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Weekly Wrap-Up: FOUR weeks to go

on December 12, 2016

Last night, as we recovered from our cookie party, Darrell was running through our next four Sundays: “Next week, there’s nothing and then, it’s Christmas, then New Years and then the marathon.” First I corrected him that next Sunday isn’t nothing – it’s 20 mile day (yikes!) and then FOUR WEEKS hit me (double yikes!).
New favorites

Thank goodness I had these guys to soothe my nerves. LOL. This realization was a definite kick in the pants. I have been so busy that this has definitely been a less than ideal training cycle. My weekend long runs have been good for the most part (except this weekend – oops) but the weekday runs have been very hit or miss and there’s been no speed work or anything like that (intentionally with the Hal Higdon plan). I’ve learned a lot with this training cycle for sure. I cannot run 10 miles on a weekday with my pace and my work schedule. Really, running 3 work days at all is dicey for me. I need to factor that in to future training choices.

I also need to reconsider how I factor call weeks into my training plan. I always schedule my on-call weeks as “empty weeks” where any running I get done is a bonus. However, I’ve found that after the last couple of on-call weeks, it’s taken me another week to get back on track because I just get so wiped out. Darn lupus. I need to factor in a little on ramp to get moving again, but that allows for the serious fatigue I fight in these post-call weeks. It added a whole different level of stress this week to be trying to fit everything in (work, mom-ing, workouts, etc) and to be struggling with that sense of guilt that I didn’t get in 9 miles on Wednesday. I need to stop setting myself up for failure and make that first week post-call a little easier.

Every training cycle is a learning opportunity. Lets just hope the fact that most of my long runs have gone well will serve me in good stead in four weeks!

This week wasn’t ideal from a workout stand point. Of four runs, I got exactly ONE “right.” I was still too wiped from call to run on Tuesday. I ran on Wednesday, but three miles not 9. I got my five miles done on Thursday and felt vindicated that I finally got a run RIGHT. The fact that my “feels like” temp was near zero makes those 5 Thursday miles count extra, right?

I looked like I was a mugger, but at least I got it done.

It was icy on Saturday, so I couldn’t run outside and Sunday, I ran out of time before our cookie party, so I ran 8 miles instead of the 14 on the plan. At least I ran some, right? I confess, I had a little more Christmas sangria than I planned so there was no heading back out to finish up after the party!
Cookie party!

We had my entire division over for a cookie decorating party Sunday afternoon. It was my first official party in my life, I do believe. Everyone seemed to have a good time, especially the many children running screaming around my house. None of this is a good excuse for shorting my long run, but we had a great time. 🙂

With four weeks to go, not only do I need to get my training back on track to finish strong, but I also need to get my food back in shape. Sunday afternoon’s cookies and booze were lots of fun, but definitely not optimal marathon fueling. I have a few weeks to finish strong!

This week, my goals are simple: Run my miles, drink more water (and less booze!) and eat fewer holiday treats. I’m going to run 5 miles Tuesday (which means going to bed at 9 pm tonight so I can wake up at 5 to run) and 5 miles Friday (5 am). My training plan calls for those runs on Tuesday and Thursday, but I have a 7 am to 7 pm day Thursday, so I know a Thursday run won’t happen. The training plan calls for 10 miles Wednesday and I’m going to be honest with myself – that isn’t happening. However, 8 miles can happen. I’ll wake up and do 3-4 miles and then run the rest in the afternoon before and during O’s swim lessons at the gym.

Twenty miles is looming for my weekend. We have plans Saturday, so I’ll be doing twenty miles on Sunday, no matter how I have to get them done. If it is icy/slippery with snow, I’ll go to the gym and run on the treadmill but I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen. I really need to get this done in one chunk for the mental aspect as much as the physical training. Thus, the whole family knows that nothing is being scheduled on twenty mile day, no temptations and no distractions. Wish me luck (and dry roads!)!

I confess I’m nervous about twenty miles. I keep reminding myself that 16 and 18 miles both went well. I can do this.

Do you have a low temperature at which you just won’t run outside? Darrell is not thrilled with the idea of me running twenty miles in single degree temps this weekend, but I’d rather do that than run on the treadmill for twenty miles!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!

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4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: FOUR weeks to go

  1. You’re right, you can do this (20 miles). You could always split up your run between the treadmill and outside, say, run 10 miles on the treadmill then head outside for the other 10. That would (hopefully) give it more time to warm up outside too. Single digits would definitely scare me off, but I live in the south and am a weather wimp!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Training is so tough this time of year because ‘this the season to be jolly! My deciding factor to do a run that long in frigid temps is what you’ll do for water. If you can do a loop where you can get water, that might work. But if you have to carry water, it will freeze, so it might be best to do some or all on the treadmill. Plus, you know it won’t be single digits on race day, so there won’t be a benefit to doing them outside, weather-wise.

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