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Weekly Wrap Up: Happy Holidays!

on December 26, 2016

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m currently enjoying a quiet, CLEAN house with a napping kid and very little post-Christmas chaos. 🙂 I’ve definitely just jinxed myself, but for now I’m definitely enjoying a happy holiday! Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

I’m glad for some peace and quiet after the craziness of the build up to the holidays. It’s funny that there’s always so much chaos right before Christmas, with shopping, work parties, scrambling to finish work before the break and everything else (like my last big marathon training run right before the holiday!) but then the holiday itself is fairly peaceful for us since it is just the three of us and we stay home.
Toys for momWe had a lovely Christmas, with lots of gifts and laughter. Oliver got me superhero toys of my own to add my collection so that we can play together. I also got knee high Wonder Woman socks that I wore out to breakfast this morning:
Wonder Woman!I got lots of new cookbooks as well, that I’ll be sure to share with you guys  when I try them out. Now that I’m almost done with marathon training (EEK! Less than two weeks until the race!!), I’m about to have a lot more free time on my hands for cooking. 🙂 Speaking of gifts, Oliver ran across this guy in his stocking and said “Mom, look at this jolly fellow!” We might watch too much BBC.
Jolly fellow

As it is less than two weeks until marathon day, I’m knee deep in planning for the trip. I’ve organized my freezers and pantry so my mom can find things to keep her and Oliver fed for the week. I’m working on gathering things I need to bring with me and printing out all of the papers for the race and the post-race cruise. I’m neurotically over-planning things for my mom because this will be the first time we’ve both left Oliver for this long. I keep reminding myself that she raised three kids so she’ll survive one five year old!

I’ve also taken my marathon shoes out for their first run. Thanks to yet more ice and a pre-Christmas stomach bug, last week wasn’t great for workouts but I did at least get a long-ish run in on Christmas Eve. The training plan called for 12 miles, but I could only get 10.5 in before a fog rolled in that was dense enough that I started to worry about safety and visibility. It was a weird foggy and rainy Christmas, that’s for sure.

This week, I have three weekday runs (plus an afternoon at the pool today for cross training!) and 8 miles on Saturday. The Commitment Day 5K is on Sunday, so I’ll have that as well. That race holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first 5K several years ago. I’ve run it almost every year since then (missed one because I was on call) and can’t believe I almost missed registering for it this year! The weather this week isn’t too super cold and looks dry for the most part, so I should be able to get these runs in without too many hurdles barring more stomach issues. Finger crossed!

Speaking of weather, I’ve entered the phase of pre-race, pre-travel obsessive weather watching. My biggest concern is us getting out of town and my mom getting here. So long as we stay free of ice and serious snow, that should be okay. Of course, once we appear to be in clear that way, I’ll start worrying about how hot it is in Florida this winter and how miserable that’s going to be race day. I keep reminding myself that I don’t have a time goal – I just need to finish. If it takes the whole time the course is open because it’s 80 degrees in January, so be it. I suspect all of these pre-race worries are going to get really out of hand now that I don’t have Christmas as a distraction!

How do you handle pre-race worries? I hope you all had a great weekend and a great holiday!



8 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Happy Holidays!

  1. Merry Christmas! I love how on top of things you are with getting everything ready for your trip. Wise to start that now to make the days leading up to travel as unstressful as possible. I’m so excited for you!

  2. You definitely sound like you’re on top of your game! With pre-race worries, I usually combat them by asking myself, “Is this rational, or am I just being silly?” Usually if I have to ask that question, it’s the latter of the two!

  3. I am jealous of the quiet time! Really I am! It was so not quiet at my house this past week with running around and all the things to do and prepare for Christmas and then, it was over. Ahhhh. I’m glad you had a good one!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    Your quiet and peaceful Christmas sounds ideal. I didn’t realize you were going on a post race cruise. How fun and what an excellent way to celebrate your marathon finish. I am already worried about it being too warm. But, it was last year — and I survived. I think Oliver is going to enjoy his special week with your Mom. I’m sure she’ll keep things under control for you too. Thanks for linking, Jessica! (When are you going to the expo?)

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