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Weekly Wrap-Up: Super active (but no running)

on September 6, 2016

Thank goodness I’d planned for this to be a “do what you can” week in the training plan, because my on call week was nuts. I worked 12+ hours every day last week and 6 hours a day through the holiday weekend. I definitely had a physically active week, with loads of walking and loads of stairs, but no actual runs. It definitely leads to a different kind of soreness than running. I’ve got a lot more soreness in the front of my hips than I do on weeks I’ve run a lot. Honestly, I’m physically a lot more run down after this week than I am after high mileage running weeks.

In addition to lots of running around at work, I did get in a couple of walks and some strength training, so it wasn’t a completely workout-less week.
A moms gotta do . . .

One of my more entertaining walks this week was in heels. Ugh. We’re still adjusting to kindergarten. O and Darrell forgot his water bottle and snack. I had to take it to school, park a couple of blocks away and walk it in to the office. In heels. I walked away from the school behind a dad who was dropping off his children, clicking away along the side walk. He turns around and says “Wow you’re walking a long way in heels!” Welcome to working mom life. 🙂

My NSV was recognizing that I made bad choices Saturday (pizza in bed – ugh – been ages since I’ve done that!) but rather than letting it go further downhill, I picked myself up Sunday and made better choices. Make the next best choice.

Mostly this week, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that my kid is a sweet boy, who told Darrell that he needed to save the PB&J crusts for me on Sunday when I was working because “that’s mama’s lunch.”

Lunch for mamaI promise I had a healthier lunch than this.

I’m grateful that my kid is healthy. Our good deed this week was donating to Tubie Friends to make teddy bears with devices like G-tubes, etc, because lots of kids have lots of challenges.

I’m grateful that my lupus is so well controlled most of the time because wow has this week been bad. I hurt everywhere and by the end of the weekend, my hands were so stiff and swollen I had a really hard time shredding chicken for my lunches. I know it’ll be back to normal in a few days but I’m grateful for how far I’ve come.

This week will be better in terms of activity. I have two three mile weekday runs (both scheduled for the evening on the treadmill as I have  7 am meetings those days, but don’t want to miss the runs!). This weekend I have 9 and 10 mile back to back runs for my I-35 challenge. I have only one more set of back to back long runs after this before I get to race weekend. I can’t believe I’m running back to back half marathons in just a little over a month! I’m running a ten mile race on Saturday and then a 9 mile long run Sunday. Fingers crossed that weather is good!!

How has your week been? I got out all of my pumpkins for my fall decor (no frankly Halloween stuff until October) and my weather is about to take a turn for the cooler so I’m excited about the next couple of weeks!

weekly wrap up

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our wrap up!






11 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Super active (but no running)

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for supporting Tubie Friends! My daughter has a feeding tube and I think they are a great organization to help support other childrens with tubes.

  2. JakeB says:

    I think accepting that some weeks are going to be ‘do what you can’ weeks is pretty vital for any of us runners who also hold down a job and a life. It’s easy to read one of those published training plans and then feel guilty that you’re not doing a long run every weekend, and three runs during the week, and a weights session, and eating exactly the right thing, and stretching properly, etc. But there are so many other ways to be active and keep fit.

    • Thankfully, I usual know the really bad weeks ahead of time and just plan that I won’t get any workouts done that week. It’s taken me a long time to accept that though. It’s nearly impossible to perfectly follow the published training plan as an average person with lots of other balls in the air. It just can’t be my highest priority every week.

  3. Good luck on your back to back races! Year before last I didn’t know if I could run back to back weekend races, but in the Spring I did just that. I’m not so sure about back to back days, maybe if I took it real easy in the first one. I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Will this be before NOLA?

  4. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Aw, I love that he saved the crusts for you! So sweet! Good luck on your long back-to-back runs this weekend! I also have a race tomorrow but I know it’s going to be miserably hot and humid. Will try to do the best I can!

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    Great jog getting through the “doing what you can” week. I think we all have those and it’s why flexibility with our training plans is so important. That is the sweetest thing ever — O saving the crusts for YOUR lunch. I’ve never heard of Tubie Friends. What a wonderful cause. I’m impressed your are going to run back to back half marathons! Thanks for linking, Jessica!

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