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Weekly Wrap-Up: Picking up momentum, a step at a time

on July 21, 2017

It’s been the kind of week where this has been ready to post since Tuesday and I’m just now hitting publish! What happened to the lazy days of summer?!

I need a title for my walking half marathon. Mom’s Mystery Medal Half Marathon? Maybe that’ll do for now, while Oliver is deciding on his theme. For now, we’ll just say that week one of training is done and it feels good to say that again!

The workouts for week one:

Interval workout: 10 minutes warm up and cool down, with 4 intervals of 10 second sprint/2 minute easy. This was so weird! 10 seconds is NO time at all so I overshot every time – when you’re walking it takes at least that long to “get up to speed.” It was also super hard not to run during these. I am determined to stay safe and keep my feet on the ground, but it’s hard!

Easy walk: 15 minutes (easy peasy!)

Power walk: 10 minutes warm up and cool down with a 5 minute power walk in the middle, which is a “walk at a comfortably fast, brisk pace.” Right now, that’s around a 17 minute mile for me. It’ll be interesting to see how that changes as I move forward.

Long walk: 2 miles this week, which felt easy but I know it’ll get tougher quickly enough! I hopped out of the car at the car wash and walked home while Darrell and Oliver washed the car. It’s definitely a win to have shoes in the back of my car at all times! I need to make sure I add a hat and sunscreen to my stash so I’m ready for squeezing in workouts whenever I can (borrowed O’s hat this weekend!).
Summer flowers
Each week follows this outline, with intervals, times and distances increasing as we go along, just like a running plan would work. Note: This training plan (updated on the side bar!) is based on Katie’s Walk Your First Half Marathon plan. I also now have a race day: October 15!

I squeezed in two extra walks for my stickers and am really enjoying this pleasant feeling of soreness in my legs from exercising regularly again. I had really fallen off the workout wagon in a big way!

Food choices have also been good and I’m back down a couple of more pounds from a gain around my birthday. I’m taking it bit by bit and know I’ll get there. It’s surprisingly easy to fall back into my old “good” habits and simultaneously recognize where I’m deviating too often (here’s looking at you, desserts and booze!). I wonder if I’ve fallen into drinking and eating more in response to stress because I haven’t been running? Hopefully this walking training plan will help me stay on track by giving me that goal and physical outlet back!

Speaking of booze, I have a couple of boozy events coming up. Ugh. I have a week long meeting in New Hampshire, where I have to network and that has always lead to lots of alcohol because frankly, introverted little old me needs to be lubricated. Sigh. On the more fun side of the equation, I have a river float trip (this month’s adventure from my #40for40 goals!) and an office pool party coming up. Summery drinks on the menu for those events too. For all three, I think I’ll plan to alternate water with alcohol at every time, which will help tremendously, as well as focusing on “lighter” options for the food & other associated goodies. I’ve definitely noticed even a single drink causes a bump up (bloating, I know) in my weight these days. Middle age is just great, isn’t it?

I’m already doing well with my other #40for40 goals. I styled my hair TWICE last week (not well maybe, but at least I attempted it!), had a July date with Oliver and a July date with Darrell. Darrell and I went to the community theater and were enchanted. We’re suckers for things with a small town vibe. We’re definitely joining as supporters for the theater and my husband surprised me by saying that he’d like to get up on stage on perform with them! Meg – you’ve got to help me help him carry through with that desire!

I’m also working on that “notice my pretty” bit. I’m astounded now when I look at my pictures from a couple of years ago. I looked AMAZING and yet I still felt fat. I’m determined not to do that this time. This week, I’ve worn great clothes that flatter me and have felt like a million bucks. I’m working on appreciating ME rolls and all so that I don’t get so blinded to myself as I gradually work my way back to a slimmer, healthier self.
Any other benched runners have a hard time not running? It is so tempting, especially in those “sprint” intervals, but at the same time I’m very relieved I’m not having to run in this heat!



4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Picking up momentum, a step at a time

  1. Meg B says:

    Aw yeah!!! I am all over that!!! If he does a show, I am road tripping out to see it! GO COMMUNITY THEATRE!!

    Awesome job on your workouts this week and your weight loss!

    • You could have blown me over with a feather when he said that and I of course, immediately thought of you. I WILL have him up there (and am mailing my donation today – GO COMMUNITY THEATRE!).

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