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Weekly Wrap-Up: Road trip!

on September 19, 2016

Today, we are driving back from a lovely weekend trip to visit friends in Indianapolis. Oliver has played so hard this weekend! I’ll bet (and hope!) that he’ll sleep a lot on the drive home. We had a great time playing and got in loads of activity on playgrounds and in the Children’s Museum.

Astronaut trainingOliver “training” to be an astronaut

All around, we had a good time and got introduced to a yummy new healthy-ish treat in this double chocolate banana cake. The grown ups ate entirely too much of this stuff after the kids went to bed. 🙂

Workouts Not perfect this week, but not bad. I got in strength training, weekend back-to-back runs and cross training but I missed one weekday run. Oops!

Monday Rest day!

Tuesday Hilly walking for cross training, plus body weight strength exercises

Wednesday Running and walking to get in my miles for the day. After lots of squatting and standing to operate the parachute at Oliver’s walk-a-thon, my knees were really sore I ended up walking more of these miles than I’d like.

Thursday Walking for cross training

Friday I’d hoped to get in at least a bit of a run but it didn’t happen. Someone ran into me in the parking garage – Grrr!

After dealing with all of that, I was behind for the rest of the day. Ah well. We had a really LONG night driving all the way to Indianapolis, but we survived and Oliver traveled well. It’s nice that he’s older now and rolls with things a bit.

Saturday I did a rainy 5K, with some extra before and after to get to 4 miles. I actually have no idea what my time was because I didn’t check my watch or my time online. I just had a great time running with my friend, even we did get rained on the whole way!
Rainy 5KAfter this, we got in another 10,000 steps at the Children’s Museum!

Sunday An easy 4 miles, followed by races with the kiddos and lots of playground time. I also roped the kids into strength training with me. On these second runs, I get serious shin splints and sore knees, but so long as I keep my expectations of pace low and take it slow and steady, I get the miles in.

I’m grateful for safe travels. My good deeds have been distributing lots of band-aids while wrangling 3 kids all weekend. Even 3 good kids seems like a bit of mad house to people who only hang out with one kid most days!

This week, I’ve got my last big back-to-back runs (two 11 milers!) before the I-35 challenge. We’ve also got an overnight campout at the zoo between those two runs. Wish me luck!

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

What’s your favorite local activity? Omaha’s zoo is definitely a highlight (deservedly so – it’s amazing) and Indianapolis’s Children’s Museum was educational and fun for even the adults. I highly recommend both!



6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Road trip!

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I love that you didn’t even check the 5K results to see your time. My running friend doesn’t wear a watch and could care less about her time. I aspire to be more like that!

  2. Patty H says:

    Ack- the car! I hate it when life runs into you like that. Love the rainy 5K. I probably would have stayed in bed though. lol

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Bummer about the car. That kind of stuff is such a hassle. I loved that you didn’t check your time on the 5k and just ran for pure enjoyment. We all need to do that. We have a decent Children’s Museum here and my kids used to love all that hands on stuff. The germiness always got to me a little bit though. “Go wash your hands!”. LOL. I hope your double day runs went well (I’m late reading blogs obviously). Thanks for linking, Jessica!

    • Apparently it’s going to be weeks before it gets fixed! Slightly irritating, but at least the other driver is covering the whole thing. It has been really nice this training cycle to focus on distance rather than pace. It’s taken a ton of pressure off, in comparison to prior training. Thanks for hosting our link up!

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