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Weekly Wrap Up: Recovered & Ready to GO!

on October 24, 2016

This week’s wrap up is going to be less about running (because there wasn’t any, on my part at least) and more about plans for the rest of marathon training, now that my double half marathons are behind me. Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our weekly wrap-up link up!

weekly wrap up

I was really pleasantly surprised by how good my legs felt after last weekend’s back to back half marathons. I had occasional trouble with a little plantar fasciitis but otherwise felt good and by the end of the week, I was itching to run again. I stuck to the plan and did lots of walking and yoga, but gave myself a full week off from running. Now I’m ready to pick back up with training for the marathon, riding the high of the success of last weekend’s races. I’m also feeling really good about my training miles up to this point, as they not only got me through last weekend’s two races, but they also prepped me enough that I wasn’t miserable after those 26 miles. I think I’m in good shape to pick it up from here. It’s a little mind blowing to think that I’m about to enter the uncharted territory of long runs over 13 miles!

This week, I’m traveling to New Orleans and I’m determined to keep my focus on my training rather than getting too distracted about the fun stuff in the city. I’ve made big strides in improving my diet over the last few weeks and if I’m going to be running 30 mile weeks, I need to keep that up. Shrimp po boys and beignets, as much as I love them, won’t really do that. I’m going to be running four times this week: 3 miles Tuesday, 7 miles Wednesday and 4 miles Thursday for weekday runs. I was scheduled for 10 miles Saturday, but am going to stretch that out a bit and run the Jazz Half Marathon just so I can avoid trying to find somewhere open and safe to run long in the city. I’ve got my strength workouts and yoga on the calendar for week as well.

While I didn’t do any running this week, Oliver did get another race in – complete with medal!
Race hero He did a costumed kid dash and for the first time, ran all alone. He instructed me that my job was to cheer for him (with his name – he was specific about that) and take a picture of him with cape flying out behind him. Done and done πŸ™‚

This week, I’m so grateful to have gotten an entire day with O. Sunday, he and I went to breakfast at our favorite place before heading out for his race.
Breakfast date Playing hang man, which I have to draw out a bit because I know pretty exactly how many words he knows how to spell, so it’s easy to guess which word he’s going for. πŸ™‚

We also went to the Children’s Museum, made cookies and decorated a Halloween gingerbread house. Over and over through the day, he would stop and look at me and say “I’m having a great day Mama” which made my heart happy. We’d decided to spend all day together, just the two of us, since I was going to be gone so long this week.

My good deed this week was dropping $20 out of my pocket at some point along the way Tuesday. That made someone’s day I’m sure. My NSV was getting back to normal eating on Monday as soon as I got up, rather than lingering in that “I ran twenty six miles this weekend – I can eat anything” mentality. I’m taking that as a good sign that I can behave in New Orleans (relatively anyway).

If you were going to allow for just one indulgence in New Orleans, what would it be? I’m thinking it has to be Cafe DuMonde for me. It’s such the quintessential New Orleans experience for me, yet has zero redeeming value so there’s no way to justify it other than making it an allowed treat.



9 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Recovered & Ready to GO!

  1. Anna says:

    Great idea to use a race as a safe long run! I will be curious to see if others make a NOLA suggestion. I am hoping we will sneak down there after Baton Rouge. Now I am off to look up Cafe DuMonde πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh yes beignets are a huge hit in Nola, I did not even have them last weekend but I did have some beignets sticks at a neat place on Royal. Pralines would be my guilty treat and if you are like me your really can only have one they are THAT sweet. In fact I’m pretty good with just the samples they give out. If I was really watching my foods I’d have to lay off the drinks.
    You’ll do great in the race and I think the route will allow you to run your own pace just fine. I’ll get in touch with you later in the week, love to see you at the race.

  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Great that you found a race to serve as your long run. I agree it’s a good option in a city you don’t know. Good job with recovery. I keep reading how important it is, and I’m definitely planning to take my full recovery. I say go with beignets at Cafe du Monde!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    It’s great you felt so good after your half marathons! How fun you will be running Jazz! I hope you and Tricia can hook up. It should be a nice, flat course. I hope it’s not too warm though. I caved and signed up for Disney. So, I’m back in marathon training mode. One of my tykes used to say “This is the best day ever!” which always made my heart swell. Thanks for linking, Jessica!

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