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Weekly Wrap Up: ONE WEEK to go!

on January 2, 2017

If all goes according to plan, by this time next week I’ll have a shiny new marathon medal. Who knows – I may still be wearing it. 🙂 I’m fairly certain I can do this, but it will be awfully nice to be done with it and KNOW that I can do it, know what I mean? Thankfully, this week of taper went a little better than last week. It’s good to be finishing this training cycle on a good note. This is definitely the best I’ve ever done in terms of sticking to the taper workouts. Good sign, right?


Monday Swimming with Oliver and Darrell, which was more of a workout than I expected! In addition to lots of playing, we had Oliver “teach” us the things he was learning in swim lessons so he could get some practice in. He’s progressing to things like backstroke and breast stroke that I don’t actually know so I’m going to have to look into some adult lessons – or at least YouTube! I did a few laps, which felt good and hard. In 2017, I’d like to get into the pool more regularly to swim some laps. I’m still working on my concrete goals for 2017, so I’ll pin down exactly what that looks like after the marathon.

Tuesday 4 miles, including finally getting to see these particular lights turned on:
Last holiday lightsI’ve seen those lights in the trees all season, but never managed to see them on. They were lovely!

Wednesday 6 miles on the schedule – pushed to Thursday because of work.

Thursday 6 miles, with a mix of treadmill and road miles (because I seriously underestimated the chill in the wind and couldn’t stay out long!), plus an hour plus of a yoga class at the gym with a focus on hamstrings. I felt sore in a different way after yoga, but looser too. I wish I’d been better about going to yoga all through training!

Friday Walking, no run, but lots of self-care time including a facial and lunch alone at a new place.

Saturday I’d planned on 8 miles, but made a really bad lunch choice and ended up with a seriously unhappy stomach all afternoon. 😦

Sunday I decided to tack on miles after my 5K to get my 8 miles and it ended up being a great run! My very first 5K was my gym’s Commitment Day 5K on New Year’s Day in 2013 and I’ve run it almost every year since that time. There’s something reassuring about starting each New Year with a bunch of other people crazy enough to head out to run in January in Omaha. 🙂
Commitment day 2017

It really feels more like a group run than a 5K, despite the fact that we get (boring) t-shirts and bibs. The course isn’t closed, there aren’t any water stops or any fanfare of any kind, but because it was my first, it always feels meaningful for me. There are always kids and families out there too, which makes me smile. I walked for a while next to a 6 year old boy who had been left behind by his family (they circled back), chatting about how cool it was that he was out running 3 miles. Oliver wants to run a 5K next year, so maybe next time I do this race he’ll be with me! There were also Christmas decorations in some of the trees out on the trail, which were a lovely little surprise:
Holiday surprises

After the 5K (during which I was running a good 90 seconds/mile faster than I have been in months with no real effort to do so!), I headed back out for the rest of my 8 miles. Other than scaring Darrell because my phone died in the cold and he couldn’t reach me, it was a great run to end my training with!

This week, I have a few easy runs to shake things out and a big focus on eating and drinking well for the marathon, like I talked about on Friday. Thanks to my anxiety about the race and about leaving Oliver, I’m definitely feeling a little lupusy with mouth sores and sore fingers (yuck) but at least my legs feel okay.  I’ve still got a sort of unhappy stomach, but I think it is nerves at this point, not any residual stomach bug. If I stick to healthier foods, it feels better, so I definitely need to resist the urge to dive into french fries and pizza to soothe my nerves!

Fingers crossed, so far the weather looks perfect for travel and for the race. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Any last minute marathon prep advice for me?

weekly wrap up

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our wrap up!


10 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: ONE WEEK to go!

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    What a great week to end your training! The week before my marathon, I talked to my coach and she told me I was not allowed to think about the race until the morning of. Easier said than done, but I tried and think it really helped. Read books, watch TV, play games–whatever it takes to keep your mind off of it until it’s time to get on the plane. You got this!!!

    • Thankfully, the stress of leaving O is a big distraction from the race itself. I’ve also packed several books to read Saturday and spending time planning my variety of fruit alcoholic beverages on the cruise after the race. 🙂

  2. NinjaKombu says:

    good luck! Havent done any marathons but have done a lot of 10k’s, and my best advice I can give is rest up and believe in yourself!

  3. Hey no shame in making that medal a part of your outfit after the race right? You earned every bit so wear it with pride!
    Your going to do great! Then we can get on with this year right!?!

  4. Mary says:

    I am so proud of you!! You’ve put in the time and the training and you’ve GOT this!!

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I have some favorite local 5ks that are like that. Great job in getting your remaining miles in after the race! I know you are stressed about leaving Oliver, but remember — it will be such a special time for him to spend with his Grandmother. She will have everything under control! (I’m a grandparent — trust me!) I do hope the forecasted lower temps hold out for our race. You will absolutely have a great race! Just soak it all in. It will be such a magical experience. I’ll be visiting the parks for a few days after and YES I will be wearing my medal. Thanks for linking, Jessica!

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