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Weekly Wrap-Up: Two weeks to go!

on October 3, 2016

I can’t believe I have less than two weeks until my back to back half marathons! I have faith that I’m ready. Mostly.

This week’s workouts were reasonable. I didn’t hit the full mileage of every run, but I at least ran every day I was supposed to. I’ll take it as this was a lighter week on the schedule anyway.


Monday Rest day (much needed after two 11 milers!)

Tuesday I woke up early and ran a couple of miles, although not the 4 on the schedule. I give myself points for effort though (and I did make up the miles with a walk later).

Wednesday Strength training & walking. And a 5 hour curriculum meeting. Ugh.

Thursday 4 miles running (and the full 4 miles!) To motivate myself, I texted my husband that he needed to stop at daycare to pick up me & O on his way home, then I ran from my house to daycare instead of just a 4 mile loop in my neighborhood. Exactly 4 miles it turns out! Picking a different path than usual is a good way to keep things interesting.

Friday Walking

Saturday 4 miles running, after a long day traipsing around the pumpkin patch (5 hours!!). I definitely got loads of steps on Saturday. Of course, I balanced that with an indulgent night out for dinner with Darrell to celebrate 7 years of marriage. Happy anniversary sweetie! Definitely grateful for the stellar partner I’ve got in life!

Fun at the pumpkin patchDarrell & Oliver on the “Big Slide” at the pumpkin patch

Sunday I volunteered for my first race on Sunday! I manned a water station for the 10K, half marathon and full marathon which means I was on my feet for 6.5 hours. I got in a bit of the 4 miles on my schedule running back and forth from my 10K station (which was scarily in the middle of nowhere!) but was so wiped after being my feet for the marathon that I took a 3 hour nap. Very unlike me! Add in an urgent care visit for an ear infection for the kiddo and I never got those other two miles in. Given how hard I worked at the volunteer gig, I am more than okay with that. I’ll have more about volunteering later this week. It was fun, but definitely exhausting! (And yikes – soon I’ll be the one running that marathon!)

Sadistic bridgeSee that bridge in the distance? That’s mile 26. As one runner put it “What sadistic a**hole put a bridge right there?” We did lots of cheering people over the bridge!

All in all, not a bad week. This week has another set of 4 milers on Tuesday and Thursday, which should be fine with my work schedule, and 6 miles Saturday and Sunday. I can’t believe in two weeks I’ll be running two half marathons in one weekend! I’ve lost my mind, clearly.

My NSV this week is keeping Saturday’s anniversary indulgences just on Saturday and not letting them bleed over into the rest of the week and weekend. My good deeds this week were loads of fun: volunteering for the race and volunteering at Oliver’s class on Tuesday. That was an interesting glimpse into the life of kindergarten! I have a whole new sympathy for his teacher. It was fun to meet the whole class as they rotated through my rhyming bingo station. They’re a nice bunch of kids.

You may have noticed blogging has gotten a little spotty. Kindergarten and new work responsibilities have added some things to the family to do list. I still enjoy the blog for the camaraderie and the accountability, so my plan for now is to continue this wrap up post and the Tuesdays on the Run, because those link ups are lots of fun and provide some accountability, as well as one other post on Thursday or Friday when things come up in life, with my weight management (we need to talk more about that) and other health issues. This space has been so valuable for me, so I’ll definitely still be here, but it may get a little sporadic with the posting schedule. Thanks for your patience and all of your support!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!
weekly wrap up

Anybody put up their Halloween decorations yet? All of my neighbors were decorating when I was out on my run on Saturday. We need to get our stuff out too!!


10 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Two weeks to go!

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend and volunteering at a race for 6.5 hours sounds exhausting. Rewarding, but exhausting..lol

  2. Great job on keeping up with your runs. I fully agree when life gets in the way simply do what you can and that’s just what you did!! Awesome you volunteered at the race too. I want to do this when I can’t run. What great motivation you can provide since you run!!

  3. What an awesome week! I love that you volunteered for a race. And I can see myself saying the same thing during my own marathon lol

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve been short staffed at work all summer (plus marathon training) and have struggled many weeks to post anything other than the Weekly Wrap. I can certainly sympathize. I remember volunteering at Kindergarten and being totally exhausted after a short period of time! I certainly admire all of those teacher out there. Happy Anniversary! That occasion is definitely worth a little splurge. I’m so excited for you and the double half marathons! Thanks for linking, Jessica!

  5. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Happy anniversary! I volunteered at our marathon one year, and it was exhausting!

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