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Friday Five: Five wins for a crazy week!

on February 3, 2017

This week has been sort of nuts, with travel for work, behavior problems for O at school (those two are related unfortunately) and a new chronic illness diagnosis is a family member causing some stress. All of these things will be fine, but these have also all set me up for lots of binging in the past. Even without binges, I’ve had lots of times over the last year where I would make bad choices in weeks like this, give up and say “I’ll start again next week.” This week, that didn’t happen!

    • No french fries on my work trip! Poor french fries – they’ve come to embody the poor choices I’ve made in the last year, even though they are by NO means the only bad food choice I’ve made. However, they do seem to be the marker of “giving up on the healthy diet” for me. Thus, my biggest goal in eating during my travel was NO FRENCH FRIES and I succeeded. Woo hoo!
    • I tried new healthy foods – and liked them! I had a fantastic savory oatmeal – which I’ll now be working into my breakfast rotation. I also got a fabulous salad in a jar from a vending machine in the Chicago Airport last night from Farmer’s Fridge (link FYI – no perks for me). It was delicious and fresh, very unlike my prior airport salad experiences.

Salad from a vending machine?

    • I drank one night – more than I should have – but didn’t give up on any of my other healthy choices. Win! I’m not the only introvert who uses alcohol to navigate professional networking, right?
    • I resisted baked goods – lots of baked goods. Why are there always so many baked goods at conferences? Instead, I got healthy breakfasts each day. And lots of coffee.

Conference breakfast wins

  • I’m handling my mom guilt over Oliver’s behaviors and the link to my travel (ugh) not with brownies, but with plans for lots of one on one time with my little man this weekend. Huge win since I do in fact have a pan of brownies at home.

What are your wins this week? Would you ever buy a jar of salad from an airport vending machine?

Thanks to Meranda, Lacey and Rachel for hosting Friday Five!

Friday Five 2.0



2 responses to “Friday Five: Five wins for a crazy week!

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well with making healthy choices. But I’m sorry to hear about the diagnosis and your kiddo’s behavior. We have both of those in this family, too, so I feel ya… hang in there!

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