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Tuesdays on the Run: What did I learn this year?

on December 6, 2016

This week’s Tuesday on the Run link up is reflecting back on what we’ve learned this year. Boy is that a doozy for me! I’ve taken on a lot of new challenges in the last year, professionally and in my running, and it turns out, the biggest thing I’ve learned is the same with both.

You can do anything if you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

One foot at a time

One foot at a time

This year, I’m tackling a couple of big running goals. I ran back to back half marathons in October as part of the I-35 Challenge, running both the Kansas City Half Marathon and Des Moines half marathon in a single weekend. By the second half of the Des Moines marathon, I was seriously feeling the miles. My mantra for these races was definitely “one step at a time – just keep going.”
That mantra has served me well with long runs for marathon training so far this fall as well, especially with the 16 and 18 mile runs. I’ve got the twenty mile coming up and then a race in five weeks! My self-talk game has been strong with these runs. Just keep going. Turns out, if you just focus on taking one step after another, eventually you look up and you’ve covered a previously unthinkable amount of miles.

Equally important to the “Just keep going” self talk has been the balancing effect of “It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going.” In the grand scheme of the world, no one cares if I run a 4 hour marathon (ha!) or a 6 hour marathon. That’s been a huge shift from last year’s running goals, which focused on (and achieved) new time PRs. That’s not what this year has been about and I’ve had to remind myself of that over and over.

I keep having new responsibilities added at work and am trying to balance those opportunities and challenges with my family and my self care needs. I remind myself of the same things. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and we’ll get there. It doesn’t matter how fast we go. I really think the lessons I’ve learned with my running this year have been hugely helpful in my professional life as well and I’m so grateful for that.

As I tackle 20 miles next week and 26.2 miles in January, I will hold this lesson in my mind. I can do anything when I keep taking one step after the other.

What have you learned this year?

Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting our link up!


6 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: What did I learn this year?

  1. What a great mantra! I say that to myself sometimes when I start to struggle with a run, (but I’m not beyond telling myself to let those feet walk sometimes too…lol) -M

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve learned some of those very same lessons!

    Good luck with the rest of your training. You’ve got this!

  3. mkadens1 says:

    Amen sister! This totally resonates with me. Truly anything is possible if we just don’t give up. All the best with the rest of your training!

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