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Ta Da from San Diego!

on October 6, 2017

Wow is California gorgeous! I’m enjoying the weather (but will also enjoy getting back to Omaha with my boys and my lower cost of living later this weekend!).

Updates since last we talked:

    • Got my last long walk done last Tuesday, have done lots of easy walks since then  in “taper” and feel good about walking 13.1 miles next weekend. Oliver was tasked with making my medal while I was gone this weekend. I’m also going to take a little downtime during my meeting to map out my route so that Darrell and Oliver know exactly where to set up my finish line.
    • Ta Da! While here in San Diego, I was on a Q&A panel in front of my peers and did just fine. Whew!
    • Ta Da! I celebrated my way around the world in EPCOT last weekend and then got right back on the healthy eating wagon on the way home. I really feel like I’m back on a better food track, after several weeks now of focusing on my choices and not the scale.

Food and Wine

    • Ta Da! I got incredibly positive feedback from the chair of a national group I’m working with. Apparently, there are conversations about me and my leadership ability that are taking place among the powers that be. That’s the best possible way to be talked about!
    • Ta Da! I saw a ton of grey hair in the top of my head last night and have decided that either a) I look distinguished or b) I’m going to schedule myself a hair appointment and enjoy a little self care. Either way, it’s a win! Perspective is key.
    • Ta Da! I’ve taken advantage of the in-room yoga several times this week and loved it as a quick way to start the day. I need to start using both my fold up travel yoga mat and online yoga videos to do this more often when I’m traveling for work.


    • Ta Da! I’ve gotten positive feedback and definite interest from two people I’m trying to recruit up to Omaha. My team is so great that I think anyone should want to come work with them.
    • Ta Da! I had this amazing pineapple drink last night at dinner. I know – not healthy or a particular self success or anything, but isn’t it pretty?


What are your ta das this week?


4 responses to “Ta Da from San Diego!

  1. Meg B says:

    Lovely Ta Das!!!!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Have fun next weekend! Can’t wait to see your medal!

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