myself as I gradually work my way back to a slimmer, healthier self.
Any other benched runners have a hard time not running? It is so tempting, especially in those “sprint” intervals, but at the same time I’m very relieved I’m not having to run in this heat!



Forty by Forty!

I turned 39 years old last week, which means 40 is just around the corner and I’ve gotta say – I’m looking forward to 40! I am so much more confident in who I am as I approach 40 than I was at 30. I have grown so much over my 30s and I think my 40s are going to rock even more. I decided to make a list of 40 things I wanted to do to celebrate this last year of my 30s and get ready for the greatness that is to come.

This list is in no particular order and isn’t a list of self improvement goals or anything like that. There are a couple “grown up” tasks on the list that I really want to get a handle on this year, but mostly – this is a list of FUN stuff. I’ve already got plans to check some of these off of my list this month to start this year with a bang!

1 – Use more candles.
2 – Use more wine glasses.
3 – Wear more of my jewelry. I have gorgeous necklaces and earrings! I need to break them out more!
4 – Learn to ice skate.
5 – Start a happiness project ( more on this to come later! )
6 – Learn to style my hair.
7 – Socialize at least once a month.
8 – Learn to do my makeup.
9 – Make cocktails! ( Bar set purchased today – Thanks Mildred! )
10 – Master 5 new recipes.
11 – Work through the Great British Bakeoff cookbook with Darrell.
12 – Read my stack of books.
13 – Hang my marathon medal up in the house. Own my awesome!
14 – Learn to wear scarves.
15 – Own my non-craftiness and purge all of those unfinished projects.
16 – Build & stock a bar (to go with #9!).
17 – Pursue leadership training – Time to own the fact that I’m a leader professionally!
18 – Practice gratitude daily.
19 – Explore my state.
20 – Find an exercise I enjoy as much as running.
21 – Kiss someone every day.
22 – Learn self defense (again and again and again).
23 – Meet one new person at every work or school function I attend.
24 – Do something new / have an adventure every month.
25 – Learn to play a Christmas carol on my piano (yep, have a piano I can’t play!).
26 – Have a mini spa day every week. I have a ton of spa-ish stuff. Time to use it!
27 – Go dancing.
28 – Notice my own prettiness.
29 – Find a charity to support.
30 – Build up other women.
31 – Go on more lunch dates and happy hours.
32 – Take a wine class.
33 – Send out thank yous to my mentors.
34 – See a concert.
35 – Understand our financial situation and stay more up to date.
36 – Learn to make bread.
37 – Master a signature party appetizer/side dish/dessert.
38 – Use the spice mixes in my cabinet (have a ton I don’t use!).
39 – Listen to new music (open to suggestions!).
40 – Date each of my guys at least once a month. This month, painting with Oliver and Thai cooking class with Darrell.
Date day

At the rate we’re going, my house is going to be overrun with these paintings. Oliver asked me to go back later this month to paint a snowman he saw on the calendar, so we can have it for a Christmas decoration.

I’ll keep you updated on my list as I move through these things – should be fun!!! (Should also be fun for any of my friends who are in town or go visit, as a lot of these involve sharing food & drink with people!)


Weekly Wrap-Up: Stickers galore (and a new plan!)

This week has felt like I was finally back on track with activity. Check out all of these stickers:
Those represent walks and dance workouts and strength training and most importantly, making that effort EVERY DAY. Well, most days anyway. For example, we were at the zoo Sunday and rather than sitting with Darrell, playing with our phones while O played in the splash pad, I asked Darrell if he’d mind supervising alone while I went for a walk. Thirty minutes of hilly hiking around the zoo later, I’d earned my sticker and felt much more productive than I would with 30 minutes of sitting around while O played!

I know, I know – I’ve been here before, where I finally felt like I’d found my workout mojo despite not having a race to train for. Not running has really made it hard to be consistent with workouts. I decided that the best way to get around that problem was to train – just not to run. I’m going to follow a training plan to WALK a half marathon (link here).

I struggled a lot with the logistics of walking a half marathon and mostly, doubt that I could resist running if I was in a race with other runners. I’ve settled on a one woman walking half marathon and Oliver has agreed to make my medal. I still need to map out the workout dates around my schedule and will update my half marathon tab and “race” day on the home page as soon as I’ve got it all figured out. This definitely feels like the kind of accountability I’m used to, even if it is for a one-woman race!

I actually did the first walking “speed intervals” today, which was just odd. By the time I felt like “okay, now I’m walking fast!” – the interval was over. It was REALLY hard not to run, but I’m sticking to my plan of letting my neck heal for a few months longer. It was surprisingly easy to get up, check the calendar and head out to check off that workout though – I think this will really help!

I’ve felt good about my eating this week too, even if the scale is still stubbornly stuck. I’m getting more and more back into my good habits from when I was losing and maintaining successfully, like focusing on fruits and veggies (LOVE the Costco vegan frozen burgers!) and not finishing everything on my plate when I’m eating out.
Leaving some on the plate

I know if I stay the course, my body will thank me. I also hereby promise to stop putting off getting my lab work done! I keep delaying it because, I confess, I’m worried it’s going to be abnormal with this weight regain. I’m worried my blood sugar will be high and my cholesterol and triglycerides will be off. You know what – if they are, I need to know it so I can tackle the problem! Avoiding the test just delays the inevitable. If they’re abnormal, the changes I’ve made to get back on a healthier path on the first step to fixing them. I need to “woman up” and get this done.

So, I’m soliciting ideas for a theme for my one woman walking half marathon. I can’t promise O is going to incorporate any of my suggestions into the medal he makes, but he might take your ideas more seriously than mine.

Date day
My little artist spent a lot of our painting class this weekend telling me “You don’t have to do it exactly like she says Mama” ๐Ÿ™‚ Who knows what kind of medal I’ll end up with!



Birthday week updates!

This crazy week has totally thrown me off. Between the holiday, a house guest and my birthday, I’ve looked up and suddenly it’s Friday!


Quick updates this week:

    • I’m gotten back to basics and using my tried and true sticker chart as a way to get motivated to work out more. My goal is twenty stickers for the month and so far, I’m doing well. It helps that I’ve set the goal as intentional exercise. Yesterday, I had over 9,000 steps thanks to the fact that I’m a very active mover when I’m teaching. I walked up and down the auditorium steps many times to get closer to students asking me questions. Great activity day – but not intentional exercise, so no sticker. Today I WILL earn myself a sticker.
    • I tried a new workout: a Hawaiian dancing DVD. Wow is my coordination bad these days! I’ll feel great once I have this workout mastered. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got back on the workout bike for the first time in ages.


  • I stayed mostly on track diet-wise through my birthday, making my own sugar free angel food cake for a mixed berry shortcake and doing great with fruit and veggies.
  • I turned 39 years old this week and feel really excited about what my 39th year will be. I’m making a list of 40 things I want to do before my 40th birthday and will have that list of adventures for you next week. This isn’t a list of health goals or self-improvement or anything like this – this is a list of fun.

I don’t have any more vacation or house guests this summer, so I’m excited to get in a good rhythm with food and workouts. My goals for the month are:

  • 20 workout stickers
  • Tracking every day (even the “off plan” choices – which I did through my birthday!)
  • Weighing in every week
  • Blog once a week (goal: Tuesdays) – I realized that I’ve let blogging fall off my radar. Without running to write about, without successful weight loss / maintenance to write about, I wasn’t sure what to write about. I think I was also hiding my weight gain a bit. Writing about re-losing weight and about re-establishing a fitness habit after injury that derailed running is crucial for my own accountability and I KNOW I’m not the only person in this situation.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday week! Anyone else feel totally discombobulated by a Tuesday holiday?






Finding a new summer workout plan

I’m in the market of new summer workout ideas! I’m already losing motivation to workout when the only thing I’ve really got on my docket is walking. Don’t get me wrong – I love a nice walk, but I’m finding it hard to get myself motivated to get up in the morning to work out. I can already feel all of the stamina I’ve lost. Ugh. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m interested in yours. I need something that’s low impact and doesn’t strain my neck too much. Swimming is out per the physical therapist and I just find the elliptical mind-numbing. Time to find some other options.

Here are my ideas to find some mojo this summer:

  • Try at least one workout that isn’t walking each week. This week, my goal is to get to Zumba at the gym. I’ve also got a ton of workout DVDs I can try and other classes at the gym. I’m also looking for opportunities to try things like kayaking and stand up paddleboarding (which I loved in Montana last summer!), as well as hiking when I go to New Hampshire later this summer.
  • Sign up for a karate/similar class. Learning something new would be a great way to get engaged again. Karate or some similar martial art seems like it would be good for stress relief, the challenge of learning something new and a different kind of exercise than usual. A dance class might also be a good idea.

  • Re-enlist with a trainer at the gym. The trainers at my gym are expensive so I’d keep the appointment not to waste money. Plus, they could help me find exercises that feel safe for my neck.
  • Train to walk a half marathon. I could walk a half marathon in Des Moines. It’s a very walker friendly course as the half marathon course is open as long as the marathon course (or at least it has been in the past). Maybe checking boxes to train to walk a half marathon would get me up in the morning . . .

Des Moines HM 2015

Getting more active is essential so I can lose some of this weight I’ve regained, so I get my stamina and cardiovascular health back and to keep my lupus under control a bit. I think my cranky hands might be more than a little bit related to my lack of running for the last couple of months.

Any other ideas for low impact exercises that don’t require a lot of sudden movements or twisting of my neck?





Weight Watchers Tracking in DisneyWorld

Yep, I tracked my Weight Watchers points at Disney World, almost every day. And it was fine. It did not disrupt my enjoyment of my vacation in any way!

Shocking, I know.

I’ll confess, I wasn’t sure how this would go, so I decided I’d take it day by day. Every day I woke up and made the choice: Am I going to track today? Almost every day I decided “yes.” Here’s what I learned:

How do you eat “on plan” with Weight Watchers at Disney?

Set realistic goals: My goal wasn’t to lose weight on vacation by any means, or even not to gain weight. My goal was to track and to stay sane with my eating and I did that. I reminded myself every day that it was okay if I went “in the hole” from a points perspective – tracking had its own value even if that happened.

Fruits and veggies! For every meal, I focused on fruits and veggies. I filled my plate with fruits and veggies first and saved everything else for small doses of “add on” yumminess. This is also my approach at home and it turns out it can work just as well at most Disney dining establishments. It’s gotten a lot easier in the last five years, as Disney has added more fruits and veggies as snack options throughout the park if you look for them. I was able to buy cups of grapes and other fruits in 3 of the 4 parks (didn’t check in EPCOT – had my eye on a Grey Goose slushy there).


Save my indulgences for things that were really worth it. Dole Whip with rum = worth it! I earned my treats with lots of walking at the park. I couldn’t ride roller coasters thanks to my bum neck, so I decided to get up and walk a thousand steps every time Darrell and Oliver were on a ride I was having to skip rather than sit and mope. That meant tons of steps and activity points, which translated to a drink and/or dessert at the end of the evening and still staying in my points.

Walking trailsWalking trails at the Animal Kingdom

Bring in your own snacks: Disney still allows you to bring in your food and I really took advantage of this from a snack perspective. We had no-sugar added applesauce packets, veggie straws, fruit and other healthier choices in our bag each day which helped up stay out of the shops and away from temptation.

Did it help?

Did tracking keep me from gaining weight over vacation? Nope – I came home with a 5 pound gain. However, part of that gain was just water weight and was gone in a day or two (LESSON LEARNED: Ignore that first weigh in post-vacation). The rest of it is now gone by ten days post vacation.

It did help me make better choices overall though. I can’t tell you how many treats I thought I’d love that I took a bite of and didn’t finish because it wasn’t “worth it.” I only have that mentality when I’m on plan. I also enjoyed my Nutella and strawberry waffle with zero guilt because I knew I was tracking it and making good choices overall, so it was a VERY WORTHY indulgence.
All in all, I had ZERO angst about food on this vacation and that was so relaxing! By the time I got to my last two EPCOT days (where I’d decided early in the week not to track because of the booze), I felt confident and happy in my ability to eat a healthy diet overall so I didn’t binge when I was let “off leash” without tracking.

The thing I think it really helped was in cementing my decision that tracking and making good food choices is something that can be integrated into my day no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I can have my favorite treats and fit them into a healthy lifestyle by keeping them balanced with other lighter choices and active days. It takes only seconds to track and even estimating a food has value in helping me “own” that choice and stay on track mentally.

Thanks to tracking on vacation, I came home confident that I can stick with Weight Watchers and re-lose the weight I’ve gained. That in itself was a huge win! Another win? Even the scale was up for a week or so after vacation, I can already tell that my size is shifting again and things are fitting better than they did a month ago. Hauling out my phone to periodically log food while I was also checking for the next Fast Pass was definitely worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you stay on track on vacation? Or do you take a vacation from staying on plan whenย  you travel?



Weekly Wrap-Up: Back from vacation!

Last week’s workouts? Lots of walking around this place:

Yes, we survived Disney in June. It was muggy, rainy and still wonderful. We had lots of family time where we built great memories and ended the week still liking each other – which can be a miracle! Even better for my work-life balance struggles, I disengaged from my job for 10 whole days and it was glorious!

RainWe didn’t let the rain slow us down. Thank goodness for spare shoes and raincoats!


Oliver told me that he knew there were people inside character suits ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . However, he said you totally forgot that when you got to talk to them up close, so it was still fun. That’s exactly how I see it kiddo!

I actually had a workout plan beyond just walking the parks. Thanks to my neck injury, there were a bunch of rides I couldn’t do. Instead of sitting and waiting for Darrell and O to finish the rides, I made a goal of walking 1000 steps every time they were on a ride I had to skip. I got loads of extra steps and saw some parts of the park I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Walking trails

We’ll talk more about park food choices later this week, but there was more good than bad there too!

Now, I’m back to normal routine and really feeling motivated to find some kind of non-running fitness plan I can stick with through the summer.

Goals for this week:

  • Track everything! Vacation eating is over and it’s time to get back to normal healthy eating. Fortunately, it’s summer which means loads of grilling and fresh fruit and veggies!
  • Two mile walks on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday (aka the days I don’t have 7 am meetings!) before work and a four mile walk on the weekend.
  • Strength training X 2
  • Yoga X 1

I’d also like to work on riding my bike more over the summer and checking out some local hiking options. I’ll keep you posted!

Do you have a vacation coming up this summer? Do you set workout goals for your vacation weeks or take the week off from structure?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia (and this week’s guest host Kim who is training for a marathon in this weather!) for hosting our wrap up!



Weekly Wrap Up: A return of neck pain . . . And running hiatus

Good news, bad news.

Good news:

    • First half of last week was great in terms of my fitness goals! Lots of walks and a 9-interval running workout.
    • I stayed on track with my food choices all week despite lots of travel. I made good choices and tracked everything, including some indulgences.

Healthy choices on the roadA healthy room service breakfast left room for yummy lemon cake!

  • I didn’t let the stress of travel throw me off plan!

Bad news:

  • During that run Wednesday, my neck pain came back with a vengeance – and has stayed. It hurt worse than it has since February and still hurts. Even worse, I also had an increase in my thumb pain, which means this wasn’t just muscular. The nerve was irritated again too.
  • The neck pain freaked me out so much that I was pretty much a slug for the last half of the week. Food choices were good, but my step counts and workouts were minimal.

I’ll admit, the neck pain got me down and there were some cookies that weren’t tracked on Memorial Day. However, Tuesday I was right back on the horse, weighing in and tracking again. I’m beyond frustrated with this neck pain, but I knew this was a possibility. The physical therapist seemed wary of me trying to run at all because of the impact and inflammation. Turns out she was right – at least for now.

I’m re-evaluating my summer plans. No more running for a couple of months – I’ll try again in the fall if the summer goes well. However, without running, I’m going to need to find something that keeps me moving. I need something that gives me the “training for a race” level motivation to keep moving, even if what I’m doing is stationary bike, elliptical and walking. It is amazing the number of things that involve stress to your neck! Biking on the road is out for a while, as is swimming. I’ll have to find fun in low impact things for a while. On the plus side, I have time to finally get good about strength training. Maybe I can work on coming up with a plan and a sticker chart. I’m super motivated by a sticker chart.

I need to view this as an opportunity to try something new and to avoid running in the heat of summer. Always a bright side. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also a bright side for me? A date with myself Thursday night for Wonder Woman!!

Wonder Woman!!I am ridiculously excited about this movie!!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our weekly wrap up! Next week’s weekly wrap up will hopefully include reports of two strength workouts, walks every day and good food choices.

How do you stay motivated to keep moving through an injury?



Weekly Wrap Up: Slowly but surely!

Slowly but surely I’m getting back on track!!

This week, I met most of my goals from last week:

  • Run two times: Done! I did two sets of 7 intervals (30 second run/2 minute walk). It feels so nice to be back to running again that I’m tempted to run longer, but I know slow and steady is the name of the game here to be safe with my neck. Every workout I get through without any neck/arm pain feels like a big win though!
  • Four mile long weekend walk: Technically, I did this (well most of it – 3.5 miles) but I combined it withย  one of my run workouts. I did a five minute warm up walk, my 7 run/walk intervals and then walked to finish out my miles. Ideally, these would be separate but I slipped in the rain Saturday and couldn’t work out at all that day so I screwed up my schedule. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Continue tracking: Done and rocking the tracking! Know what I’m really proud of? Mid-week (Wednesday-Thursday) I was down to 222, which is 9 pounds down from my re-gain high. Over the next two to three days I floated back up to 225, probably due to fluid given how quickly it happened and some saltier than usual food. Over the last year, any time I’ve noticed that kind of regain after a half-hearted attempt at righting the shipย  I’ve said “screw it” and gone back to eating however I want. This week, not so much. I tracked the number and kept right on tracking my food. I really feel like I’m settling back into my groove with my food and tracking!
  • Thirty minutes of exercise a day: Other than Friday, where I just got too immersed in work to do it (or let myself get immersed, rather) and Saturday when I was babying my aching knee in hopes of getting a workout in on Sunday, I hit this mark every day!

Lots of wins for the week! That’s a great feeling after feeling this sense of unsteadiness with my eating and my workouts for the last couple of months. Between guilt about my weight gain and my neck injury, I got totally off kilter. It feels good to get back to “normal.”

The things that are helping are no-brainers, really.

  • I’m waking up earlier. If a workout isn’t done in the morning, it doesn’t get done.
  • I’m prepping lunches and dinners ahead of time (and pre-tracking!).
  • I’m loading up on fruits and veggies and water. Duh.

Veggie-full soupMy lunch this week will be this veggie-full chicken soup!

Why did those things, which seem so obvious now, fall off my radar? Who knows. I know it will be easy for me to fall out of these habits again if I’m not careful, so I’ll keep tracking everything and setting goals here every week so I can navigate summer temptations. I’ve got vacation and the temptation dairy free ice cream (a wonderful and dangerous discovery) to balance after all, along with weather that’s hot enough to make workouts seem like the worst idea EVER.

My goals for this week:

  • Make healthy choices at work dinners: I have two work dinners this week, as well as a breakfast/lunch out of town where I’m going to give a lecture. Restaurants are no excuse for bad choices. Lean proteins, veggies sides and coffee instead of dessert are all strategies I used before and can easily adopt again.
  • Fruit and veggies are my friends for my road trips: I’m driving down to Kansas City for the lecture I’m giving and will bring along fruits and veggies for snacking on the way. No need to just inhale grapes – I can mix in some sugar snap peas too.
  • Two running workouts: Up to nine intervals now! Woo hoo! I’m staying safe and sticking to the plan.
  • Thirty minutes a day: Trying again, with including the workouts in my schedule instead of relying on chance. Plan for success!

Wish us luck this week as we navigate the last week of kindergarten! Excitement is running HIGH in that classroom (poor teacher!) and it’s trickling over to lots of bad sleep for O at home.ย  Transitioning in and out of the structured school schedule is going to be a whole new challenge for us!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia (and Wendy!) for hosting our wrap ups!

Any big plans to kick off summer now that school is winding down?


Wonder Woman!!

Anyone else kicking off summer with Wonder Woman? ๐Ÿ™‚