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Friday Five: Goals for the last week pre-marathon

on December 30, 2016

It’s a little over a week until the marathon. If all goes well, a week from right now, I’ll be finishing up at the expo. I’m sure I’ll be feeling the same jumble of nerves from anxiety and excitement that I am now, but about a thousand fold more. I took today off for some time to myself and actually ended up picking O up early so I’d have a distraction from my thoughts! So much for treating myself to a day off from mom-dom. 🙂

I’m also working on lists. If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of lists. My list of priorities for the next week:

  • Stress less: Save my mental energy for the race. 26.2 miles is going to require a lot of focus, which can lead to mental fatigue as much as physical fatigue. I’m wrapping up some small tasks at work, but don’t have anything huge looming since we’re still going to be into that coming-out-of-the-holidays mode. I’ve got some new books to read and new bath salts, so I’ll be sing those to help me ease into active relaxation mode as much as possible!

Rest and relaxation time

  • Speaking of relaxing, I’m going to sleep! I know I won’t sleep well Thursday night before we leave on Friday morning, nor will I sleep well Saturday before the race Sunday. Thus, I need to make sure I get to bed early every other night this week so I can be as well rested as possible coming into this.
  • Focus on fueling: There’s no need to carb load all week or anything, but I will try to keep “fueling a marathon” in mind as I make my food choices for the next week. I’ll be focusing on high quality proteins and whole grains – and avoiding the New Year’s booze. There’s plenty of time post-race for drinking. 🙂 (Drinking anything but water anyway – there will be definitely be lots of water over the next week!)


Important to keep these nearby for warm weather runs!

Important to keep these nearby for warm weather runs!

  • Foam roll and yoga: Yesterday, in addition to my six mile run, I did a yoga class at the gym that was focused on hamstrings. It felt so good to focus on stretching things back out! I’ll try to keep that up for the next week so I get to race day feeling as pain-free as possible.
  • Envision the finish: Every time I find myself getting anxious, I picture the finish line (perk of having done Disney races before – I know what they look like!) and myself coming across it. Even in my imagination I’m honest – I’m slow and I’m hurting, but I do it. I finish the marathon. I picture this over and over again, to have it firmly set in my mind that OF COURSE I’m going to finish the marathon. I have a feeling I’m going to really need this around mile 20 . . . and 21 . . . and every step thereafter. 🙂

Can you tell I’m talking to myself a lot? All of the things that could go wrong keep circling my brain. It could be miserably hot in Florida. It could be so cold and wintery here that we can’t fly out or my mom can’t get here. Something will happen to my mom while she’s here alone with Oliver, which would be horrible for both of them. Seriously – this one worried me enough that O and I walked through how to use our phone to call 911 today! Thank goodness relaxation is on the to do list. A little reading and a bath every night should help – and maybe a little glass of wine now and then to help settle things won’t be too bad for marathon fueling, right?

I don’t remember being this anxious before my first half, but then again, back then I was more worried about the toe I’d broken on my suitcase right before the race than anything else. Maybe I should add “Don’t break any toes or other body parts!” to my list.

Conveniently, my to do list was 5 items, so I’ll be linking up with Meranda, Lacey and Rachel for Friday Five!

Friday Five 2.0

Any one with big plans for New Year’s? Whatever you do, stay safe!!!



7 responses to “Friday Five: Goals for the last week pre-marathon

  1. What??? You broke your toe before your first half? What did you do?

    I am so excited for you to run the marathon. Will it be your first? Even though I was in so much pain (IT band syndrom)I knew that I would finish my first marathon even if I had to crawl across that finish line. Good luck to you lady!!!!!

  2. Good luck next week! You got this!

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  4. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Great pre-race-week strategy! You’re going to be at the start line in great shape on all counts.

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