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I-35 Challenge Goals

on October 14, 2016

This weekend, I’m going to run two half marathons as part of the I-35 challenge. I confess, now that it is here I’m struggling a bit to wrap my mind around the enormity of what I’ll be doing. This is the most I’ve ever attempted running in one weekend. I keep reminding myself that I’m trained for this and that I can handle it, if I’m smart.

My goals for the weekend are simple: finish both races upright and with a smile, even if it is a fake one. 🙂

In Kansas City, I’m going to have a couple of challenges.

Weather: We got a warning yesterday that conditions are going to be “unseasonably warm.” It’ll be around 60 at the start, but rise to 80 throughout the day. Hopefully, I’ll be finished before it gets too hot but I’m working on hydrating well now, brought clothes that will be good for warmer weather and brought my handheld water bottle so I have extra water on the course.
Race day approaches

Hills: Kansas City’s course is reportedly very hilly, which makes it pretty but also makes it a course that can be tough on the legs. Since I have to run again in Des Moines (which is flat, thankfully), I’ll be walking the hills for the most part.

Keeping it slow: Because of the weather, the hills and the fact that I’ll be turning around to run again on Sunday, I can’t let the excitement of a new race and new course get to me. I’ve got to keep it slow and steady. I’ll walk the hills and otherwise stick to a slower run:walk ratio of 1:1. If it gets hot, I’ll definitely back off of that plan. Walk fast, run slow!

Between races, I’ll refuel, rehydrate and wear my compression socks for the ride between Kansas City and Des Moines. Three hours in the car will help me to stay off of my feet at least.

In Des Moines, I have some advantages that make me glad it is the second course.

– It’s essentially flat, with the exception of a couple of small inclines that I’m sure I’ll curse mightily when I reach them.

– It’s a course I’m very familiar with, having run it twice before, so I know exactly what to expect. This is also a disadvantage, in that I’ve had my two best half marathons on this course. I’ve got to be careful not to push or I’ll never finish. I have to respect the rocks that my legs are likely going to be.

Keep it slow: I’ll try 1:1 ratios here too, since it is flat, but if that’s too much, I’ll just run/walk it by feel.

I have no time goal at all other than finishing these races. I expect these to be my two slowest half marathons by far and that’s totally okay. The goal here is crossing two finish lines and being able to walk away from it all.

Wish me luck! Any advice from those with experience in back to back races?


7 responses to “I-35 Challenge Goals

  1. Good luck, you’ve got this though! Just think of all the race bling you’ll be running for 🙂 Can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. Poo on the warmer weather! I’m afraid it’s going to be like that in New Orleans too. I don’t mind hills as much kind of gives muscles a break but it is a good think your flat one is last. 3 hours won’t be too bad. Make sure to try and stretch and hydrate which will force you to get out in between at least, ie. pee break 🙂 I’m so excited for you doing this. No back to back races for me but I do have a 5k / Half to do in December.

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