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Ta Da Friday: Travel day!

on September 29, 2017

My biggest Ta Da today is that I’m treating myself to a weekend at EPCOT for the bachelorette party of a lovely friend. 🙂 Don’t be jealous of my glorious food pics over the weekend!
Ta Da!!

Don’t you love my new official Ta Da theme pic?

This week’s other Ta Da’s:

    • This little blog of mine reached a thousand posts over this week. I’m so grateful for all of you in my little invisible community. You’ve supported me in so many ways over the last few years!
    • I counseled a promising young doctor on her career options and convinced her (at least temporarily) that she’s worth far more than she thinks she is! Hopefully, she’ll remember my voice and her value when that enthusiasm inevitably starts to fade after our conversation.
    • I’ve had a week where I feel on plan with eating and with my exercise. I’m recognizing more and more that those things go hand in hand – when I’m regularly working out, my self identity becomes healthy person. Healthy person doesn’t eat the package of Cookie Butter Oreos just because she’s a little stressed. (OMG have you tried those?!)
    • I had to do a photo session yesterday for work for over an hour and at no point did I think “Ugh I’m too fat to be in all of these pictures.” Major #NSV! We did all of these photos outside on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus and it was a gorgeous day. I kept giggling at the awkwardness of it all and the curious looks of people wandering by my “model for a day” session. It was an afternoon with lots of smiles – some genuine, some not-so much (cheeks still sore!).

Photo day

  • This week I got complimented on my parenting, my teaching ability and my leadership. All wonderful things. 🙂 I also got called out for being a good collaborator. Oliver was listening in as Darrell and I discussed the latter bit and asked what collaboration was, if Mommy was so good at it. “What do you think it is buddy?” “Talking over other people?” Ouch kid.

What are your Ta Das this week? Be sure to share them with yourself and celebrate all you’ve accomplished rather than all of the things you didn’t get crossed off of the To Do list!



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