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Reading goals for 2017

on January 12, 2017

I miss reading. I used to read all of the time but have fallen off that wagon in the last few years. As Oliver learns to read and I find myself talking to him about the many joys of books, I find myself wanting to dive back into my favorite past time.

I’m a list-oriented person, especially now that I’m so busy with work and family life. Thus, I’m going to make a list on Good Reads with my goals for 2017 (here).

  • First on the list: Finish all of the books in my room!

2017 book goals

I got many of these as birthday and Christmas gifts and yet haven’t managed to finish them. I’ve had some for two years! These are definitely on the list this year. (PS Isn’t my bookend the cutest? He’s a cast iron bank/bookend)

  • I want to stretch myself a bit too, with some serious books in addition to the fun stuff. This list from Modern Mrs Darcy for challenging books is a good place to start. Seeking out #diversebooks was particularly interesting. I was sort of surprised by my initial hesitation as I started pulling up #diversebooks ideas, because I consider myself fairly open minded. We all have our hidden biases and stretching outside our comfort zones is a good way to challenge those and grow.

So what’s a concrete step I can take to meet this goal? I think I’m going to go with turning the phone off at 9 pm and read at least 5 minutes every night from one of the books on my list rather than my usual Facebook or Wikipedia reading. Of course, knowing me, I’ll get sucked in and read longer. I’ll need to set some kind of alarm so I can get to bed on time.

Before we left for the race, we also did a little reorganizing in the basement to bring our favorite books out onto the new shelves we have around the TV and to build a little reading corner. It was like visiting old friends, going through so many books I loved. I can’t wait to re-read them – once I finish this year’s list that is!

I’m getting myself off to a good start on the cruise this week! I brought three of the books on my list with me (Robert Galbraith, Gretchen Rubin and Deanna Raybourn) and have really been loving the quiet and rest that comes from sitting with a good book. I’ve spent hours sitting in lounge chairs on the deck and on our balcony with coffee (or something fruity, depending on the time of day!) and a book. Heaven!

Do you prefer to stick with old favorite authors and books or stretch yourself outside your comfort zone? The Deanna Raybourn book I’m reading was a gift from a student, who knew I was looking for something new to read on vacation and got it for me because she thought I’d like it. It’s not an author or book I’d ever even heard of. I am enjoying it and I’m so impressed at her ability to pick such a personal and thoughtful gift!


4 responses to “Reading goals for 2017

  1. So crazy, I JUST picked up a Deanna Raybourn book from the library! I really enjoy it. Hope you got some good reading in on your cruise!

  2. Debby says:

    I like a little of both…..I definitely have my go to authors like Wally Lamb and Stephen King, but I love mixing it up with something new. My sister got me a membership to Book of the Month club, so I get to read some things I might not normally. My to read list on Goodreads is a little out of control though, ha!

  3. […] world events. I’m already doing well in my goal of reading more this year, like we discussed earlier this month, and really loving the time spent with books […]

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