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Ta Das for a Crazy Week!

on October 13, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This week has turned into a crazier week than I expected thanks to a last minute work trip to Little Rock, but there’s been lots to celebrate.

      • I just pulled out my “to do” list and realized I’ve already done most of this week’s “must dos” – Woo hoo!!
      • Today, I’m checking one of my “40 by 40” boxes and wearing an outside-of-my-comfort zone flashy necklace for my work meetings today. I must say, I like it. 🙂

    New bling

    • Before I left home, my weigh in was the lowest it has been in 6 months. Progress feels good.
    • My vice chair liked my mentoring plan for the department. Yay!
    • This weekend, I get to do my Mystery Medal Walking Half Marathon and the mystery of the medal has been revealed:

Race medal

Isn’t it cute?

I’ll be back next week with a report of the walking half marathon. I’m curious to see how this compares to running a half marathon.

Are you getting gorgeous fall weather? I’m ready to crunch through leaves and break out sweaters! Have a great weekend!!


4 responses to “Ta Das for a Crazy Week!

  1. Seriously that is the best medal ever! Love it! Sounds like a great week all around! No fall weather here yet but soon, I hope! It’s still in the 90s during the day here!

  2. Meg B says:

    Well that’s just the cutest medal ever!!!

    I love the necklace!!!

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