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Weekly Wrap-Up: A little bit too much of a relaxed taper week

on October 10, 2016

I have a bad habit of over tapering. I tend to go from the peak of training to barely getting any runs at all before race day. In my defense, this week it was more of a lupus issue than anything else. Two runs (Tuesday and Sunday) got scrapped because I was nauseous and dizzy. Bummer. I need to be careful about avoiding my triggers as much as possible going forward so I can do my marathon training and contribute to society and to my family (MOST important).

Speaking of my family, check out this handsome little face:
Amazing boyOur photographer has a totally understandable fascination with those eyelashes. ๐Ÿ™‚

While I did miss out on my runs Tuesday and Sunday, I did get in the scheduled four miles Thursday and 6 miles Saturday and felt great doing them. I walked at least a few miles on Tuesday and Sunday once the nausea and dizziness passed, but didn’t try to push it and run because I didn’t want to risk stumbling and injuring myself this close to the race weekend.

That’s right – this time next week I’ll have (theoretically!) survived back to back half marathons in a single weekend! Any time someone asks what our plans are this weekend I feel more than a little sheepish and nuts when I answer. Why did I decide this was a good idea, exactly?

My NSV this week is not letting my fatigue and my anxiety over the missed runs (as well as everything else that happened in the news this weekend?!) tip me into binge territory on Sunday, which was definitely a temptation. I even threw away half of a cookie Saturday night at the haunted safari because I thought it wasn’t good enough to finish! I settled for a single roasted marshmallow instead.
HalloweenI highly recommend the haunted safari if you’re in Omaha around Halloween. Great decorations in the woods plus a little hike to meet some wolves and some black bears (Licorice and Cinnabuns – adorable!).

This week I’ve got to give a huge shout out of thanks to Tiina for sending these lovely running skirts and tops my way as she was downsizing her collection:
Big thanks!

I love the colors!

My good deed this week was volunteering to be a study patient for lupus at the medical center. They took at least 6 vials of blood! Very Halloween appropriate, visiting those vampires. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s cool knowing my cells will be used to study what neutrophils do in lupus and to test some drugs. It was awkward at one point because I know the person running the study professionally. She was appropriately sad to know that I had lupus. I thought she’d leave after I signed the consents. Nope. After having me sign the papers, she walked over to watch while they drew blood and then hung there near me while they finished up and handed me the cup to pee in. Yep, she hung out in the hall for that too. Awkward. I just kept thinking “I’m going to have to make professional small talk with you next week at a conference and you’re out in the hall waiting for me to pee in a cup.” To make matters even worse, I couldn’t go. Not a bit. Ugh. I had to come out and explain to the nurse that I’d have to come back for that part later. Awkward enough to explain normally without someone I knew just enough professionally that we would encounter each other again soon as peers, but not well enough that we could laugh about my failure to perform with the pee cup. Like I said, Awkward, but still a good deed and I’m happy to contribute to science.

ย My plan this week is to hydrate, be proactive about foam rolling and stretching every day and to run on Monday (done!) and Wednesday before resting Thursday and Friday. Naturally, this week will also include compulsively checking the weather for the weekend in Kansas City and Des Moines. Fingers crossed that it looks promising!

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up and congrats to Holly for a huge new marathon PR in Chicago this weekend!

weekly wrap up

Anyone else race this weekend? Hope it was great!




9 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: A little bit too much of a relaxed taper week

  1. Love that pic of O! He is so handsome!

  2. Anna says:

    Yes, such a handsome little face ๐Ÿ™‚ I am super excited for your adventure this weekend. I have no doubt you are going to do fantastic.

  3. OMG I so do this! If I don’t think a certain dessert lives up to all the calories it should I’ll just quit eating it! Hey I expect a lot out of my sweets! Your going to do great in your races and no rest for you, still got Jazz coming up too!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m sorry to hear your lupus has flared. I’m hoping by the time you ran your back to back races, you were feeling much better. I was raised not to waste food. It’s hard to throw out anything, let alone dessert — but I can do it now. I figure it is getting wasted (waisted) INSIDE my body anyway. Thanks for linking, Jessica.

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