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Weekly Wrap-Up: A Change of Scenery in New Hampshire

on August 15, 2017

First, good news: After ten days without Alleve, my kidney function is back to normal. That means it isn’t the lupus itself so I don’t have to worry about taking any immuno-suppressants or getting a biopsy or anything. Bad news is that my arthritis is back with a vengeance without the Alleve. I look like an 80 year old woman creaking around until noon. I hurt everywhere. It could be worse though – I’m SO relieved that my kidneys are okay and I can still get around, even if it is slower and creakier than I’d like. I also stopped putting off getting my cholesterol and diabetes screening tests done – still normal, thank goodness!

Now, on to workouts for the week, which were great even if they weren’t necessarily the long walk/easy walk/tempo and speed workouts I’d get at home. I think the varied terrain and hills more than made up for that though!

Monday Lots of walking back and forth across the resort, where the conference center was a 10(ish) minute walk from my room. Lots of time to get in extra steps!

Tuesday An hour of kayaking, or more accurate – half an hour of kayaking and half an hour of lounging about taking selfies with the ducks. 🙂
Wednesday 5 miles of hiking, with lots of hills and dodging rocks and trees. It was gorgeous and tough! I tweaked my knee a little on the down hill side, but overall really enjoyed myself and was pleased with how quickly I could navigate everything.
Thursday After Wednesday’s big hike, I settled for a shorter but still super hilly hike on Thursday. I think those hills count as a tempo workout given how steadily and hard to work on that walk!

Friday Travel day, but I woke up for an easy flat walk around the resort. Travel was thankfully uneventful and I got home to have dinner with my family, which was lovely. It was a carb-a-licious and not remotely healthy dinner given how tired and cranky I was, but at least it was dinner with my family.


Saturday My parents came to visit for a super quick weekend. I decided to go to breakfast with Oliver before they arrived rather than workout, which meant I had an unchecked box on the workout calendar but it was worth it to have that time alone with my guy.

Sunday I spent hours in the pool at a party, which counts as a workout of sorts, right? 🙂 The biggest success of Sunday was making cakes for the party. Both Oliver and my secretary Raven have birthdays this week, so I somewhat foolishly volunteered to bring a birthday cake for each of them to this work party. They turned out well, I must say.

Lemon cakeLemon blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting (AMAZING!)

Bb8Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting (our go-to birthday cake)

It’s funny, but I made reasonably good food choices all week while I traveled (aside from alcohol) but once I got home, it was a whole different story. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were full of choices I KNEW were bad choices. I did what I know how to do – pick back up and start again on Monday. Maybe this time I’ll go a little longer before I have to start over again. 🙂 The stress of travel, worrying about kidneys, frustration with hurting and the stress of my parents’ flying visit were all things that trigger my most carb-craving comfort food cravings. In the interest of giving myself credit, I had only one piece of each of those gorgeous cakes. That’s a VAST improvement over how I’d handled cake plus stress in the past. Baby steps in the right direction.

Now, I’m back to normal workout schedules. This week, I have speed work, a 35 minute easy walk, 25 minute power walk and a 6 mile long walk. I’m going to try to get those walks in first thing in the morning as much as possible because moving early in the morning seems to really help the arthritis.

What’s your families go-to birthday cake? We’re chocolate people, but that lemon-blueberry cake is divine and may make its way onto the regular rotation!



6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: A Change of Scenery in New Hampshire

  1. Meg B says:

    LOVE the BB8 cake! I might have to use that one for my boys. Neither of them love cake, one likes frosting the other likes…wait for it…carrot cake of all things. We’re more of a cupcake family. And ice cream. Always ice cream.

    Love your active work trip. Good for you!!

  2. Loving both of those cakes! The BB8 is adorable!

    Way to keep the activity up!

  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Those cakes are beautiful, and I’m sure just as delicious!

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