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Friday Five: New Orleans

on October 28, 2016

Lacey, Meranda and Rachel have rebooted the Friday Five link up, which seems like the perfect place to share a few random updates from my trip to New Orleans. Thanks for hosting ladies! Please be sure to check out the rest of the link up through their sites at Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness.

Friday Five 2.0

1. It’s humid! We got an email warning us about the heat for the race this weekend. I’m a little worried about “higher temperatures than expected” by New Orleans standards! I expect tomorrow’s 13 miles will be slow. That’s okay – it’ll be a lovely tour of the city. šŸ™‚

AM runLovely view of the river on a morning run!

2. Getting miles in, but not running as much as I planned: I’ve gotten 18,000+ steps a day since I’ve gotten here just from walking back and forth between my hotel and the convention center and through the giant convention center. Between early meetings and late evenings, while I ran some miles both Wednesday and Thursday, I didn’t hit my targets of 7 and 4 miles. However, I’m definitely making up those miles in long walks through the city. My legs are sore!

3. Drinking too much coffee and not enough water: Not to mention some other things I’ve been drinking . . .
Need more water!I’m making an effort to drink more water today to be better ready for tomorrow’s hot and muggy half marathon.

4. I’m having lots of quality time with great friends, which is definitely good for my soul. There’s a dear friend and mentor here at this meeting as well who I haven’t seen in years. She’s shaped so much of my professional life and my family life, so I’m LOVING the extra time with her and other old friends.

5. I’m also having lots of good food. I’m trying to make an effort to make healthy choices when I can, but also taking advantage of some of the fantastic foods here. That means healthy breakfasts, healthy lunches and saying no to the temptation to get a muffin with my coffee at Starbucks. I keep my indulgences to wine for networking (introverts need some lubricant, but I’m sticking to wine not mixed drinks) and fabulous dinners!

I have a couple of colleagues who have never been to the city before and we have a few hours tomorrow afternoon to be tourists. We’ve done some dinners in the quarter and they’ve done some wandering and people watching there. Other than seeing the French Quarter, what would be the one thing you’d do in New Orleans if you had a few hours on Saturday afternoon? Sunday morning, I’ll take them to Cafe Du Monde, so I’ve got that covered. What’s your one thing here?



4 responses to “Friday Five: New Orleans

  1. Rachel says:

    Have a great race! I also need to load up on the hydration, which I haven’t been so good at today… time to start chugging!

  2. Oh I love New Orleans. One of my favorite cities……so fun! Definitely get beneighs at Cafe Du monte(I think that’s how you spell it) I have that problem too with drinking too much coffee over water.

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