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Takeout for a week . . . And it was healthy?

on September 7, 2016

Right off the bat, this isn’t a sponsored post of any kind. I bought this food with my own money, but thought it might be worth talking to you guys about because I know I’m not the only crazy busy person out there trying to eat healthy. Last week was nuts. Really long, exhausting days. I was wiped and usually during these weeks, we end up doing lots of restaurant food or PB&J. There’s a new place in Omaha call Eat Fit Go that is designed to provide healthy food to busy people, that you just take home and microwave. It’s all fresh and preservative free, so it seemed like it might be a healthier option than buying lots of frozen dinners. I decided that a week on call was a good time to try it out, both because it might make life a little easier when I was busy and because if we liked it, I could stock up before my next work trip and save Darrell and Oliver from a week of Sonic and Papa John’s.



Lunches and Dinners

We stocked up on a whole week of food, grabbing anything that looked good from the big bank of refrigerated shelves in the store. They have small and large serving sizes (Darrell got large). They also have some options labeled low carb, some vegetarian options and kids options. We got breakfasts, as well as lunch, dinner and snacks for the week. It was a very different look for my refrigerator. Thankfully all of these containers are recyclable and even sturdy enough to reuse!


  • It was so nice and stress free to just grab something and zap it for breakfast, lunch and dinner with zero mental energy. There was literally ZERO prep or work beyond reading on the side the microwave time. That was HUGE when I driving home after being on my feet 13 hours.
  • Most of the foods are in My Fitness Pal, so I could just scan the barcode and it would load the nutrition stats.
  • The foods really were fairly healthy, with veggies and lean proteins. The portion sizes were also reasonable. I was never hungry and was easily within my calorie goals every day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks from my Eat Fit Go stash.
  • Oliver really liked all of the foods he tasted from the collection except, ironically, the kids meal.
  • The Chili Mac was good, as was the chicken salad and the breakfast taco. I loved the yogurt parfaits and can’t put my finger on what made them so good. The protein bars were AWESOME and I don’t know that I’ve ever in my life said that about a protein bar.

Protein bars


  • Everything sort of tasted the same. The same seasoned beef used for the chili mac was in lots of other things, some more successful than others. Most of the breakfasts had the same chicken sausage. There wasn’t a lot of variety in flavor.
  • There was A LOT of meat in breakfast. Turns out, I’m not into meat in the morning (that sounds wrong!).
  • The grains used, in terms of rice and pasta, were gluten free, not whole grain. As I don’t need to be gluten free, I would have liked to have the option for whole grain pasta or brown rice (actually not sure why it wasn’t brown rice?).
  • Microwaved steak is disgusting. Sticking to chicken or ground beef if I do this again!
  • The cost is more than I would spend if I made these myself. Really, there’s no reason I couldn’t do this myself without buying it. It would just take time, but I could prep a whole week of breakfast, lunches and dinners on the weekend.

I also wonder if part of the ill-advised pizza Saturday night wasn’t a combination of being tired and being out of the habit of cooking that week. I hadn’t thought about meal planning all week, so I didn’t have a plan for Saturday when the ready-made food ran out.

Would I do this again? Yes, in a busy week if I couldn’t prep myself or if I got too busy to put together some healthy options for Darrell and Oliver. Any time we go by this place, we see buff single guys coming and going, so I could see where this would be a convenient option for healthy-ish food if you’re not into cooking or too busy to cook.

The protein bars and the chili mac were definitely things we’d get more of. I’d also be interested in trying this model in a different store, just to try a different variety of flavors.

I think the better option for us in the long run is just trying to find a better way to prep on the weekends for a busy week. This weekend, I tried grocery delivery for the first time and it was such a huge time saver! That might be a better way to go and free up some time for prep.

Have you ever tried anything like this? My husband and I have always wished there were healthier take out options, so I was glad to see something like this available even if it isn’t ideal for every day use.



3 responses to “Takeout for a week . . . And it was healthy?

  1. Interesting! I wonder if we have something similar here. I’ll have to look into it. Prep has been out the window since we are living with the parents who are retired and have a very odd eating schedule. We’ve been having to resort to a LOT of fast food in the last 3 weeks and this is coming from someone who hasn’t eaten much fast food at all in the last 3 years or so. I dread to see the scale.

  2. […] prefer this approach to the EatFitGo option we tried for healthier take out last fall. This is more food and a better price, so I think […]

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