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Ta Da Friday!

on September 15, 2017

This morning, I listened to the “Happier” podcast on the way to work and heard a fantastic idea: the “Ta Da” list. You all know I live by a To Do list (several to do lists sometimes!) but many times, those “to do” boxes go unchecked because of other things that come up. That doesn’t mean the day or week was a failure though – it just means you succeeded in different things than you originally intended. I mentioned earlier this week that I wanted to get back to recognizing my #NSVs as a way to stay motivated during this slow recovery from my post-neck injury weight gain. The “Ta Da” list is a way to incorporate NSVs and all kinds of wins. Thus, “Ta Da” Fridays are born.

– I hosted the second session of Happy Hour for a group of young female trainees and young faculty at my hospitals. So far it seems rewarding for all of us! We’ve discussed mentoring and how to figure out what you want to do with your life so far. šŸ™‚

– I decided to keep the size 14 pants not the size 16 pants I just bought because the size 14s were a little snug and the 16s a little loose. I am confident I will get smaller and not bigger!

– I tracked my food all week (and the scale is going down to reflect that!).

– I covered another working mom so she could get home for an evening with her kid.

– I recognize that my legs are getting stronger and more toned thanks to all of this walking. It feels good to work out again!

What are your TaDa’s this week?

CoffeeHaving a kid tall enough to reach the Keurig and make me coffee is also a big Ta Da in my world!



2 responses to “Ta Da Friday!

  1. Meg B says:

    LOVE THIS! What a bunch of great Ta Das!

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