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Weight Watchers Tracking in DisneyWorld

on June 22, 2017

Yep, I tracked my Weight Watchers points at Disney World, almost every day. And it was fine. It did not disrupt my enjoyment of my vacation in any way!

Shocking, I know.

I’ll confess, I wasn’t sure how this would go, so I decided I’d take it day by day. Every day I woke up and made the choice: Am I going to track today? Almost every day I decided “yes.” Here’s what I learned:

How do you eat “on plan” with Weight Watchers at Disney?

Set realistic goals: My goal wasn’t to lose weight on vacation by any means, or even not to gain weight. My goal was to track and to stay sane with my eating and I did that. I reminded myself every day that it was okay if I went “in the hole” from a points perspective – tracking had its own value even if that happened.

Fruits and veggies! For every meal, I focused on fruits and veggies. I filled my plate with fruits and veggies first and saved everything else for small doses of “add on” yumminess. This is also my approach at home and it turns out it can work just as well at most Disney dining establishments. It’s gotten a lot easier in the last five years, as Disney has added more fruits and veggies as snack options throughout the park if you look for them. I was able to buy cups of grapes and other fruits in 3 of the 4 parks (didn’t check in EPCOT – had my eye on a Grey Goose slushy there).


Save my indulgences for things that were really worth it. Dole Whip with rum = worth it! I earned my treats with lots of walking at the park. I couldn’t ride roller coasters thanks to my bum neck, so I decided to get up and walk a thousand steps every time Darrell and Oliver were on a ride I was having to skip rather than sit and mope. That meant tons of steps and activity points, which translated to a drink and/or dessert at the end of the evening and still staying in my points.

Walking trailsWalking trails at the Animal Kingdom

Bring in your own snacks: Disney still allows you to bring in your food and I really took advantage of this from a snack perspective. We had no-sugar added applesauce packets, veggie straws, fruit and other healthier choices in our bag each day which helped up stay out of the shops and away from temptation.

Did it help?

Did tracking keep me from gaining weight over vacation? Nope – I came home with a 5 pound gain. However, part of that gain was just water weight and was gone in a day or two (LESSON LEARNED: Ignore that first weigh in post-vacation). The rest of it is now gone by ten days post vacation.

It did help me make better choices overall though. I can’t tell you how many treats I thought I’d love that I took a bite of and didn’t finish because it wasn’t “worth it.” I only have that mentality when I’m on plan. I also enjoyed my Nutella and strawberry waffle with zero guilt because I knew I was tracking it and making good choices overall, so it was a VERY WORTHY indulgence.
All in all, I had ZERO angst about food on this vacation and that was so relaxing! By the time I got to my last two EPCOT days (where I’d decided early in the week not to track because of the booze), I felt confident and happy in my ability to eat a healthy diet overall so I didn’t binge when I was let “off leash” without tracking.

The thing I think it really helped was in cementing my decision that tracking and making good food choices is something that can be integrated into my day no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I can have my favorite treats and fit them into a healthy lifestyle by keeping them balanced with other lighter choices and active days. It takes only seconds to track and even estimating a food has value in helping me “own” that choice and stay on track mentally.

Thanks to tracking on vacation, I came home confident that I can stick with Weight Watchers and re-lose the weight I’ve gained. That in itself was a huge win! Another win? Even the scale was up for a week or so after vacation, I can already tell that my size is shifting again and things are fitting better than they did a month ago. Hauling out my phone to periodically log food while I was also checking for the next Fast Pass was definitely worth it. πŸ™‚

How do you stay on track on vacation? Or do you take a vacation from staying on plan whenΒ  you travel?



8 responses to “Weight Watchers Tracking in DisneyWorld

  1. Meg B says:

    WOO HOO!! So glad you were able to track everything and feel good about it. Is that dragonfruit on your plate? I see it on Chopped all the time and have wanted to try it for ages.

  2. Anna says:

    Generally, I eat whatever I want on vacation. Usually, by the time I get home I am ready rein it in. I am working towards a more balanced approach to eating in general. It sounds like you handled yourself VERY well.

  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Awesome! I usually take a vacation from tracking while on vacation, and I always gain (no surprise there). I’ve gotten into the very good habit of daily tracking, so I need to continue doing it while on vacation.

    • I suspect the more times I go through gain and re-lose cycle the more I’ll want to stick to tracking and avoid having to get back on the horse again and again. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to lose.

  4. Tuan Tran says:

    good plan for weight watchers ! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  5. Alex Olander says:

    Thanks for sharing weight watchers tips! Nice photo :))

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