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Weekly Wrap-Up: Can I get a do-over?

on September 7, 2017

The last couple of weeks have been less than ideal on the workout front. What happened?

Things started well:

Monday Yoga

Tuesday Strength training (Big win!)

Wednesday Speed work on the treadmill while O was  in swim lessons – my legs were that “good” kind of sore after this!

Thursday My easy walk . .  . and then

The rest of the week just fell apart. Friday and Saturday I helped lead a writing workshop, which required a lot of faux-extroverting on my part and lots of running around dealing with logistics. During that running around, I dropped a 2 L Coke out of the back of my car, which had apparently also been shaken up in the drive. When it hit the ground, it shot 30 feet across the parking garage. It went under three cars (and thankfully didn’t anything or anyone!). At least I got extra steps in when I was looking for it, right?

At some point in my trips loading the car, I apparently banged my heel with the cart and ended up bloody. Not a great start to the day. Still, I got through the day with reasonable food choices and lots of steps as I ran around facilitating the workshop.

Saturday, I started the day with the workshop and finished it with Oliver’s birthday party. By the time I was through with all of that, I was DONE. Dinner was pizza in bed and there was zero workout other than surviving. And licking the last cupcake so no one else took it. Not proud of that.

Sunday, I was so tired there was no waking up  for that 7 mile walk. Instead, horrible food choices and more faux-extroverting as we had dinner with a candidate to join my group. I spent all day Monday facilitating that interview. Like most introverts, all of  this pushing OUT just wore me down. I thought I’d bounce back last week and get back on plan, somehow that never happened. I am only now feeling like I’m recovering a bit of my inner oomph. For the last ten days, I’ve been worn down. Thankfully, the bad food choices stopped after the first week of my two week “break” but workouts have been hit or miss. I’ve just been exhausted and so, I’ve done a little more resting and crafting and a little less exercise.

Craft time

All of this has happened against the backdrop of Harvey. I lived in Houston for my junior high and high school years and still have many friends there. Many of them are now out of their homes. My sister had to evacuate and for days we didn’t know how her house faired (okay thankfully!). My former school is significantly damaged (check them out on Good Morning America here).

I have friends in Florida barricading themselves in so that they can stay as safe as possible while they provide desperately healthcare in their local hospitals. We wait with bated breath to see how bad it will be, again.

And yet, we’re fine. Like many of us, we’re feeling helpless to help what is a massive need. We’re looking into legit places to donate and praying for everyone, of course, but nothing feels like enough. Houston is a tough amazing city full of tough amazing people, so I know they’ll recover. Florida will be the same. I just have to keep reminding myself of  that.

And telling Oliver that everything that goes  wrong here in Omaha this  week is not due to “the flood.” His frequent mention of the flood as a problem reminds us how closely he’s paying attention to us, even if he doesn’t completely understand what is going on.

Thursday is not  too late in the week to turn things around. I got in my speed walk this week and my easy walk today. I’m going to do my tempo workout tomorrow and my long walk Sunday. I missed two weeks of workouts essentially – one recovery week and one week with a 7 mile long walk (initially wrote run – man, do I miss running!). This week was supposed to be the 8 mile week. I think I’ll be able to do the 8 miles without causing any difficulty, but since it’s been three weeks now since that last long walk (6 miles), I’ll also pay attention to how I feel and cut it short at 7 if I need to. The last thing I want is to get this wiped out again! August was definitely rough on the lupus front between the fatigue, the kidneys and the arthritis. September will be better.

l feel like I am mentally ready to get back on track and finish this week’s workouts. I saw a back to school thing on Facebook that said:

In this classroom, mistakes are




Every day with lupus and with middle age and with trying to lose weight again without running, I learn new things. Weeks where I need a do-over are an important part of that learning.

I hope you’re all safe after the flood and the fires and with the impending storm.


2 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Can I get a do-over?

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    When I’m tired, my eating gets off track. And when I’m really fatigued, it’s just horrible. Some days, all we can do us just survive, and that’s okay. Every day is a day to start over, so I’m sure you’ll get back on track with everything soon!

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